Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun at Home With Kids

Whether it’s a rainy day or you have kids who are currently doing remote learning, it’s essential that you have a list of cheap or free ways to have fun at home with kids. Since most of us are stuck at home, unable to go to local parks or hike our favorite trails, I wanted you to have a list of creative ideas to enjoy while you’re stuck at home with kids.

I know that many parents are living within a tight budget, even before the virus hit us, so having a list of cheap or free activities is a valuable resource for parents everywhere. I hope you enjoy my list of ideas and use some during your family time together.

Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun at Home With Kids

Play Outdoor Games
If you have a good size yard, you can enjoy playing outdoor games together. Some outdoor game ideas that are cheap or free for families include soccer, hopscotch, tag, hide and seek, and volleyball. There are many ways you can enjoy some outdoor games in your yard with kids as a means to stay safe at home while having fun with your kids.

Have a Buffet Brunch
Gather up your favorite recipes for brunch, and then make sure you have all of the ingredients. If you don’t have the ingredients, then order some via grocery delivery, so that you’re prepared. Pick a date and time to host a buffet brunch. Have your kids help with all of the cooking and baking so that this is a family affair.

Host a Reading Marathon
Gather up some favorite books and read them together. If you have younger kids, then you can host a reading marathon where you read a bunch of books out loud to your kids. Enjoy acting out the characters and using your actor (or actress) voice as you get into reading books with your kids.

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Reenact a Scene
You can reenact a scene from your family’s favorite books or movies. Work with your family to select the movie and scene. Then gather up some clothes and other supplies so that everyone can get into character. Have fun pretending to be in that scene while you’re at home with kids.

These are just some of the best cheap or free ways to have fun at home with kids during isolation or on a rainy day. Pausing your busy adult life to enjoy some quality time together is an excellent way to reduce stress, strengthen your family bond, and get in touch with your inner child.


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