Breathe Easy with 100% Fresh Air with Fresh Wave

A home that is clean, odor and germ-free home means everything to our family, much more now that I am pregnant with our little one. I want everything not only to look clean but also to smell fresh while remaining toxin-free.

And since I am in charge of household cleanliness and orderliness, I get to choose the cleaning products and materials that I’ll use. I always want products that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. I always see to it that the cleaning solution that I’ll use is safe not only for us but also for our pets too.

Fresh WavePIN IT!

This is why I love Fresh Wave products and cleaning solutions. Fresh Wave uses purely natural ingredients that include extracts of lime, pine needle, cedar wood, aniseed and clove for their lines of cleaning solutions. They are completely non-hazardous, toxic and alcohol-free and most important of all it has no annoying smell or fragrance at all. Their products also passed the rigorous EPA review which earned them the EPA’s Safer Choice recognition.

I tested some of their amazing products such as the fresh pod, odor removing laundry booster, odor eliminating spray and the odor removing vacuum beads. And as a pregnant woman with a super sensitive sense of smell, I can totally say that they are indeed made with pure, mild organic ingredients. As for its effectiveness in eliminating odor, they do work wonders. It doesn’t only remove the foul odor, it also leaves the area (or wherever you use them) smelling good.

Because of the amazing experience and results I got, I am quite confident that these Fresh Wave products (especially the odor removing spray) can help me with my mommy journey once my baby boy arrives. It can surely eliminate any kind of smell around my baby’s room (diaper pill, baby spit, etc.) while keeping the air fresh and cool.


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