Getaway Essentials Everyone Forgets To Pack + Reasons to Love the Genius Pack and Why It’s Worth Every Penny!

The year has just begun … and coming home from an overseas vacation (Philippines), our family was greeted with the cold freezing weather of the East Coast. Obviously, we couldn’t be more wishful to go back and enjoy the sunny tropical weather in Asia. While it’s still winter, the excitement for the summer season is already building up. In fact, we’re already gearing towards another getaway (especially after experiencing the freezing weather), it’s quite normal for anyone to forget a few essential pre-travel items as well as arrangements. There’s a few who forgets to book a hotel until the last minute; some fails to check out the weather forecast before heading out and then, there are those who forget indispensable travel gadgets and items.

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To avoid forgetting essentials, it’s best to create a checklist that will help keep must-haves in check. It’s ideal to book your hotel at least 2 weeks prior to the planned getaway/vacation. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast before planning anything is must, unless having a rainy day isn’t an issue. Despite knowing what you might need, check out the detailed list below just in case you missed a few. These items would surely come in handy.

Getaway Essentials Everyone Forgets To Pack

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The number one must-have product – for a very good reason! It’s one of the most important travel essential to keep your skin protected from sun damage.  All travelers need a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher. You wouldn’t want to look like a dehydrated raisin or a burnt up potato now, that won’t look good in any pictures or videos.

Sun Hat
Aside from keeping your hair in place, looking fashionable and trendy, wearing asun hat also protects your hair and face from the sun’s bright rays and extensive sun damage. Just picture yourself in a tropical island without a sun hat – seems a bit off right? Absolutely. The hat adds a nice touch to anyone’s beautiful escapade.

More than the fashionable sense of style it gives, sunglasses protects the eyes against the harmful UV rays the sun emits. It also serves as an extra layer of protection against dust, wind and blinding brightness while keeping those peepers healthy and prevent macular degeneration (vision loss). Also available in polarized lenses (coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare).

What used to be a drag to carry around is now considered as a getaway essential. Available in different styles, print and colors – there’s plenty of umbrella assortments to choose from. In fact, there’s also mini travel umbrellasto add to the option – easy to pack and very lightweight too!

Your feet will thank you (completely) for including a pair of comfy sandals in your luggage. If your getaway itinerary includes long walks, all day-strolling around (and being very touristy) wearing flat sandals will serve you and your feet well.
No need to sacrifice comfort over style when you can have both. These sandals are available in wedges as well as a memory foam footbed that molds and contours perfectly to ones feet.

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Swimsuit Bikini
Yes, packing a swimsuit is given – but there are a few who forgets to pack one. While some are way overdue to update their current pair. While owning a couple of swimsuits/bikini may seem impractical, eBay offers a wide variety without breaking the bank. For men, there’s swim shorts, board shorts or swimming trunks. All of which are available for $10 or less!

Sea Salt Hair Spray
Skip the heavy setting spray that weighs your hair down. Instead, swap out your usual hair spray and opt for a sea salt hair spray. It instantly adds volume, holds your hair style in place without stiffing your hair like a porcupine. Easily achieve the look you’re going without having to go through such a fuss. All that’s left is to enjoy the rest of your getaway stay-cation.

Lip Balm
Keep those puckers soft, moisturized and kissable with a lip balm. It will save your lips from getting chapped, dry, prevent cold sores and more – which is why having one handy is very important. It’s not all about the scent and the cute packaging, these products also comes with exfoliation, sunscreen and organic formulation.

Take note that if you’re already experiencing chapped lips, do not peel them off or lick off to try to hydrate (there’s water for that) and make sure to go a little bit over past your lip line (those areas deserves some care too!).

This clothing is an absolute head turner. Easily worn and paired with any ensemble and can also be used as a cover up for a day at the beach or a relaxing day by the pool. Floral Kimonos are an instant favorite and can easily be worn with tees and short or bikinis. Look good, feel good – for a fraction of the cost.

Not into floral patterns? Check out chiffon styling, boho crochet and even lace type.

Waterproof Beach Tote
Don’t risk any splashes or spills, keep your gadgets and other essentials safe and secured wherever you go. So it is crucial to invest on a high qualitywaterproof beach tote. Available in trendy designs and colors that would match anyone’s preference and style.

By having these 10 must-have essentials when packing for your next trip, you can almost guarantee a fool-proof fun filled getaway/vacation. Stop waiting, start living. Time to book a ticket and get lost in paradise.

How to Pack a Carry On When Traveling with Kids —the Genius Way

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Reasons to Love the Genius Pack Aerial Hardside

  • There’s a Pocket for Everything – ideal pick for the minimalist
  • Embedded Packing Checklist – gotta love this organizational feature
  • 360-Degree Swivel Wheels – perfect for easy maneuvering
  • Roomy Interior Space – designed for packing efficiency
  • Scratch, Stain, and Impact-Resistant Exterior


Oh and before I forget, it is also EXTREMELY light! I can travel with ease without worrying that my luggage is taking up weight on my baggage allowance. There’s more to add and highlight about the Genius Pack but I leave all of that to your hands. Let me wrap this post up by saying that my set came in as advertised and is also the main reason why I highly recommend it to everyone.


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    I love these! I actually forget several of these quite frequently. I’m bookmarking this as a packing checklist.

  • Joanna

    I always forget to bring lip balm when I travel. It’s so essential to me, as the air on the plane dries my lips a lot, but I always forget it at home. I have such a big collection, as I always end up buying new ones over and over again.

  • John Mulindi

    Thanks for the reminders, sometimes we overlook simple things like umbrellas when travelling. Thanks for sharing this.

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    I forget lip balm every single time! and it’s always the first thing i need as change in temp usually males my lips chapped! such a good post coxo

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    You have me dreaming of summer! These are great tips; I love my sun hat

  • Marysa

    I’ve never tried a salt spray, but it sounds like it could be a great option for vacation. My hair tends to get frizzy, but the salt spray might be a good alternative.

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    We do ponchos as opposed to umbrellas. They are lighter to carry and can be thrown away when we are done.

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