Affordable Gift Ideas and Items for the Holiday Season

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Ah, that crisp air that symbolizes the season of gifting is already here. And if you have quite a few people to buy gifts for, it is inevitable that this season will get expensive. For those of you who are on a tight budget and want to cut down on your Holiday gifts expenses, then read on! Today’s feature is all about sharing tips and ideas on what to buy as well as where to get inexpensive items that would make a great gift for this holiday season.

Where to shop

One of the commonly overlooked gift ideas during the Holiday season are DIY or personalized gift items. While a few items require some time and skills to pull off, there are few that can be achieved effortlessly. Although, most DIY gifts require a little bit of planning and preparation to make it work.

Dollar General SuppliesPIN IT!

If you’re quite undecided, there’s a handful of DIY tips and tricks online that you can use as a guide. Most of them are free and are pretty easy to follow. As for me, I prefer getting my DIY goods and the materials to be used from our Dollar General store. I highly recommend shopping products from their store because of the convenience and most of all – their price is very low yet the quality is amazingly remarkable. They even have a great variety of deals that are perfect as Holiday season gifts. Dollar General has a variety of stuff and items that anyone can easily use to create the perfect DIY gift.

If crafting and preparing one isn’t for you. Dollar General has ready-made ones that you can instantly wrap as a gift. Can you imagine the amount of cash you’ll be saving by shopping at this store? Just remember, you can find these products and more at your local Dollar General.

What I’ve bought

Just recently, I bought some items at Dollar General that I will be wrapping up. I picked up a few notebooks, planners, cute pens, pencils and other basic office/school supplies. The prices of these items are 50% cheaper than other office supply stores that you’ll find around.

Dollar General SuppliesPIN IT!

The idea here is to create some sort of gift basket or box that contains items that can help someone organize and keep up with their 2017 schedules and plans. They can also be considered as back to school supplies that are perfect for all ages. I am pretty confident that the recipient of these gift items will love each and every item and will find it very useful. You can also check out their décor on their website.

Dollar General SuppliesPIN IT!

I also bought some wrapping paper at Dollar General. They offer quality paper for a very affordable price, and the rolls are big too! Enough to cover at least 3 or 4 gift boxes. If wrapping gifts is quite daunting for you, then you can pick up their gift bags for just $1 each.

There are also affordable toys that can be used as stocking stuffers, party favors or gift for little kids. High-quality greeting cards are offered as well for just $1 each. Dollar General is like a one stop gift shop for people who want to save money without sacrificing the quality of their Holiday gift.

It’s quite an understatement to say that Dollar General almost has it all because, in my honest opinion, they really HAVE IT ALL. They have such an amazing inventory and selection of items that are perfect (as a gift) for the Holidays and even across the season.


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  • Emily

    These are great options! We got my daughter a bunch of art supplies this year, she likes to draw and is creating a comic book. I am all about books and art supplies over toys any day.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    These are great gift ideas! I love getting gifts for people, but I have to think about my budget, as well. Thanks for these great picks.

  • Paula Schuck

    Dollar General is awesome. You can find EVERYTHING there! And it’s not chintzy stuff either. It’s really high quality stuff.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    Our Santa does most of shopping at the dollar stores! There are so many great products for such a fantastic price why wouldn’t he!

  • Kerri Olkjer

    I’m a total office supply hoarder. I had NO IDEA Dollar General had such cute stuff!

  • Heather Lawrence

    I never thought to look at the dollar store for gifts before to be totally honest with you.
    Looks like you found some really neat deals.
    I love the pineapple book, my daughter would totally love it!

  • Lisa Heath

    These are great options! As an art lover I always loved getting items like these, and still buy them a lot!

  • Dogvills

    These items are super cute. Dollar General has a lot of cute stuff that’s why I love shopping there.

  • Wendy Polisi

    What a great ideas.. My kids loves to paint and make crafts. These is perfect gift for them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Myteenguide

    These are great gift ideas for kids. Very useful and they will love this for sure.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    Such a great gift ideas! I want to get them all for myself. But they would be great people I know, too!

  • Kathy

    These are all some great ideas. I have a few people in mind that would love some of these. They love art!

  • kendall

    These are all such great ideas! Perfect for the artists in your life. I love that pineapple notebook, it’s so cute!

  • uprunforlife

    I love Dollar General; however, the store closest to me always seems dirty.

    I will have to check out their selection of stocking stuffers.

  • Heather

    I love taking advantage of dollar store pricing for certain things. I haven’t thought about buying wrapping paper there. Great idea!

  • The Cubicle Chick

    I’m always buying office supplies. I spy that notebook from Target, too. 🙂 ^yolonda

  • Chasity Boatman

    Very cute ideas! I love getting art and organization supplies.

  • Lynndee

    Those pens are pretty! Got to go to Dollar General soon. I need more stocking stuffers for my boys.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Affordable is my word when it comes to Christmas shopping for gifts. Thanks for this.

  • Michele d

    I don’t shop too often at the Dollar General but I’m glad to know that you have find all these great gift ideas there.

  • HilLesha

    I agree with you that they always have a wonderful selection when it comes to paper goods. I’m going to need a new planner soon, so I’ll definitely be be purchasing one from them.

  • Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    I want it all ! I am huge on getting planners, notebooks, journals, art supplies, and awesome pens as gifts. For me, as an author and creative soul I need them so they are practical for me.

  • Sara

    Wow, I had no idea that Dollar General has such cute options! I will have to go visit one near me, these are such great gift ideas.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Ooo so many cute gift ideas!!! I just love the dollar store!!!!! You would be surprised at what awesomeness you can find for cheap

  • Gabriel

    We always do a few art supplies for the kids at christmas, they always go over well.