Switching our Lifestyle to Fresh Food Meals with HelloFresh and Fresh Pet

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Guess what? We’re 5 weeks away from our little one’s arrival! So you bet hubby, and I are extremely ecstatic and thrilled. As I have been sharing (tirelessly) on my updates, I am still coping with morning sicknesses. If that isn’t enough of a challenge, I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. That’s why it is essential, now more than ever, for me to eat healthily. But many of you would undoubtedly agree with me when I say that eating healthy (and fresh can be so tricky! That’s why we are fortunate that the concept of HelloFresh food delivery came to the picture.

No more waiting in lines or waddling my way through the grocery aisle looking for ingredients. Eating fresh, delicious, and healthy meals have been made so much more comfortable and convenient. One thing we know for sure, embarking on a new lifestyle change is easier to do with the Whole Family! That means making sure our fur baby Pebbles, gets to enjoy fresh meals too – which is made possible with the help of FreshPet.

Let me share a quick breakdown …

Fresh Food for You

HelloFreshPIN IT!

HelloFresh is a food delivery service with a mission to save home cooking. The company is interested in showing people how fun and easy cooking can be instead of just delivering them the final product. They aim to help their clients enjoy all the things to love about not only eating—but cooking as well!

It is a complete breath of fresh air from the usual food delivery service because they deliver fresh pre-packaged ingredients instead of cooked meals!

HelloFreshPIN IT!

HelloFreshPIN IT!

The ingredients come with step-by-step recipes that allow you to enjoy whipping up unique and flavorful meals. The easy-to-follow recipes take 30 minutes so you can whip up these meals, no matter how busy your schedules are.

HelloFreshPIN IT!

HelloFresh delivers all-natural and fresh ingredients which are far from the canned goods and frozen meats that I usually work with. And their recipes are absolutely Ahh-mazing—I would never come up with those on my own!

Fresh Food for Your Pet

Freshpet pet foodPIN IT!

And since my husband and I are already eating healthy and fresh, we also want Pebbles to enjoy delicious, healthy meals. After all, she is a part of growing family. Thankfully, FreshPet got us covered!

Unlike most pet foods, FreshPet is an all-natural pet food that contains no additives and preservatives. The fridge is the only preservative you will EVER need! It also doesn’t have any meat powder, chicken meals or meat by-products.

freshpetPIN IT!

freshpetPIN IT!

freshpetPIN IT!

FreshPet food products resemble the appearance of the classic American meatloaf because it is made with real US meat and vegetables. In fact, you would even see and distinguish chunky real vegetable pieces!


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Giveaway Details

  • Prizes: 1 of 10 free HelloFresh boxes and $39 worth of Freshpet manufacturer coupons
  • Dates: October 9 – October 16, 2017
  • Notification: Winners will be randomly selected and notified by CLEVER by October 17, 2017
  • Terms & Conditions: Must be 18+, US resident only and Only one winner per household

The 30-Day Plan

Derek, Pebbles and I started our 30-day lifestyle change. My husband and I are enjoying a 4-week subscription which includes 3 meals (good for 2 people) a week. The delivery service offers different plans like Family Plan and Veggie Plan so you can choose the right one that will suit your needs and lifestyle the best. On the other hand, Pebbles will be enjoying 30 days’ worth of FreshPet products.

Honestly, I am so excited, and I can’t wait to see how this change can benefit our growing little family (as well as my health). If you’ve been eyeing HelloFresh as well as FreshPet and have been considering it for your family, make sure to stay tuned for my future updates!

At this day and age, eating and cooking meals made of fresh ingredients seems like a farfetched idea. How can we find fresh fruits, meat and produce when canned goods, fast foods, and junk foods are all around us? With HelloFresh, you can bring back freshness to your meals. And with FreshPet, your pet can get to enjoy fresh foods to and you can #FreshWithYourPet!

For more details, please visit the following sites:
» HelloFresh.com
» FreshPet.com

Check out the Part-2 of our 30 Day Journey here » Learn how to feed the whole family FRESH and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  • Aduke Schulist

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these services. I like the idea of fresh groceries being delivered right to my door.

  • Charnita Fance

    Good decision. I’ve been wanting to try Hello Fresh myself but I cannot afford it. I sure wish there were more affordable alternatives – everything I’ve found is just too much money.

  • Hunter S. Jones

    Is this the best idea ever, or what? My husband’s heard about this–we love to eat fresh, healthy food–and he loves to cook. We’re going to give it a try based on your insight! No pet tho…but if we had one, they would eat good food, too. Thanks!

  • Kristi mcallIster

    Now this is pretty awesome! Most of the meal delivery businesses I’ve heard of deliver it asssembled, but I like the idea of a box with all the ingredients to do it yourself! And I also love love love that they have a pet line as well. I’m totally checking this one out and trying it for myself! Congrats on your little bundle of joy arriving soon!

  • Akamatra

    These look amazing. We have chosen a way of eating as a family that includes only fresh foods and nothing over refined (well except some sugar free chocolate that is, lol)

  • Erica Schwarz

    I have been considering signing up for a service like this. This food sounds fresh and delicious, I thing my family will go for it!

  • gingermommy

    I love that there are so many fresh choices out there for yourself and pets. This is really a neat concept.

  • Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    These are both really neat! I love that there are so many healthy choices being made here. Making sure that your pet is eating healthy is SO important.

  • Garf

    Your food is making me hungry. My kind of lunch especially since it has shrimp.

  • jin

    I love this cleaner living and eating concept! Fresh is def key to leading that kind of lifestyle. And I love how the pets are included on the healthy living as well!!

  • Yona Williams

    That HelloFresh meal looks so good. It’s definitely something that I would like to eat because it really looks so fresh and clean! My pooch would like anything really, but I know that grain free is the best way to go. I hope all goes well with the gestational diabetes.

  • Rachel

    First off..I love you guys!! Second.. This is simply an awesome way to get fit, eat healthy and enjoy it as you go. Hello fresh hasn’t made it into our home yet, but we did think about it!! We definitely will enter into the givaway too!! 2nd..We have a kitty, so I am not sure if Fresh Pet makes cat meals too but that would be pretty awesome to try if they did!

  • Tanvi Rastogi

    I have never tried one of these services but looking at your post I definitely want to give it a shot in the coming weeks.

    ❥ tanvi

  • Deb b.

    This is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to try one of these services before. It’s so neat that you get all the natural ingredients instead of ready made meals. So you always know what’s going into what you’re eating. Love that they have it for pets too! I’m so excited for your little miracle to arrive!

  • Shridevi

    Everything looks so fresh and healthy. I have always considered signing up for services like these!

  • lexieanimetravel

    wow lovely presentation, indeed fresh food for our pets are better, I’ll surely show this to my in-laws since they have a dog at home. 🙂 thanks

  • Maria Magdalena

    What a great giveaway! But too bad I can’t enter this. I live outside your country.

  • Star harford

    Im so impressed you got a meal package for your dog with fresh food. Great that the dog didnt miss out! Hello fresh sounds really good, I like the look of the meal you made, yum!

  • Khushboo

    It is great that you have made such an important lifestyle switch! I made the same change to my diet couple of years ago and I love how energetic fresh food makes me. All the best to the giveaway participants 🙂

  • Abbigayle Warner

    WOW THE FOOD LOOKS SO APPETIZING! I love the way you presented everything

  • Natalie dickinson

    You look amazing and your skin is glowing! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I read how far along you are. 🙂 I’ve used Fresh a few times and really like although I wasn’t aware about the pet food side! Great update.

  • Elizabeth O

    I love fresh foods. So I better try Hello Fresh. I really like the idea of fresh foods delivered right to our house.

  • María Alviz Hernando

    This is an amazing idea, although I am more for cooking myself. But this has made me think that this could be great for my grandma, who doesn’t want to spend time on her feet cooking!

  • Reese Alvarado

    Only 5 weeks more! You two must be really excited! And that meal looks really yummy!

  • dawn

    the food looks incredible! i would love to give this a shot. i’ve never tried it before.

  • Victoria

    So cool! I try to purchase organize food at Costco.

  • Dr. K. Lee Banks

    This looks like a great service to help anyone who might have less time or ability to prepare healthy meals. I love that they include healthy pet food for your canine companion!

  • LavandaMichelle

    Wow, what s lifestyle change. I know I love giveaways. Now that we have a pet, my lovely Zeus, we will certainly look into this ASAP.

  • RaNesha

    I am going to start meal prep for us on Sunday of each week. I need to lose 70 lbs and keep my blood pressure down.

  • Agnes

    I usually like to cook from scratch but there are moments I could benefit from a service like hello fresh. I like that their ingredients are fresh and you still get to have fun cooking it yourself.

  • Thena

    Both services are pretty awesome! and super easy to follow and make. I actually felt like I could cook!

  • Rosey

    What a little cutie pie. Definitely we want to find the best food for our pets!

  • Jasmine wATTS

    Awesome! I haven’t tried Hello Fresh yet but I’ve been wanting to. The food looks fresh and healthy, will definitely give this a shot. 🙂

  • Sin Yee

    Wow! Even pet food has a healthier version! Seriously, I do not know it until I read your blog! Thanks for sharing. Shall look at my local pet store if they have any.

  • Adaleta Avdić

    Woah that is so cool! What an awesome way to stay healthy! I would love that service.

  • Ruth I.

    This is awesome! I’ve never heard f this concept before, I think it’s really a good idea that you will still cook your own food.

  • Mommy Blogger Pehpot

    Thank goodness for online delivery services! We still don’t have something like that here but online grocery is fastly invading the metro!

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  • Lavandamichelle

    I certainly believe in fresh food for your love ones. This includes animals, I love to feed my puppy Zeus the best food out there.