Helpful Toddler Chore Ideas

Trying to have your toddler help around the house and wondering what they can help you with? There are many chores that toddlers can do around the home. From helping with chores to doing some tasks on their own, it’s pretty amazing the extent that you can go when it comes to helpful toddler chore ideas. Today I’m featuring my list of ideas to help inspire you to get that little one to help around the house more.

Helpful Toddler Chore Ideas

Here is an age-appropriate list of helpful toddler chore ideas so that your toddler can start helping you around the house and learn some life skills along the way.

Clothing Help
Your toddler can help with clothing or laundry around the house by putting their own dirty clothes in the hamper. In addition, your toddler can assist with folding laundry and helping sort clothes while you’re folding laundry. Toddlers may not fold clothes to perfection but allowing them to help with this chore will inspire them to be more involved with family chores in the future.

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Water Houseplants
If you have houseplants your toddler can easily do this chore. Get your toddler their own watering jug where they go around the house to water your plants. Try to find a toddler-friendly watering can or cup so that your toddler won’t make as much of a mess with this chore. In addition, your toddler can help water outdoor plants if you have a vegetable or flower garden on your property.

Dusting & Wiping
Your toddler can easily dust various surfaces using a sock over their hands. This can be quite entertaining for some toddlers, while you sit back and admire a dust free home. In addition to dusting with a sock on their hands, you can give your toddler a cloth to wipe down cabinets and sinks inside of your home without much issue.

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Empty Some Trash
If you have any small trash buckets in the home, such as the bathroom, bedrooms or office, your toddler can easily empty the trash. This helpful toddler chore idea will inspire your toddler to always pick up after themselves as well as feel like they’re a part of the team called family whenever you have them complete this simple chore idea for toddlers.

Pick Up Toys
Toddlers are fully capable of picking up their toys whenever they’re done playing with them. In order for this chore to be successful, you’ll have to implement a household rule that your toddler always cleans up their toys after playing with them so that they never have too many toys cluttered around the house. This helpful toddler chore idea will keep your home free of toy clutter.

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Each of these helpful chore ideas will inspire your toddler to feel more independent while helping them realize what it takes to be a part of the family. Enjoy having more free time as you work to teach your toddler some of these helpful toddler chores.


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  • Amber Myers

    These are some great ideas for a toddler to help out. I know my kids loved putting their toys away when they were tiny.

  • Sarah Bailey

    These are some great ideas to get toddlers feeling like they can offer a helping hand around the home.

  • kumamonjeng

    I love the idea of getting the toddlers to help out house chores. We needed to instill this habit since they are young and eventually it is just a common thing to do when they grow up. Thanks for the lists of ideas to get them involved.

  • Candace

    I really like these ideas, they’re simple but they incorporate children into the household routine. As a mom, I think it’s important for kids to learn how things work from early on, that way they’ll develop good habits.

  • Tanya T

    I wish I had been more diligent in giving my kids chores. Truth is…I remember how much I hated it, but we didn’t have a choice. Now, we can afford house cleaning services (which, unfortunately, let’s everyone off the hook)….but we are trying to do better!

  • Terri Beavers

    These chores are a good way to help kids learn to start being responsible. My grandkids love to help me dust and do the laundry. I’ll have to try some of your other suggestions with them too. I have plenty of houseplants they can help me water.

  • Angel

    Thank you for these tips! I would definitely teach my future children to help with household chores. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Krysten Quiles

    Dusting was always a chore I had when I was a kid. Now I hate it, lol. But luckily my husband doesn’t mind it.

  • NinA

    oh, interesting! great suggestions on how to make them responsible at a young age!

  • Explore The 6

    I’m all for toddlers helping with the chores around the house, it starts to teach them structure and responsibility at an early age ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chad

    We don’t have kids but this is awesome and i agree with you, it is great to involve toddlers in simple and helpful chores. Great read.

  • Echo

    It is so important to instill life skills in our kids at an early age. I do think a lot of people don’t realize how young our little ones actually become capable of helping out!

  • wander women abroad

    what a fun way to get kids involved in the cleaning process. Will definitely have to try this out

  • Carla necole

    Honestly, these chores would be good for my 8 year old son as well. I haven’t been the most diligent in enforcing these things. Thanks for helping me out!

  • Sonal

    Awwww these are some very cute ideas to get your toddler involved.

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    these are great ideas for toddler chores. gotta start them early!

  • Claire Lee

    These are so easy yet good chore ideas for toddlers! I remember helping my mom when I was young

  • Thena Franssen

    This is such a great list! I love how it’s broken down by age!

  • Catherine Santiago Jose

    Small tasks but definitely a great ways and ideas to teach our kids to learn to do a household chores..

  • Alexandra Cook

    I don’t usually let my kids do the house chores but it was a great idea since they are now grown up, it’s time for them to learn starting with the most simple task.

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    These are some great ideas. I found that when my kids were toddlers they wanted to help but couldn’t always manage because they were too small. These ideas are perfect for their age group

  • Rosey

    My son used to love to dust when he was little. I totally forgot about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alexandra Cook

    It so nice to get them started early. Plus, it helps them realize it’s a good and not a bad thing.

  • Lyosha

    that is such a great idea! the earlier baby had chores the better it is for development, it will be natural for a kid

  • Courteney Noonan

    These are great tips. Thankfully my younger siblings love tidying up haha.

  • Mimi

    This is a great list to get your little one introduced to chores. Starting off small and early ensures it stays with them

  • Enriqueta E Lemoine

    I’m so glad those times are gone for me. However I appreciate your creativity and sense of style. Thanks for sharing!

  • Courtney

    Ooooo so many great suggestions!!! My daughter loves to help around the house. Only if this would be the case forever lol

  • Heather

    I think the best idea is to take age into consideration when it comes to chores. And of course, make it fun!

  • TechyGrrrl

    Awesome ideas to keep the toddler busy and help in house chores. I hope they will enjoy this.

  • SANDRA Crespo

    These are all great ideas my toddler loved helping me and being my โ€œbig helperโ€ awww I miss having a toddler