Easy Ways to Pack and Prepare for a Cruise Getaway

It can be so exciting to go on a cruise. What’s not exciting is getting on board and realizing that you don’t have everything you need. Sure, some shops will cater to your needs, but it’s going to get quite costly. It’s kind of like the inflated cost of products in the airport. The same concept applies here. My hubby and I celebrated my birthday aboard Norwegian Jade Cruise Line, so I am sharing a few tips and pointers for all of you to maximize your experience.

Let’s take a closer look how you can pack and prepare for a cruise getaway.

Pack Important Documents » First things first. If your cruise takes you outside the country, you need to make sure you have the documents you need. In other words, you need to bring your passport and anything else the cruise line requests. If you have particular medications, it might help to bring the paperwork from your doctors.

Consider Your Destinations » Where you’ll be traveling has a lot to do with what you’ll need to pack. For example, if you’re taking a European cruise in the middle of January, you’ll obviously need different clothing than visiting the Caribbean in July. Research your destinations to determine exactly what you’ll need in terms of clothing.

Remember the Essentials for Time in the Sun » If you are spending a lot of time on deck, you’ll want to remember to bring along sunglasses, sunscreen, a sunhat, etc. You may also want to bring along aloe gel in case you get a bit too much sun. Also, don’t forget flipflops or other summery footwear for wearing poolside.

Summer Essentials

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Include a Few Extra Bathing Suits » Speaking of being poolside, you want to make sure to bring a few bathing suits. This way, you always have a dry bathing suit to slip in to.

Pack Something Special for Evening Shows and Dinners » Cruise lines are well known for having amazing shows and elegant dinners. You want to make sure to pack evening wear along with your comfortable clothing. If possible, pack these items in garment bags, so everything stays wrinkle-free.

Celebrating My Birthday Aboard Norwegian Cruise Line

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norwegian jadePIN IT!

Bring Any Medications You Might Need » You want to be overprepared when it comes to medication. Bring a pain reliever for headaches, an allergy medication, and especially something for motion sickness. You never know when something is going to happen. It’s better to be prepared than overspend in the gift shops.

Add Something to Read or Play » Whether you’re lounging by the pool or relaxing in your cabin, you want to have something to read or a game to play. If you have a tablet, that’s perfect. However, you can’t beat having a couple good books packed.

Include Chargers » Last, but not least, don’t forget to bring your chargers. You’ll need a charger for your phone, camera, tablet, laptop, etc. You may also want to invest in a portable power bank so that you can keep your phone charged when away from your room.

Remember, the exact needs you’ll have when going on a cruise will depend on the journey. Your best bet is to research the areas you’ll be visiting, so that know what to expect when it comes to weather. There are, however, some items you simply must bring. This list will help ensure that your needs are met and that your cruise is the best it can be.


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  • Rhian Westbury

    I think the good thing about cruises is that you can usually take a bit more luggage than you would on a normal holiday which is nice x

  • Mamas Travel Tribe

    Fab tips.. and wow you look incredible in that dress!!! I’ve always wondered about bringing some sort of formal wear for a cruise.. whether it’s a myth or not so that’s a handy tip!

  • Bella anD Dawn

    We always forget chargers for our devices! It’s crazy really. So we write a packing list a couple of days before to remind us. Great pointers x

  • Kara

    I loved our cruise and a charger is very important as all the timetables were on an app on my phone

  • Chelsea

    Great advice for packing for a cruise. I’ve never been on cruise before and probably would have no idea what to take. I suppose each is different

  • Emily Leary

    Some great tips for anyone about to embark on a cruise. I hope you had a wonderful time – where to next?

  • Amber Myers

    These are some fabulous tips. I haven’t been on a cruise yet. One day, I hope! I’ll keep your list in mind if we ever go.

  • Esme Sy

    The ones that I never forget are documentation, extra clothing and meds. I’ve been into many unfortunate situations because of the lack of these necessities I brought with me. Lesson learned!

  • Melanie

    Such a great check list, deffo need a few swim suits and some glam evening attire too x

  • Dannii

    I have never been on a cruise, but I would love to. I have heard a few people say make sure you have dressy clothes for dinner though.

  • Emily Fata, www.EmulatingEmily.com

    I’ve not yet been on a cruise, but I would love to go one day! These are great ways to pack the essentials and have an amazing trip!

  • 1stopmom

    This are some great tips. I have not taken a cruise yet but hope to in the next few years. I always like to take my kindle when I travel. I have over 500 books on there and reading is very relaxing to me. It is perfect to just pull out when I have some down time

  • Sue Tanya Mchorgh

    Going on a cruise is always fun. I always have problems with knowing what to pack. Thanks for sharing this. This is very helpful.

  • Nisha

    all the necessary essentials for travelling 🙂 thank you for sharing

  • Joan

    These are fantastic tips, I am yet to take on my first cruise emphasis on the YET part and this will sure help when time comes.

  • Ithfifi

    Great tips and advice! I’ve never been on a cruise but I would like to one day. I always keep all my tickets/documents in the exact same place when I travel, its never failed me so far!

  • Izzy Grey

    I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise! These are great tips for if I ever get the chance to take one. Thank you!

  • tara pittman

    What a great way to celebrate a birthday.I would have never thought about a passport for a cruise

  • Ana Ojha

    Yes! To everything that you’ve mentioned above for a perfect cruise getaway. I’ll be going on a cruise vacation soon and this guide will be quite handy!

  • Sarah Bailey

    I would absolutely love to go on a cruise one day it is something that has always been on my bucket list. I love your tips on packing as well as I would have no idea where to start.


    I’ve yet to go on a cruise although they do sound lovely. Great post and handy to know for future reference what I might need if I am lucky enough to get to go on one.

  • Ali Gilbert

    These are helpful. I never thought to bring medical paperwork just in case! Thanks for these ideas. We love cruisin’! 🙂

  • Hannah Marie

    A cruise trip is a dream of mine. These are great and useful tips to keep.

  • Alison Rost

    We haven’t been on a cruise for a long time and I’ll be sure to keep all of these things in mind when we do. It’s important that you have everything you need especially the documents!

  • Reichel

    I haven’t been on a cruise in so long. I’ve actually been dying to go on one…this is totally making me want to book a vacay! lol

  • Vian

    Wow celebrating your birthday in a cruise ship is one of a kind experience. My ultimate goal in life is to try a Alaskan cruise ship, I find it exciting.. I hope God will permit. I will remember your tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Deb B.

    You just reminded me to nudge my husband a bit to agree that our next trip is going to be a cruise. This is a very helpful post too because I tend to not plan ahead as good with cruises that seemingly plan the trip for you. You’re right – you have to think about the documents and medications because for the most part, you’re stuck until you hit an excursion on land. Also I tend to overpack. Thanks for the list!

  • Emily Leary

    Yes to remembering chargers! If you do forget I find that if you ask at the front desk of wherever you’re staying they often have a spare they can at least lend you.

  • stephanie parrell

    Great ideas! I was thinking of a Cruze being my next vacation so I will have to pin this for later reference!

  • Jessica Taylor

    I tend to overpack no matter where we go. These are some great tips for sure!

  • Elizabeth O

    This is a really great post on how to pack for a cruise. I am such a over-packer so these tips are helpful to me and to anyone looking to pack smart for their cruise.

  • Chique

    Rich ppl problems-lol. I’m goin on a cruise and packing nothing but cash money. Purchasing and borrowing anything i need. Or i could live more simply—survivalist mode. All i really need is a cocktail.

  • Tiffany

    I would love to go on a cruise one day! I always seem to forget something when packing. Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate.

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    I love cruising and these tips on how to pack for a cruise is so on point. The photo of you and your husband taken during your birthday looks so lovely as well.

  • Dana Peller

    Yes, always pack the essentials and plan ahead when visiting warmer weather. Sunhats and sunblocks are key — oh and you’re favorite bathing suit!

  • Kara Ferwerda

    I love cruises! They are so much fun and a great time to relax.

  • Anonymous

    Have a great time! We love cruises!

  • Terri

    Have a great time! We love cruises!

  • Natalie

    How lucky you got to go on a cruise! I will have to keep these packing tips in mind for the day I get to experience one – fingers crossed!

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    I’d love to go on a cruise one day! They’ve always looked like such a chilled out way to visit new places! x

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    What great tips! We’ve never been on a cruise but if we did I’d have no idea what to pack! This is so helpful!

  • Preet

    These are some really helpful tips to pack for a cruise. Packing a few extra bathing suits is a really good idea. From my past experience, I do keep all the medications handy.

  • Khushboo

    I have been on a cruise ever but I would to travel on it soon. I guess I will carry lots of citrusy candies to help me with the seasickness.

  • Anosa

    I have never been on a cruise I would definitely love to one day, thanks for this list. I always forget about medications and right meds paperwork.

  • Tiffany Yong

    For people who can’t do without internet, they will have to check if there’s internet on the cruise too as there’s a likelihood that local data can’t work out in the sea!

  • Peps Goh

    My girlfriend will probably bring her laptop along. If I ever get to go on cruise with her, we will prolly be doing a cruise video to show friends around the place

  • Jessica T

    Is it odd that I really don’t want to take a cruise? I got so seasick on a ferry from Spain to England that I’m not sure I could do it again. Great tips for a cruise though!

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    I’ve never been on a cruise before to be honest, but I would love the chance. It’s certainly been on my to-do list for a while!

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    These are actually some pretty good tips! I love these ideas, I could apply them to my life. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Danny Newman

    I’ve never been on a cruise but I’ve read a couple of pieces about them recently and they look amazing. Thank you for the useful packing tips if I ever get around to going on one! 🙂