IVF Book “And So The Adventure Begins” Available Now as Hardbound Copy

Today, I am celebrating another MILESTONE … my published IVF eBook ❝ And So The Adventure Begins ❞ is officially available as a hard copy!!! I have loved writing and to be able to publish one is definitely one of my dreams. To be honest I enjoy creating romantic short novels with a few twist in the plot, so it’s quite out of my comfort zone to produce a content that is on a different topic and more over, based from personal experience and perspective. Nonetheless, I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and it definitely paid off.

Back to my book, the hard copy is the same version of the eBook extended edition. It’s more of a collectible copy that you can keep on your nightstand or bedside table that you can reach to whenever you need a quick refresher of the steps, or a quick pick up. The eBook version will remain available online, while the free edition is only available for a limited time.

In case you’re wondering, my book is about our IVF journey based on my personal experience. So if you’re wondering if IVF is right for you, and if you find the steps rather confusing … this book can help! It is an invaluable, straight-forward, down-to-earth resource to help women understand infertility and everything in between.

The hard copy will soon be available in major book stores too! For now you can get the eBook copy today at Amazon and other online bookstores: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PFRNJ53


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