Josiah King’s First Month Milestone

Finally, the much awaited First Month Milestone update that you all have been waiting for! I am sorry if I haven’t been able to share this update on time. As many of you know by now, I don’t have the same flexibility like I used to have to share what’s up, what’s new, or the latest scoop because my hands are full with our little one. Every chance I get I try my best jump in on social media right away and then if I have more to spare, that’s when I blog. Like today, I’m able to share some of the most wonderful milestones that Josiah King has already achieved for his first month.

I know, a few months is just a short time but (I’m certain most moms would agree with me on this) every milestone and little skills that my baby develops is totally special. And as always, it is my pleasure to share his life with you the same way that I have shared mine. A lot of you have followed my pregnancy journey closely. It’s about time you get to read on about our precious miracle.

Josiah King is now 21 inches long and weighs 10 lbs. Since birth, he has gained about 3 lbs and grew an inch longer! Josiah has always been alert and lately, he has been very attentive (just like his daddy!). We were all surprised by his thick, glistening hair, and I’m happy to share that he was able to keep it all. Apparently some babies loss the hair they were born with.

Josiah King BetheaPIN IT!

He sure loves to cuddle and would cry when I put him down on his sleeper. He’d rather be held. It’s actually like an alarm clock for him – as soon as you place him down in his crib, bassinet, or even his dockatot he instantaneously wakes up. Josiah just wants all the cuddling, and lovin’. He only sleeps 2-3 hours at a time. We would be lucky if he stretches it out to 3-4 hours. So I truly look forward to the days where he will start sleeping longer. He does coo a lot too and even grunts in his sleep. Throughout the day I always look forward to hearing him coo. In fact, his daily hiccups are music to my ears!

One thing I frown upon on is when he cries whenever I change his diaper. He really hates the majority of our diaper changing sessions, and he cries real baby tears which break my heart every time. Some babies don’t have tears rolling down their cheeks as early as just a few weeks but Josiah does. So I hope that very soon he will be able to adapt to his diaper changes and realize that it won’t hurt him. After all, mommy and daddy will always make sure he is loved, taken cared of, and yes safe as well as secure.

So, that’s about it. That’s Josiah’s first-month milestones. If you want to get to know our baby more, you are just in luck because I’ve decided on top of sharing his monthly milestones, I’ll also create a social media page for him. He is, after all, a very good looking boy and mama is a social media influencer – it just might lead to opening doors for him even at an early age.

Look out for the second-month milestone which I will share soon!


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