Josiah King’s Third Month Milestone

Soooo, my baby Josiah has finally reached his third month! Woohoo! I cannot be more excited. Before, I think that parents are quite extra every time they celebrate the monthsaries of their little one. But now, I totally get the point! I just want to celebrate every moment that I have with my little one, and I am truly proud of his milestones!

Yes, you guessed it right! This post is all about the 3rd-month milestones of my little one and for this month, my baby has got plenty of things in store for his momma! Josiah is now 24 inches long and 14.5 lbs heavy! So yea, my little man is starting to grow up (but not so fast. I hope!).

My baby has also finally graduated from the dreary months of eating, sleeping, and crying because, my dear readers, this is the month that he became more interactive! When I don’t talk to him, he gets bored and cries a lot. But every time, I start talking to him, he would stop crying and listen intently to what I am saying! In fact, he would even smile when he is spoken to!

In addition to that, he is also starting to make lots of baby sounds! In fact, I often hear him trying to imitate some sounds. If this baby can speak, I can say that he will be the most talkative kid on the planet! He also responds to the sounds of TV. Based on his reactions, I can say that his favorite song is the theme song of “Word Party”.

This is also the month that my baby has learned to laugh! In fact, his first laugh was on February 6, and I just love the sounds of it! He is also slowly starting to learn to giggle, and he is just the cutest thing ever every time he does that.

He is also big on tummy time, and this is the month when he was able to raise his head and chest during tummy time. When he is lying on his back, he usually stretches his legs out and starts kicking. I also often find him bringing his hand to his mouth. According to most of my friends, this may be a sign of possible teething

He is also fond of following moving objects. I often find him staring at me as I move around the house. The best thing about this month is that Josiah was finally able to learn to have a selfie because he usually turns his head toward the direction of the camera every time I take a selfie with him.

Yep, this month is quite exciting for the both of us. And I am sure my son has more tricks up his sleeve, and I can’t wait to share all of those with you guys! Please stay tuned for my next milestone post!


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