Lady Gaga Studded Bag Review and Giveaway

Lady Gaga is well known for her fashion trends that turns heads all the time. Some people would claim her sense of fashion is absolutely fab, while some would say it is completely absurd or a complete mess. While we are all entitled to our own opinion, one cannot argue that she definitely rocks all her looks without a fuss. Without a doubt it is so natural for her to wear such style and doing otherwise [or wear what normal people would] would seems so unnatural as that is how we have gotten to know her for. In time, I have learned to appreciate her sense of style and I must say … have developed fascination on most of her looks. You can label it as antics, attention seeker and a whole what not’s but in my honest opinion, as long as it looks good and you can rock … go for it!

Lady Gaga Custom Studded Black BagPIN IT!

When I came across a picture of Lady Gaga with her trending Hermes Birkin studded with sharp studs that can literally poke you and make you “yikes .. that hurt!” I literally have fallen in love. I knew right away I wanted one. Obviously, I can’t really shell out my hard earned income just like that on one Hermes Birkin and literally poke holes on it and stud it. I decided to just shrug it off and leave that thought on my bucket list.

Recently, I have been in touch with whom had given me the opportunity to review a bag from their site … I visited their site and poof! In a snap my heart fell off my chest … they have Lady Gaga customized studded black bag! Like seriously, it looked exactly like it. Here are some pictures to feast on so you can all see how gorgeous and fabulous this bag is!

lady gaga hermes bag purse handbag spikesPIN IT!
lady gaga bag spikes hermes galaxyPIN IT!
galaxy spikes hermes lady gagaPIN IT!
lady gaga hermes bag purse handbag spikesPIN IT!
lady gaga hermes bag purse handbag spikesPIN IT!
lady gaga hermes bag purse handbag spikesPIN IT!

The bag is absolutely breath-taking [aside from the fact that it can literally hurt someone with those deadly gorgeous spikes!] … pun intended. 😉 The bag is made out of luxurious cowhide leather and the flap closure comes with padlock ornament.

For those of you wishing to have your very own “Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag” read on ahead and join my Worldwide Youtube Giveaway …

Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag Giveaway

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  • silviabia

    The bag looks so awesome!!

  • Kai Sensei

    The bag is divine! For a “lookalike” bag it really is a good one. I love the fierceness it brings. And you look good too! Love your skirt! Here’s hoping I win. *crosses fingers*

  • Rita Lobo

    I should win because I love that bag! That bag is so cool and such a statement piece that can elevate any basic outfit! I would wear it with a grey tshirt and a white blazer and some jean shorts!

  • The Canvirries

    Totally my kind of love it! I ought to win the bag cause I am a rock chic at heart and always ready to be a Gaga anytime : )
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  • TracyJo (@tjsi1963)

    I really, really should, would love to win this as it is my 50th birthday in July and it would give me inspiration for along awaited change of image! It’s such a stylish bag and I LOVE it!

  • Dede

    Love that this isn’t my grandma’s black bag. Those studs give it just the right touch of funk!

  • alyssa waters

    I would love to win this, I am a fashion addict & when it comes to hand bags that’s my ultimate addication feeder aside from shoes. Once the kids came along the hang bag buying had to come to an end. This Bag is FABULOUS, & would look great with just about anything outfit.

  • Riya

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  • melandriaromero

    i so love bags, this bag would definitely rock my style.

  • Pearl Paguio

    i am a newbie to online contests so it would mean a lot to me if i win this one, it will be like a reward for me for being a full time mom of 2 wonderful kids and expecting another addition to the family!

  • Ka

    I should win this contest because the win is not for me. It’s going to be a gift for my older sister or Mother. I really don’t know who I should give it to. I have been blessed with many things this year so far. And I am very grateful and pleased with what I got. I can’t ask for more than that. This is why I should win this contest. Thank you.

  • joyce baker

    I should win this bag because I don’t have a high end bag.

  • Maria Flores

    I would love to win this bag because I it is so beautiful and I don’t have the money to splurge on myself. So if I won, it would be so wonderful.

  • Chelsie

    I want to win this giveaway to give it to my best friend for her birthday. I haven’t seen her for ages since we live oceans apart!

  • Naomi

    This giveaway is absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much!
    I’m a big fan of Gaga since 2009 with Just Dance and I love her look so it would be amazing if I could get this bag.
    Again thank you very much!

  • georgina davies

    I want to win because it’s beautiful!

  • va

    i would like to win this because I have never tried bag inc’s bags and this is a fashionable black bag with a punk edge .

  • Vânia Vieira

    I looooooooooooooove that bag! It is super cool, super awesome, super ME!

  • sherry ann gole cruz


  • Jea Dequiña Blancaflor

    I should win this bag because I really need this in my daily work. And it is a must have item.

  • Jay Ann Rose Perano

    I really want to win this bag. First, It’s fashionable. Second, I can actually use it for work. I hope I win. =)

    Thank you for this opportunity =)

  • Say

    I really want to have this bag because it is absolutely stunning!It so fashionable I would use it almost everyday.This bag is simply charisma. Love it.I hope I win.

  • Mary ann cuer

    The bag looks so gorgeous! i so loved it! hope to have this!!!

  • Mary ann cuer

    the bag itself looks really gorgeous! hope to have this! love it!

  • arra odeza

    i should win this as a bday gift to me 🙂 a reward for all the hard work as a full time mom 🙂

  • Tamira Walker

    I really love this bag and had been dying tonget it but everytime I have enough money saved up the price raises . I hope I win.

  • Genzel

    Ever since I was a kid, I get used to collecting bags. I love bags! But, I’ve never had this kind of luxury or signature bag in my life and it’s Lady Gaga Studded Bag, a must have. I really hope to win this giveaway 🙂

  • leyla

    love the bag. its fashionable,its affordable,has nice chick look,spikes gives it more high fashion look. it doesnt look like a cheap copy

  • Jennifer Dysart

    I should win this because I am a bag freak and I have nothing black with studs!

  • Karin

    I should win because I don’t own anything that screams fashion,and I have a birthday in less than 2 months!

  • Liza Bondareva

    ive been obsessed with baginc for a long time, and i always wanted to buy one of their bags, and im a HUGE gaga fan, little monster for a very long time, thats why i would love to win this bad, it can go with everything since its black, but at the same time its very unique with the embellishments, its very fashionable and perfect for this upcomming fall. <3 thanks for the giveaway baginc!

  • Amal korbi

    I want to win this one so badly :DDDDDDDD


    I’m a Fan of anything Hermes! But, too pricey for me so I’d be really ecstatic to own one! Thanks 🙂


    not sure if my first comment went in sis so here goes again…

    Would love to win this coz I’ve never had an authentic Hermes Bag before… Thanks!

  • Rosalie B. Tangonan

    who’s the winner!? 🙂