Life as a Military Wife and the Associations We Support #NMAM16

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As a military wife, I’ve come to realize a lot of things … that there’s a lot of uncertainty, there will always be changes and most of all — it is not for the faint of heart. Back then all I used to worry about was the moving/relocating. Getting stationed to different countries has its own perks, up until he gets special duties he needs to attend to. Sometimes even classes. The classes can take a few weeks up to a few months … and despite living on a digital age and being able to keep in touch, I still worry about his safety. Except all of those are nothing compared to his deployment. You can expect that my heart sank to a bottomless pit when I found out.


To date, my beloved airman is currently deployed and proudly serving our country in the Middle East. Every single time, I ask him the same question “How are you?”, “How is everything over there?”, “Are you safe?”, and the answers I get are the usual generic replies such as “I’m okay”, “Okay”, “I am” and “I just can’t wait to come home”. With all that being said … the worrying becomes second nature for me. All I could ever ask for now is to get my husband back … safe, at home, with his family where he belongs. I do not and cannot take anything for granted. Which is also another reason why I tell him all the time … even if it is redundant already, that I love him very much.

Throughout the years we have grown to love specific associations such as the Veterans Administration and Wounded Warriors. In fact, late last year we visited the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center and it is heart breaking to see the veterans over there. It made me see things in a whole different perspective. Same goes for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or also known as ALS – where the whole world was made aware of their cause through the ALS bucket challenge. Of course, I too participated and challenged my husband. Despite being countries apart, we managed to share our support.

The associations I have mentioned above are just a few of the many that helps our soldiers, veterans and their families improve their lives or assist them in keeping it together. Just like NMEDA – National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Let’s be honest, a lot of us take our freedom and mobility for granted. I know I do, or at least I used to. Up until I get really sick and needs a complete bed-rest, then I’d tell myself I’ll take better care of myself. Except not everyone can easily get back to their normal lives after a few days or weeks. Sadly for some, it is a permanent change. NMEDA and their members provides the best solution to allow those with disabilities take back their independence.


Unlike other services, NMEDA QAP (quality assurance program – ensuring the highest standards in mobility equipment installations) that guarantees a personal accredited dealer for all wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment. They even have a 24-hour local emergency roadside services. No matter what the mobility challenge may be, NMEDA have dealerships across the US and Canada to provide service and solution – veteran or civilian.

For those who are able and are willing to help out the Vets, I always encourage them to reach out to the Veterans Administration office to find out how they can do so. Personally speaking, someday I will find a way to donate a wheelchair or maybe more if possible (through NMEDA) to a veteran in need.

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  • Karen

    We really do take our freedom and mobility for granted – its probably because its so “everyday” normal to so many of us. However, its a major thing. Really happy to hear about the associations taking care of our military. Especially the mobility equipment. Need more of those, right?

  • Terri Steffes

    I am glad to hear our services to our veterans is improving. My dad was a vet. He was proud to be a vet. He always got good care.

  • Silvia

    This is really interesting I never knew about this. My friend is engaged to someone who was in the military and it’s great to know that they will continue to take care of our soldiers after especially those who need mobility equipment.

  • Angela Tolsma

    what a unique program and that’s awesome that it exists to help people. I can not imagine the stress you have from him being away and the not knowing. You are an amazing woman!

  • Heather L.

    Most people take not only their mobility for granted but also their health. The vast majority of our military members come back from deployments with varying degrees of physical and/or mental health issues. I’m thankful that there are companies that help them with what they need. For those thinking about donating to companies who support our military members and their families, I recommend checking out how they handle their funds. How much of the money collected actually is given back to those in need. Semper Fi!

  • Michelle Mink

    My best friend is a military wife and I was thinking of her and her husband as I read this. Thank you for the service and sacrifice. I love that there are companies like NMEDA who are doing there part to support our troops.

  • Charlotte

    Mobility and freedom is something we definitely take for granted and you support some great associations that can help with this. It’s really interesting how our experiences open up for new opportunities and show us these things!

  • Rebecca Bryant

    thank you for your husband service and I am happy to see a company supporting our troops. This gives me hope that more people will reach out and help others.

  • Jeanine

    Very cool. I am so happy to hear this program is taking care of the military. I always hear complaints from my American friends about lack of supports and such so this is really great.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    It must be hard being a military wife and not knowing what can happen next. Its great that organizations like these exist to support our veterans.

  • Erica Nicole

    I don’t really know a lot about being a military wife or a military personnel so I loved reading this to learn something new. Y’all are a beautiful couple!

  • Rachel

    I’ve never heard of this program but it sounds like a wonderful service. It’s great to know that our veterns are taken care of if they have mobility issues after serving.

  • Rachel

    What a wonderful post. I can’t imagine being a military wife or having mobility issues. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christina

    My dad and father in-law are vets and I’m so proud of them. I appreciate your husband’s service and your sacrifice too! I enjoyed learning more about these associations!

  • Brittany

    I would love to reach out and see how my family can get involved. My kids have been asking how they can help other people and I think this would be the perfect opportunity.

  • Krystel @ Planning The Magic

    I know so many people in the military and I can’t thank them or your husband enough. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  • Caitlin

    Please thank your husband for his service… and thank you for holding down your home in his absence. I really enjoyed learning more about NMEDA – so many people don’t know about these types of companies or services until they’re in need of them.

  • Mardene R Carr

    I lift my hat to any woman who is a military or other service wife. It cannot be easy but I encourage you today

  • Jean

    We definitely do take a lot for granted. I can’t imagine how it must be to be a military wife. Your husband is doing an incredible job. We should do all we can to help and support our forces.

  • Misty Dawn Nelson

    Wow sounds like a good program and I just want to thank for your husband to his service in Military, My son admire a Military just like your hubby

  • Taylor

    I am sharing this with my military wife friends! This is a great resource, and thanks for opening your heart and opinions while also sharing helpful information for military families! Thanks to your husband for fighting for our freedom, and for you being such a supportive wife!

  • Caroline

    We definitely do take being able to walk, move and do what we want for granted. And I definitley think more needs to be done to help our troops and veterans! Thank you to your husband for serving!

  • Amber Nelson

    I am also a military wife so you and me, we get each other! You are awesome!

  • Heather

    What an amazing organization! I am always so thankful for the men and women who serve, and their families as well – it is amazing how dedicated you all are.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you to your husband for his service! I can’t imagine what it’s like for you during his deployments. Hopefully he’s home soon. Thanks for sharing this info about support services.

  • Katya

    Long-term relationships are so hard! I totally understand how you are saying that it could get lonely. Luckily, there are modern means of communication like phones and computers that make you feel just a bit closer to the person you love!