Illuminating Young Minds at Lightbridge Academy at Delran, NJ

As parents who have no prior experience with daycare or schools for kids, we had lots of worries. Being the protective mom that I was, I was never too excited or keen with the idea of having our son go, so we waited until he was a year and a half. My husband and I agreed that it is about time as he needs to learn to socialize as well. We searched and looked for the right school or a care provider and eventually found Lightbridge Academy. They eased all our worries, answered all our questions, excellent staff, even great walkthrough! Everything was on point. They also have cameras where you can check in on your little one whenever you wish.

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Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge AcademyPIN IT!

In such a short time, our son showed amazing progress. This is coming from a boy who is exclusively BF and only sleeps with mommy, rarely with daddy and is very dependent on being latched. Like any kid, in the beginning, he showed attachment issues and cries at drop off. The teachers and the staff are so on point that they make sure to find ways to divert his attention and engaged with him.

He took a very little time to adjust, and before we knew it, he loved spending every single day with his classmates, teacher, and learning the activities. He would come home a happy kid, and when we do our own activities at home, he continues to surprise us. In fact, one day, he came home and just started showing hand movements to certain songs that he loves to interact to! This is all thanks to the excellent curriculum, patience of the teachers & staff, and how well they manage the facility.

Lightbridge Academy Pre-School Classroom

Lightbridge Academy Delran NJPIN IT!

Lightbridge Academy Pre-School Multipurpose Playroom

Lightbridge Academy Delran NJPIN IT!

Recently we had to move out, and Lightbridge Academy at Delran, NJ had us so spoiled that we were hoping to find the same care that they provided us. To date, we are still looking. Believe it or not, my husband and I can’t stop wishing that there’s a Lightbridge Academy here out west. Nothing can compare.

Lightbridge Academy at Delran NJPIN IT!

I promise you when I say this, and it is NOT an exaggeration at all … it is not easy to find a school or daycare that will provide the love, care, AND ALSO include your child’s learning as part of their priority. Some will simply be a place for your kids to stay at like a playground, which is what we realized the hard way. With Lightbridge Academy at Delran, NJ, you get to have it all and more! ❤️

If you are in the area and are considering them for your kids, don’t think twice about it. Highly recommended from our family to yours.


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  • Colleen

    That’s exactly the kind of place that helps young minds thrive. I love the atmosphere there. It’s the perfect way to give the kiddos a head start.

  • angelina

    This is such an insightful post. Thank you so much for sharing with us 🙂

  • Liz Mays

    It’s awesome that this place was so beneficial for our family. It sounds like a lovely place for the little ones to learn and have fun.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    That classroom looks so bright and fun! Your son looks like he really enjoys it there! So much fun!!

  • Heather

    What a beautiful school! I love how clean and bright it is! It’s definitely what I looked for when we were searching for a school for our girls.

  • LaToyia Dennis

    I absolutely love these class rooms. I am a huge early education advocate.

  • Sherry

    Finding the right fit for your child is important. Lightbridge Academy sounds like a fabulous place. I hope you find a place similar.

  • joy

    always sucks when you have to say goodbye to good schools and resources. i hope you find a great school for your kiddo soon!

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  • Cristina Petrini

    I’m not a mother, but I’m sure that choosing the right educational path for a child means directing his life to the fullest.

  • littlemisadvencha

    i love the set-up. thanks to all the educators and their patience. if i were the child, i probably love learning more. and would love to go to school everyday. 🙂

    cha @

  • Krisy

    Their rooms look so fun and comfortable! Definitely a space where kids will enjoy.

  • Wren LaPorte

    Such a cute place! I wish there was a place like that near where I live!

  • Anne Marie

    Letting go of an 18-month-old must be so hard! At that young age, their needs are simple – mainly just play and food and learning – and of course love from mama and daddy!

  • Emman Damian


  • Cindy B

    I’ve never heard of this academy but it looks great!

  • Nyxie

    The classroom looks so cute and interactive for the kids! Sounds like such a welcoming place 🙂

  • Brianna S

    Looks like an amazing day care!! So clean and beautifully decorated.

  • Patricia Martin

    I know the feeling Angela, it’s very hard to let them go in the beginning. I’m happy you found a place that you feel comfortable leaving him at.

  • Emily zielinski

    Good to hear your son is showing progress 🙂 looks like a great place for kids

  • Fatima Torres

    How sweet that you were able to find a great school for your little one. Their education is key.

  • Emily Fata

    I’ve never heard of Lightbridge Academy, but it looks like such a great place for little children to learn! It’s definitely seems like a place that parents can trust.

  • Erika ramona

    What a bright and pleasant environment for learning! I hope that you could also find a nice school as good as Lightbridge Academy soon!

  • katrina Kroeplin

    great preshcools are so hard to find. i wanted my youngest’s preschool teacher to just move up with her as she kept going on in school. she was the best teacher she has had. sounds like you son has made great progress.

  • Natalia

    Wow! It looks like a wonderful place for our little ones! That’s very important to leave our kids with so passionate teachers just like there! 🙂

  • Gideon Akachukwu Okorie

    Such a well kept space, perfect for any child to run around and have some fun..

  • Krysten

    Wow this classroom looks like it would be so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  • Enriqueta E Lemoine

    Nice way to show gratitude for a place that took care of your precious creature! Thanks for sharing Angela. I really hope you find a new place similar than this.

  • ohmummymia

    That little academy looks superb. My son is in preschool and he loves it as well. It’s so important to find a perfect place for our little ones

  • Jen Walker

    This looks like a great option for kids! It was nerve wrecking, but it helped my sanity in addition to helping my kids with their socializing.

  • Ruth I

    This place is neat! They sure are ready for the kid’s needs. I hope you find one in your place soon!

  • Mommy Sigrid

    This looks like an awesome preschool. I would not hesitate to send my child there if I could afford it. 🙂

  • Daniel

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  • Cindy Ingalls

    It’s not easy to find a good daycare, especially one that meets all your needs. I hope you can find one that is as good as Lightbridge.

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      Cindy Ingalls

      Exceptionally valuable post. I am glad to locate this. Very helpful for me, as it contains a great deal of information. I generally like to peruse I’m pleased I discovered this thing in your post.