Let’s Make a Stand and Make HIV History with the Help of Johnson & Johnson

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HIV is one of the least talked about disease all over the world. People who have it are afraid to talk about it because of the stigma that comes along with having such disease. Because of the judgment, ridicules and insults hurled at them for having HIV; it has become difficult for these people to seek the medical attention that they need.

Thankfully though, the society has become a little more forgiving at HIV patients these days. However, that doesn’t erase the fact that many of us do not know the important facts about HIV.

The Facts You Need to Know

If you think the world should turn a blind eye on HIV, here are some facts that will surely make you think again:

■ Based on the UNAIDS record, about 7000 young women contract HIV every week. That means that every 2 minutes, a young woman is impacted by this disease. According to their statistics, women aged 10 to 24 are two times most likely to contract HIV as compared to men in the same age bracket.

■ The UNAIDS – Children & HIV Fact Sheet July 2016 also showed that about 400 children contract HIV every day while about 290 children die due to HIV related illness every day.

■ And after over 30 years, we still weren’t able to eradicate HIV. The sad part is, 30% of the people who are HIV positive are not aware that they have the disease. Most of these people come from the low and middle-income countries, about 25.5 million are living in sub-Saharan Africa while 19.4 million are living in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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To know more facts about HIV, please check out these links:

Make HIV History

I believe that the best way to reduce the risk of HIV for both children and adults is to spread awareness about this disease. As a soon-to-be mom, I felt I must protect the future generation from this illness. I want to take part in increasing HIV awareness so I can build a better world to live in for my little man.

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That’s why I am very excited to tell you that the HIV treatments have improved during the recent years. In fact, Johnson & Johnson is currently developing a possible HIV vaccine that can benefit millions of children and adults all over the world. This vaccine was formulated to protect people against the variety of HIV strains, and the results of the studies that they have conducted seem promising. They announced this important milestone in the fight against HIV this year’s Global Citizen Festival, and it is time that we tell the world about it.


If you want to be a part of making HIV a history, there’s one thing that you can do! I encourage you to join this anti-HIV campaign by creating your own video that can help spread HIV awareness and put an end to this dreaded disease. Check out some of the videos at Johnson & Johnson’s Make HIV History page.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  • Jen Walker

    There is so much stigma around HIV, and it definitely doesn’t help with the spread of the disease. I am glad that treatments are more effective than they used to be, but prevention obviously is the better option.

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    Good to be aware of the statistics of this disease so that it can be something people try to prevent from contracting.

  • Anosa

    I agree that the knowledge and information is really improving. Still, we should create awareness and acceptance as well as this is not yet very open to some.

  • Emily Leary

    I’m so glad research had progressed as far as it has, but I know there’s still so much to do in terms of finding a cure and getting the drugs where they’re needed. It would be amazing if it was eradicated in our lifetime!

  • Akamatra

    I didn’t know that the number was this high! 7000 women per year seems very sad for the day and age we live in.

  • Milton Goh

    I agree that there is a stigma about this disease, especially because shows tend to show it being contracted by people who sleep around with many different partners.

    Hopefully the vaccine will work – it will literally save millions of lives if they are made easily available and affordable to all who need it.

  • Pooja Kawatra

    This is much-needed awareness for the entire world and to really gain some knowledge with facts rather than just hiding the topic.

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    A very important topic that some don’t find comfortable talking about. I am going to look further into what I can do to help.

  • Rhian Westbury

    This is definitely something which needs to have more raised awareness as you don’t see as much about it as we should x

  • Amber Myers

    I will check out this campaign for sure. I’m glad there is something like that out there. This needs to be talked about more!

  • Rose

    I haven’t heard about HIV lately but when I was growing up it was very talked about. Of course I know it wouldn’t be gone but it’s sad how it has taken a back burner to other diseases and illnesses. Based on your statistics it’s still an issue that also needs to be publicized.

  • TColeman

    This is definitely one of those topics that is not talked about enough. We really need to start opening up more about it!

  • michenn

    Ahh I did a write up on this last year. Such great information to know and a lot of the general public isn’t aware of it either.

  • Katie

    It’s good to be knowledgeable about important issues that affect the world. I’m glad that companies are taking steps to spread awareness about AIDS.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    Glad you are raising awareness about HIV. This is a really important topic that people need to know, especially those who are suffering from this disease. great and really informative article

  • Linda Hobbis

    Great news that there will finally be a vaccine. I remember when AIDS first appeared in the UK in the Media and the fear it generated. Things have improved vastly but perhaps not quick enough.

  • Ithfifi

    Its heart breaking to know so many die each year from this disease, you’d think by now that it would be something that was more openly talked about, people shouldn’t have to keep this to themselves for fear of how they will be treated. It is a good cause to raise awareness for and I am glad for those who work hard to one day find a cure.

  • Sarah Bailey

    HIV is definitely something that needs to be spoken about more, it is good that people are starting to understand it more and things are getting better for those who suffer.

  • Kiwi

    Thanks for spreading the knowledge on this. Its good to know that the HIV disease has made improvements on medicine and healing options.

  • Yvon Lux

    OMG 7000 women every week!! That’s so insane. Is that for women in the US or is that a global stat? I know HIV is a high risk in many countries including Southeast Asia. How common is it in the US?

  • Thena

    Great post about HIV. It is so important that we continue to try to find a cure for this. It needs to not affect so many people!

  • Rebecca Smith

    Such an important campaign! Baffles me why it isn’t more talked about when it is such a horrible disease for people to suffer from x

  • Rain

    i have a lot of friends who work in health so, there is constant talk about HIV and ways to prevent and reach out but, you’re right, in regular spaces it’s not discussed at all. Almost a ‘not my problem’ type of situation. If it doesn’t affect people personally then it stays on the back burner.

  • Emily Terrell

    I don’t think a blind eye should be turned to HIV. I think we should be open. These days, any STD can be transmitted by anyone. Unless a person is a virgin, no one is truly safe anymore. Too many people sleeping with other people.

  • Claudia Krusch

    We need to keep to spreading awareness about HIV. I will have to join this anti-HIV campaign and share this post with my friends.

  • Dannii

    This is a great campaign and HIV is something that needs to be spoken about more widely.

  • Laura H

    Jesus when you look at the statistics it’s incredible that people don’t talk about this more! Can’t believe 7000 women contract HIV a week!!

  • Rosey

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re raising awareness. I love that you’re considering your son too… a world without HIV would def. be better for future generations.

  • Tanvi Rastogi

    Thanks for sharing the information about HIV treatments. I will look more into it over the weekend 🙂

    ❥ tanvii

  • Sally Akins

    The prognosis for people with HIV has improved such a lot over the last 30 years. But it’s so wrong that people in low and middle-income countries don’t have the same access to drugs as those in richer countries. I’m really hopeful that a vaccine and/or cure will be found in my lifetime.

  • Ting

    I think that there are so many people turn a blind eye to things that they don’t think will affect them. Ignorance is bliss as they say. It’s good to hear that we have medical science advancing us every day regardless though. Tx

  • Ana De- Jesus

    Thank so much for raising awareness of HIV it is so important that we continue to shed light as it could affect any one of us! I had no idea that 400 children contract aids a day that is so sad!

  • Ruth Bloch

    Really wonderful idea to vaccinate against this pernicious disease. I would hope that with education, HIV has become less stigmatised!

  • Bismah-Bonnie

    I feel that as long as people refuse to talk about the subject of HIV it will continue to escalate. There needs to be more education about the disease as well as support systems put in place for those affected.

  • Emman Damian

    This is a very critical social issue! It should be celebrated and give awareness to people.

  • sarah

    Awareness campaign really helps. I love supporting programs that save lives. It is also good news that HIV treatments are getting better!


    What a good cause. Its good to know that HIV treatments have improved through the years and people can still live full lives with the disease .

  • Nicole FlInt

    HIV is something we all should be talking about everyday. There’s still a stigma around it and I don’t understand why.

  • ankit

    we need to raise more awareness about HIV to whole world..people still hesitate to talk on this. this post needs to be shared as much we can.

  • Denay DeGuzman

    It’s heartbreaking to learn how many people suffer from HIV and AIDS. Like fighting Cancer, as countries and individuals we need to more provide funding for research.

  • Susie P

    Hello, Angela .

    It really saddens me that the percentage of HIV people are rising year by year. It is really important to get check every year to make sure your negative with it.

  • Elizabeth O

    This is such a great awareness for HIV Aids. I didn.t know that women as a lot of cases of HIV Aids every week. I hope a lot of people know about the cases, the facts in HIV.

  • Suzanne Spiegoski

    What an informative article about HIV! I truly enjoyed reading this, thanks babe! xo, Suzanne~

  • Candice Nikeia

    Thank you so much for this important information! It’s great to know that there are medicines that are there to help prevent HIV!

  • FritHa

    I’m so surprised at how high the number is, thanks for sharing x

  • Prasad

    Thank such a great amount for bringing issues to the light of HIV it is important to the point that we keep on shedding light as it could influence any of us! I had no clue that 400 kids contract helps a day that is so tragic!

  • melissa major

    7000 women a week is so high, glad that they are more effective treatments but prevention is best option. Its great you are raising awareness.

  • WhatLauraLoves

    I really feel as though HIV is still a subject that isnt talked about enough so any posts on it are great. Its awesome that treatment is becoming more effective xxx