Big Style Done Right with Mini Dresses

Mini dresses can make a woman look chic, elegant, stylish, and casual, but they can also give the wrong message if worn incorrectly. You might be avoiding wearing a mini dress because of its reputation, but you can change minds and change your style when you wear a mini dress the right way. Take a mini lesson in the proper way to wear a short dress before you buy one of your own.

Opt for Tights
One of the biggest reasons that you not be comfortable with wearing a mini dress is because of the length. Wearing a pair of quality tights along with the dress is the key to successfully pulling off a mini dress while still managing to look like a lady. Not only does wearing tights make you look classy, it can also keep you warm during the cooler months. It’s best to steer clear of net tights and fishnet tights and select a pair of solid colored or opaque tights instead.

Step In the Right Direction
Your shoes can either take your mini dress forward to new fashion levels or send you stumbling back into the closet for something else to wear. You can either wear flats or heels depending on the occasion and your personal preference. If you do choose to wear some heels, bear in mind that they’ll make your legs look longer and your dress shorter. You might also want to think about saving the heels and mini dress combination for a nighttime look.

Boot lovers will want to use caution when wearing them with shorter dresses. Sidestep boots that go above the knee unless they end right over your knees. Calf boots and knee boots are always a good choice.

When wearing flat shoes with a shorter dress, the style of the dress will dictate the style of the shoe. One excellent tip to always bear in mind is that it’s always easier to wear dressier shoes with a more casual dress than it is to wear casual shoes with a formal dress.

Flatter Yourself
When selecting your mini dress, make sure that you keep your figure in mind. With mini dresses, you want to keep your eye out for something that will accentuate your waist and hips. If you’re a woman who is larger up top, avoid dresses that will accent your upper half. Women who are heavier at the bottom will want to leave anything that’s not fitted at the top on the rack.

Go to Great Lengths
Keep your height in mind as well with a mini dress. The taller you are, the shorter a mini dress will be on you. If you are a tall woman, stick with styles that hit you mid-thigh or those that are nearly at the knee, and that’s especially true if you plan on wearing heels with your outfit. Shorter women will have more freedom when it comes to the length of a mini dress. In any case, make sure that the dress will be long enough to keep everything covered up when you sit down.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the mini dress. The only thing that you should fear is wearing it the wrong way. And even if you do, at least you took a chance.


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