Miracle 10 Extraordinary Skincare

Finally, a skin care line that really works – Miracle 10! A product that actually do the walk and not just the talk. Who wants to keep sowing if there’s nothing to reap?

Many products cleanse, tone and moisturize, but fail to produce noticeable skin rejuvenating resulta.

The plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic Inc. created and developed Miracle 10 formulations for its customers to actively combat aging skin, fine lines, dullness, hyperpigmentation and acne. As the skin’s support network grows stronger, it appears healthier and brighter, with noticeable dewiness, elasticity and radiance.

Prior to using Miracle 10 products I am only using one product religiously — and that is my trusted Clearasil Ultra rapid action daily face wash. Other than that? I just use some product here and there, on and off. Only when I think I need it, like a moisturizer on my cheek areas. Does Clearasil resolve my skin issues? Yes and No. It does prevent major breakouts and keeps my skin feeling fresh. The issue I have? My T-zone area still is producing an excessive amount of oil that causes plugs. Deep seated dirt that clogs my pores and make it appear larger. Last but will never be the least, my cheeks gets very dry. So much for taking good care of my skin huh?

Miracle 10’s promise … Within 10 hours of use noticeable results in smoothness and clarity. In 10 days there will be visible improvements in discoloration and dullness. In 10 weeks the appearance of wrinkles and pore size diminished. – I am now on my 2nd week and I am truly awestruck with the result. Right away my skin felt more supple and revitalized. The products I am using are as follow:

Miracle 10PIN IT!

Miracle 10PIN IT!

  • Cleanser 1 (50 mL, $36) » http://www.miracle10.com/cleanser1.cfm
  • Enzyme (50 mL, $77) » http://www.miracle10.com/enzyme.cfm
  • Mask (50 mL, $65) » http://www.miracle10.com/mask.cfm
  • Toner (120 mL, $34) » http://www.miracle10.com/toner.cfm
  • Retinol Treatment 30 (30 mL, $82) » http://www.miracle10.com/retinol30.cfm
  • Light Serum (50 mL, $69) » http://www.miracle10.com/lightserum.cfm
  • Moisture (50 mL, $58) » http://www.miracle10.com/moisture.cfm
  • My current skin condition: I have little breakouts, some old acne scarring, dry patches of skin, plugs or whiteheads and the most horrid of all my frightening enlarged pores! You just can’t beat any of that. As much as I want to filter all my photos … in reality and in person there’s no filter to fix and hide skin imperfection. Sure there’s makeup but at the end of the day, the makeup comes off and the real issue is back staring back at you behind the mirror.

    The following photo was taken on a morning time, no flash and straight after waking up. No makeup was used prior to taking the photo. Just bare face.

    My Skin Condition Prior to Using Miracle 10

    Before Miracle 10PIN IT!

    Before Miracle 10PIN IT!

    The result within the first day took me by surprise. The suppleness of my skin felt like it took a few years off my age. Throughout the day I didn’t wear any makeup and didn’t felt bothered in any way. I’ve had issues with other moisturizers were my face felt too greasy and yes, I broke out too! Not with Miracle 10. I was scared to moisturize my face for the fact that I have broken out before when using Olay. So I have given that up to my hubby and tried Ponds … nope. That didn’t work out for me neither. Somehow my sensitive skin just wasn’t compatible with the two moisturizer brands I have tried … so yes, I gave up. The whole day had passed after using “Miracle 10 Moisture” and I am totally thrilled to share that I didn’t broke out at all!

    The following photo was taken middle of the day with no flash. Brow makeup (waterproof) and Blush on was used then washed my face prior to taking the photo.

    One Week After Using Miracle 10

    1 week after miracle 10PIN IT!

    1 week after miracle 10PIN IT!

    A week had passed and my skin had tremendously improved. No breakouts. Patches of dry skin started to dissipate and my enlarged pores got quite smaller. There are less sebum or plugs on my nose area (the most problematic part of my face) and to top it all, my skin looks a lot refreshed and healthier.

    Two Weeks After Using Miracle 10

    Miracle 10 ReviewPIN IT!

    Miracle 10 ReviewPIN IT!

    From 2 weeks of regular use my skin is glowing. My pores that had been enlarged had tremendously shrunk and look a lot tighter. Some of my marks from acne scarring completely went away and the rest that used to be really dark had now been lightened. Totally impressed with Miracle 10 … I can only foresee things getting better from here.

    Featuring Miracle 10

    Overall, the products mentioned on this post works great for me. I have a combination skin type. My T-zone is very oily while my cheeks and chin are often dry and sometimes even flaky. I often break out around my chin, cheeks and forehead. Ever since using Miracle 10 most of my skin issue had been resolved. I hope that in the long run my pores stay this tight as I am totally loving how healthy my face looks. If you have the combination skin type just like me then these products just might be what you’re looking for as well. For those who have a different skin type Miracle 10 offers a wide range of products that works for all skin types. They also offer 100% money-back guarantee!

    Miracle 10 can be found in the following location:

    » 67 Scollard Street Toronto, ON m5R 1G4 (416)928-2209

    » 142 Hurontario Street Mississauga, ON L5G 3H5 1(866)803-6415

    If you have any question, feel free to ask and I would be more than happy to answer them as soon as possible. Let me know if you have tried Miracle 10 and what you think of their products.

    PS: The giveaway that I was suppose to hold starting today will be moved on the 30th (if not earlier). I really have a hectic schedule per the upcoming New York Fashion Week thus the reason of the delay. Promise, the wait will be worth it!


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    • Bridgette

      Gorgeous infographic! I have been looking for a skin care product that will do what they promise to the consumers. I tried low end and even high end ones I am starting to lose hope! Do they ship worldwide?

    • Alice Young

      Fantastic post hun! Your before and after photos are so promising your skin looks so much healthier. Keep it up and would love to see more updates.

    • Elizabeth

      I am envious! I wish my skin looks as healthy and flawless as yours. Even with the acne scarring that you have shared you still look beautiful.

    • Abigail Tabuzo

      You made it clear that this product is a must have. Now I can’t wait for your giveaway. Please hold it sooner! Pretty please? 🙂

    • Lola Glitter

      I have heard of Miracle 10 from a girl friend who lives near Yorkville. However I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out myself. Your post is very thorough, you definitely convinced me to check their products out.

    • Jennifer (momvtheboys)

      I’m a Canadian stay at home mom and I could really use some pampering. I have dry skin and sometimes patchy flakes around my cheeks. Which Miracle 10 product would you recommend?

    • Tennille

      I’m a 100% Frugalista and I love knowing more about products that really works. I have two wonderful boys that I prioritize above my needs so I can’t really afford to just keep testing products that may or may not work. I am not very good with skin care and your post deserves a bookmark! This will help me a lot as a guide.

    • Leslie

      I really need a new skin care as the one I am using isn’t working for me. I will definitely watch out for your giveaway!

    • April - knockedupfabulous.com

      This is an amazing review! You definitely gave us all the details we could all possibly need to know more about the product. I bet your giveaway would be amazingggg!

    • Maru

      You should be the queen of product reviews! You are very good at this. Your detailed information along with the amazing description in the photo is super cool.

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      This is great information! I often take my skin for granted. Thanks for sharing these great information! I’ve seen Miracle 10 before from Canadian Fashionista – http://www.canadianfashionista.net/miracle-10-skincare-review/ and it is very nice to see a new post with a great experience as well.

    • Cheryl - momsandmunchkins.ca

      I came across your post while browsing twitter and I am so thrilled to know more about Miracle 10. I’m from Saskatchewan do they have products sold by my area?

    • Sharon - Queen in Heels

      You look fantastic! Those products from Miracle 10 really did a number on your skin. I would love to try their products as soon as I am done with the current one I am using.

    • Rasheed Karamihan Aque

      I love visiting your blog I always find something very interesting to read and products worth checking out. I’m definitely going to give the Miracle 10 Retinol Treatment a try.

    • Gabrielle Agatha

      Thank you so much for your amazing review Ms Angela. I totally enjoy reading post that don’t take short cuts. You are one of my favorite go-to bloggers and I can’t help but look forward to all of your post. Please post more skin care products and makeups too!

    • Sara hamil

      I’m from Ontario and I love Miracle 10’s products. They’re absolutely awesome. I totally vouch for their excellence and customer service.

    • Ashley Taylor

      I am in dire need of a new moisturizer. I have to keep layering my face with foundation and powder to keep my skin from looking to greasy. How do you rate their light serum compare to the moisture?

    • Abigail Tabuzo

      I can’t wait to see your upcoming giveaway! I am definitely going to join it and I hope and pray to win. I could use an upgrade for my skin care routine.

    • Jessica Cassidy

      Your after photos definitely shows a better youthful looking glow. No wonder their name is “Miracle 10” because they surely know how to work up a miracle. 😉

    • Zoan - stylishvoyager.com

      Great review you have here. Very informative and the photos are very engaging. Good job and keep up the good work!

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      Wow! The result of using this skincare seems amazing! <3 I've summed up the items and it totaled $421. Gosh, how I wish I can afford to buy the whole set! Hihi. PS: You're so pretty without makeup! I'm envious! 🙂

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