Stop #Gymtimidation and stay fresh all day with these 5 Must-Have Gym Essentials #PeriodPower

Has winter got you down? I’m sure most of you have felt somewhat stuck in a rut. With all those carbs from the Holidays and a few self-indulging treats, it’s about time we take charge. Except … it can be a battle getting pass our comfort zone. Been there, done that. I remember quite a few instances where I have to skip just because I don’t feel at ease.

I’ve decided to put a stop on my dilemma and compile a Must-Have Gym Essentials list that can help me (and others) get through #Gymtimidation. So before stepping into the gym for your next beast mode workout or yoga session, take a peak on what’s in my gym bag.

Stay Fresh All Day

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  1. No more sticky hair! Using Hask Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner surely does the trick. It deep cleanses my hair of all the impurities and leaves it feeling silky soft, hydrated and manageable.
  2. Need a gentle wash that will help keep your pH levels balanced while freshening up? Then SweetSpot Labs Gentle Wash (available in Neroli Mandarin, Grapefruit Verbena and Vanilla Blossom) is the answer. Made with 97% natural ingredients, gynecologist tested and recommended – you know your sweet spot is in good hands!
  3. Got that monthly visitor? Don’t let your period cramp your style! U by Kotex comes in colorful packaging and multiple style variations to guarantee that no matter how light or heavy the situation is … we can easily go with the flow no matter what.
  4. Sweating and feeling icky? Say no more! Dove Advanced Care will surely guard you from those “big yikes” and “oopsie” moments. Let’s keep those pits dry, moisturized and guarded. A lady should still smell like one even after working out.
  5. What about those quick trip to the ladies? No need to go through showering just for that. SweetSpot Labs On the Go Wipes (comes in multipack or 30 count) easily refreshes and cleans.

These Top 5 (6 products) Must-Haves guarantees to beat that #Gymtimidation even if you’re running on a busy schedule … all the way up to a marathon! Because it’s all about YOU and these products got you covered. Ready to take charge? Check out the following deal:

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Now that you’re all set … shop, save and conquer your Gymtimidation! Have fun and don’t forget to come back and check out my other features. xo


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