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Ever since giving birth to our son, I have realized that I no longer have the same luxury as I used to when it comes to my old beauty regimen. At one point I have embraced the Korean 10 Step (up to 12 steps) skincare routine. This does not include the time I spend in my makeup application. Obviously, this is just not practical, If not close to impossible with a growing toddler. I figured the best approach is to simplify my routine and cut down the unnecessary steps. On this post, I will be sharing some makeup and skincare tips to help new moms look great while spending minimal time on their appearance and have quality, bonding time with their new baby.

I know first-hand that having a new baby in the house definitely brings a lot of joy. But on top of it all, it also brings a lot of sleepless nights, piles of laundry, and less time for the new mom to care for herself. So to my fellow new mamas (and soon to be ones), how about we start today to re-examine your makeup application, skin care routine, and even try some new tricks! The biggest take away is a few coveted beauty device that will simplify your routine.

I can guarantee that the following tips are fast and easy. If you’re ready, let’s begin …

HiMirror Plus – The Future Of All Skincare Devices

HiMirror PlusPIN IT!

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Beautiful makeup look starts with beautiful skin. Caring from within is absolutely essential. Which is why the HiMirror Plus is a great device to have. It’s a smart beauty mirror with a built-in personal beauty consultant! If you’ve visited a dermatologist in the past, you’d know that a simple consultation can already prove to be costly. This device helps you take better care of your skin at the convenience of your own home.

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Before makeup application, it is best to clean and open up the pores with Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer. The steamer then gives off nano-sized particles that can easily penetrate the skin and deliver its much-needed moisture. As a result, skin looks moisturized and well-nourished

Foundation Makeup Tips for New Mothers
Since most newborns are awake every two to three hours, many new mothers will begin to look and feel tired. It will be important to conceal dark circles and tired skin in order to look rejuvenated. Let’s be honest, as a new mom most of you will not feel rejuvenated nor pampered in any way, but who says we have to look that way? Looks can be deceiving after all! My pointer for this situation is to start by switching from a regular foundation to a tinted moisturizer. Although a tinted moisturizer provides minimum coverage, it is easier to apply and takes less time. Tinted moisturizer is also lighter in weight and will not settle into fine lines or crows feet.

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye CreamPIN IT!

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To conceal dark circles under the eyes, use a cream concealer. Apply a small amount with a brush under the eyes right where discoloration is and blend with a fingertip. Cream concealer will help adhere to the skin better and is great at covering most imperfections. If there are other skin problems such as acne, the cream concealer can also be used. Just remember to blend the edges preferably with a blending sponge and set with a loose powder. My favorite product to de-puff and diminish dark circles is Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. In just a matter of days, I have noticed that my under eye area has started to look better and much more hydrated. A little over two weeks, there’s a significant improvement—it has become noticeably brighter and less baggy. Now, my eye area has become more youthful looking and looks less tired.

Use a peachy colored blush to the apples of the cheeks to give a much youthful appearance. When one is lacking in sleep, one’s skin tends to be washed out. Using a warm-color blush will help liven the skin.

After OlayPIN IT!

Eye Makeup Tips for New Moms
If one is feeling tired and not oneself, the eyes will definitely show it. When choosing eye colors, look for neutral shades in browns and taupe. These natural eye makeup colors will help the eye color stand out more and help eliminate any redness in the eyes as well. New moms should also stay away from eye colors in blues and purples. These tones will bring the redness out of the skin, making the skin look blotchy, tired, and unflattering. Avoid them until your precious bundle of joy starts sleeping through the night, and new mama is back to her regular sleep schedule.

CVS Drugstore MakeupPIN IT!

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Keep eyeliner to a minimum, line the top lashes with a thin, smooth line. Avoid lining under the eyes in case the makeup smears. Apply a couple coats of waterproof mascara. Waterproof and water-resistant eye makeup will help keep makeup in place if eyes are watery. In case you’re on a budget, feel free to check out my post featuring “The Best Drugstore Beauty Finds“.


For last-minute touch-ups, keep powder and lip gloss in the diaper bag. Lip gloss will help keep lips moisturized. Then during baby’s nap time, I highly recommend Plumping with PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System. It helps you achieve the perfect pout with fuller-looking lips without having to go under the knife or injectables. In just 30 days, your lips would look livelier and require less lipstick because it naturally looks beautiful already.

Many new moms feel like they have no time for themselves or anyone else while caring for their infant. However, it is possible to feel and look great when a routine is simplified and kept to a minimum. Do you have a favorite brand? Any special go-to technique or hack you’d love to share? I would love to know your thoughts!

PS: If you’re not a mom, feel free to share this post to any of your friends who will soon be one, or are already a parent.


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