Review: Nokia Lumia 925 – All Summed Up!

On this post, I am sharing a quick review / overview of Nokia’s Lumia 925. Yes, is a lot like the 920, only better! I have had this wonderful opportunity to “gadget-sit” this fabulous device … kind of like baby sitting, but just for a “smart phone” esque way.

nokia lumia 925PIN IT!

Here are some of the features that I am excited about regarding this new model …

» Physical Appearance
A lot of people have complained about the thick and heavy design of the Lumia 920 (personally, I don’t mind the weight as I am used to heavy phones from adding blings on mine). The Lumia 925 now features an aluminum body and an AMOLED for a screen. Because of these little adjustments, the Lumia 925 is a tad lighter, about 139 g and 8.55 thickness off! However, the only ‘aluminum’ part of the body is the sides. The back is made up of a soft touch plastic that leans towards looking “matte” compare to the shiny look the Lumia 920 have.

» Operating System
Of course, this Nokia phone utilizes the Windows Phone system in the latest version – GDR2 “Amber”.

» Display
The Lumia 925 makes use of the AMOLED screen and despite the phone’s resolution not in full HD, image quality remains exceptional above the typical smart phones in the market. Its display panels is the best for all Nokia phones and its front portion is a Gorilla glass covering the whole display panel.

» Camera
One of the strong suit of the Lumia 920 is its camera features. This is the same with the Lumia 925 and continues to supersede my expectation. The overall quality of the video is completely outstanding.

» Battery life
The battery’s life span runs about six to eight hour of active usage, which is way better than the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Playing games with Apple related devices easily drains battery based from personal experience. This is not the case with the Lumia 925.

— overall, I must say the Lumia 925 is basically the solution to all the Lumia 920 related fuss out there. There will always be something that we will dislike over a certain product or device. In my opinion, this is all a matter of preference.

To sum it up, the Lumia 925 is one of the best newly released Nokia phone to date. With this phone, we can see that Nokia is trying to keep up with the various smartphones available in the market.


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