Nokia Zoom Reinvented Event Invite

Guess what everyone; I have just received a Nokia Zoom Reinvented Event Invite for July 11th to be held in New York City. Of course I am super thrilled!!! Literally my heart felt like it dropped from my chest. LOL. Being a tech/phone-junkie this is an event that I would literally cry my heart out for. For those of you who loves to combine fashion and technology, make sure to watch out for my upcoming updates. I’ll make sure to keep y’all posted across my social network aside from my blog post.

Nokia Zoom Reinvented Event Invite

Nokia Zoom Reinvented Event InvitePIN IT!

The Nokia Zoom Reinvented Event invite I received on my email, features a big magnifying glass featuring a note that says “See More From Nokia” … sure, there is no definite information as to what the company will unveil on the upcoming event. But from what I gather (just my personal perspective) from that note, I’d say this is a “hint” that the event may have something to do about the Nokia EOS Smartphone.

Within the past month, the EOS smartphone had been leaked across multiple blogs 1, 2, 3 and social networks. I have been following these leak stories and other possible rumors for quite some time now and the biggest info to dish out is the so-called 41-megapixel camera to be equipped on the latest Windows Phone 8. There are no confirmations from Nokia whether or not this is true, one can only hope and wait for the actual event to find out. Since I have been fortunate and blessed to have been invited, I will be counting down the days like crazy.

Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a 41-megapixel handheld camera equipped on your phone??? I’d be going crazy to get my hands on one!!! As most of you know, I am attached to my phone and I love updating my social network with photos and yes … that includes instagram! So having a quality camera straight from my phone is a must have. See you all soon at the Zoom Reinvented Event! xo


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