Massage Therapy and Relaxation at Home with Ovie Massager

Nothing beats a good warm massage after a long day of hard work. Now that I am expecting, my muscles easily get sore and more tense than usual. Making me want one even more. After all, it can release all the tension and stress from our body thus making it easier to feel relaxed and comfortable. The problem is, sometimes, we don’t have the time or the budget to visit a massage therapist.

That problem is what Ovie Massager aims to solve. Ovie Massager is a one of a kind massager dedicated to massage away neck and back pains. It’s cordless so it can be used anytime and anywhere. I can even use it while doing my blogging task or reading a book. Believe it or not, my hubby who isn’t a big fan of massages actually enjoys the Ovie Massager too!

With its very lightweight design (only 4 pounds!), you can carry it around anywhere you go. The Velcro straps allow a hands-free use thus giving the freedom to do another task while it’s turned on. My favorite method of multi-tasking is using it on my neck while working on my blog and social media posts.

The Ovie Massager is very versatile too. Although it is designed to relieve neck and back muscle pains, it can also be used on other parts of the body. It even works wonderfully in the hamstrings, hips, calves and yes … tired aching feet! What a relief right?!

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I love using the Ovie Massager on my shoulder. It feels like that is where all my muscle stress is concentrated. I can swear that it’s very effective in alleviating my shoulder pain. And because of its great effect on me, even hubby is totally amazed by it. He is actually planning to get another one so we can get a good massage together. Not a bad idea … relaxing and having a massage at the convenience of our own home. Hopefully, we can get another one sometime soon!

The Ovie massager is truly amazing in all aspects. The soothing deep heat acupressure massage that it provides definitely relaxes tight muscles around the body, making it a perfect post work out massager. If you are into sports or you work out a lot, Ovie massager will definitely become your best friend. It has 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes that soothe and alleviates muscle fatigue and soreness. Using it pre and post workout or sports activities can help in muscle recovery and minimize the risk of injuries.

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Overall, I am totally impressed with this one of a kind, rechargeable (cordless) massager. I’m definitely using it regularly as it can also help reduce anxiety, improves blood circulation and promotes better sleep which is what I really wanted and needed.

I highly recommend this product. If you are looking for affordable and convenient massage therapy solution, then this is for you. Ovie Massage Therapy currently sells their product on If you are interested in experiencing a spa quality massage for a fraction of the cost, click this link below.

Click link here »

They offer free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is absolutely nothing to lose.


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  • Amanda Love

    When you work in front of the computer for hours, your shoulders are definitely going to hurt. I could really use a massager like this. I think it’s awesome and it’s really going to help me feel better.

  • Shoshana Sue

    I haven’t had a massage in a very long time. Seems the Ovie massager would sort out my tension problems.

  • robin rue

    My husband is ALWAYS asking me to give him a massage, so I think this is perfect for him. I will have to get him one.

  • Cassie @ Be Forever Healthier

    Such a cool idea! We used to have a massager that fit over our chair but it wasn’t that great – this looks like it’d be really targeted! I’ll keep trying to convince my man daily massages are necessary haha. but might have to get one just in case!

  • Janel

    It is been a really long time since I have had a massage. This sounds like an effective tool you can use in the comfort of your own home .

  • Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

    I love a good massage but they can be so expensive and I rarely have the time to block over an hour to get one. This would ba amazing and I bet I would use it almost every night.

  • Vera

    This looks like somethnig I needed years back when I was expecting. Shoot, I think we could still use it now lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I could use this massager. I get the worst shoulder and back pains from working out sometimes. I know my workouts are helping to boost the muscles in the those areas but sometimes they need some TLC.

  • Sarah

    My neck definitely gets stiff after working at my desk, this would be awesome to have around for those times!

  • daniella

    This massager looks awesome. The idea of a massage right now makes me so happy! I can’t remember the last time I got a good massage or even used a tool like this. I think I need this ASAP! haha.

  • Terri Steffes

    I like a good neck and foot massage. The rest I can take it or leave it. This sounds like a great machine for the neck. I store a lot of tension there. Thanks for sharing this, Ihave been looking for something like it!

  • Debra

    I would love a good massage after working out, this looks like such a great product!

  • Courtneylynne

    Ooooo how handy is this?!?! Nothing better than a massage!!! So need to get one of these for myself!!

  • Heather

    This would be an awesome gift for my mom! She works at the post office and has a very physically demanding day. She has a lot of back pain so I’m sure she would love this massager!

  • Elizabeth O.

    It sounds like a pretty awesome massager and it’s perfect for people who are often overworked or those who do physical labor. I think it’s nice that there’s a product that you can easily use at home.

  • lydia

    This sounds awesome! It’s such an easy and affordable way to get a massage instead of spending $100+!

  • Jennifer

    This is amazing. I’m not a huge massage person and don’t really have neck pains but I bet those who do love this. It sounds so relaxing and helpful.

  • Karina

    I am always in need of a good neck and shoulder massage. I’ve been a breastfeeding mother for the past 5.5 years so my shoulders and neck are always super tense… and they hurt so bad at times. I would love this… gonna check it out myself.

  • Glenda

    Ovie Massager looks like something I would love to get for my husband. He is always achy from lifting weights. I really like that it is so versatile.

  • Stacey

    I love everything about this post. I use essential oils in every part of my life from health to beauty to cleaning.