Why Celebrate a Party at Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese has been a favorite among kids for decades. Pizza and arcade games go hand-in-hand and, if your little one has a birthday coming up, Chuck E Cheese can be an incredible place to host the party. You may not realize it, but Chuck E Cheese has several benefits when it comes to parties. Let’s take a closer look at why you should celebrate a party at Chuck E Cheese.

There’s a Package for Every Budget

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, Chuck E Cheese has you covered. There is the Star, Super Star, and Mega Super Star package. Each package is bigger and better than the last. However, if you’re on a budget, the Star package is still an awesome option.

Each Package Comes with Some Great Basics

Each package comes with a table reserved for 2 hours, tablecloth, paper plates, utensils and dedicated server/host. You will also receive two slices of pizza and unlimited drinks per child, Play Pass points or tokens to play games and win cool prizes, and the ticket blaster experience and birthday show recognition for the birthday star. Not having to pick up plates and all the other birthday essentials can make your life so much easier. However, if you do want a special theme, you can also bring in your own decorations.

All You Need to Bring Is the Cake

Don’t get me wrong, Chuck E Cheese offers cakes too. But if you want something fancy and more personalized, you have the option to bring in your own cake. All you need to do is book the party and have some fun. If you want your child to have an awesome party, but simply don’t have the time to plan one, Chuck E Cheese is absolutely a great option.

No Cleanup

Imagine the mess you’d have to deal with if you had the party at home. Now, that’s not saying you should let your kids run free. What it’s saying is that you won’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning up a mess. Instruct the kids to be on their best behavior and help keep messes to a minimum.

There’s a Host for All Your Needs

Last, but not least, the absolute best part for parents is that Chuck E Cheese provides you with a host. This allows you to enjoy the party with your kids. The host serves food, cuts the cake, helps take pictures, and helps ensure that your party goes smoothly. You will love having the party host.

Chuck E Cheese is a wonderful party destination. Not only does the company take the work out of planning the party, but the host makes it to where parents can actually enjoy the party with their kids. So what are you waiting for? Book a party today!

PS: this post is not in any way sponsored.


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  • Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    My cousin who lives in Tennessee had a Chuck E Cheese party for her son’s birthday. It looked so fun, like a US version of a Jollibee Kiddie Party. 😉

  • Georgiana Lohan

    I really love it! I have to try it! Happy that I have discovered your blog! Do you have a youtube chanel as well?

  • Alexandra

    I love a party where no clean up is involved! And how great they have a range of different packages, too!

  • Stacie

    There really isn’t a reason to NOT have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I mean, what kid doesn’t love pizza, games, and prizes?

  • Lisa

    I’ve never been to a chuck e cheese when in the US. We don’t have this in Italy, but it looks like a fun place for a party!

  • matthew

    Chuck E Cheese looks cool and amazing place to host a kid birthday party. I wish i was close to the place would have loved visiting with my daughter.

  • Cityrocka Perry

    My Godson’s Mom was obsessed with Chucky Cheese. Now that my Godson is a teen he has no memories of ever going. Ironic right. More for the mom!

  • Hola Cheska

    Such a great place to be. I remember it as a kid thanks to my aunties and uncles. Love this, Good memories.

  • Erin

    Such a classic location for a party! I never had a party here growing up, but always loved when my friends did!

  • britney kaufman

    The no clean up is nice! Too bad our kids are vegan, wish they had some dairy free options!

  • Sam

    I’ve been to quite a few birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, most recently last year. The kids always have so much fun. I still enjoy playing skee ball. lol

  • Nina cochingco

    That sounds so wonderful! Kids will definitely love this place for a party. Now i had an idea for future purposes.

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I like that they let you bring your own cake and have the table for a full 2 hours. It sounds a fun, no hassle party for any child.

  • Kimberley

    This looks like an amazing place to throw a party. Love this post

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    Hosting a tea party at Chuck e Cheese sounds like the best thing to do especially since they organise and do the clean up afterwards

  • John Mulindi

    Although am far, this seems a good place to celebrate a party, I like the way you’ve brought out the amazing features that makes it the best place to take a party. Thanks.

  • Rachel

    Sounds easy simple and lots of fun! Whats not to like!

  • Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog

    Oooooo this has made me so excited for my birthday next week! Love the set up and the sound of this!

  • Indu

    This seems to be wonderful place to host birthday parties saving all the botheration of arrangements when plan a big bash at home.

  • Geraline Batarra

    That sounds like a really great deal. I really hate cleaning up after parties. Any cake would do great. But it would be nice to try theirs.

  • Shar

    My kids seriously love chuck e cheese! Such a fun place to have a birthday… Thanks for sharing!

  • Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    Very nice. I like that they allow you to bring your own cake. Chuck E Cheese is a great place to have a kid’s party.

  • Geraline Batarra

    This looks so interesting, i love how you detailed everything about their services. Love this blog.

  • Geraline Batarra

    I love everything that you mentioned above. You made ut all clear about their services. Love it.

  • Kara

    Sounds like a wonderful kids party and no mess to clean up afterwards

  • Sophia Reed

    Having parties as Chuck E cheese are so fun

  • Jenne Kopalek

    Once we did a party for my son at Chuck E Cheese. He had a lot of fun and so did his friends, I remember the cake being lord of the rings. He’s now 23 🙂

  • Jessica Welling

    The no clean-up part sounds like the best thing to me! Thanks for sharing!

  • Debra Schroeder

    We did a few Chuck E Cheese parties when my boys were younger. It makes things so easy.

  • Anchored Mommy

    I feel like every kid in America needs to have at least 1 birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!

  • Preet

    This sounds like a great partner to every party. I ahve to share this with my sister. She is celebrating her little girl birthday.

  • Megan

    Awww I haven’t been to a Chuck e Cheese in such a long time! This brought back memories 🙂

  • Jasmeet Singh

    A kids party that you can enjoy with your kids. Sounds amazing. This place looks perfect to throw a kids party.

  • aisasami

    I had my birthday celebrated at Chuck E Cheese but that was in the 90s. It was a dream come true!

  • Elizabeth O

    Wow! what a rocking party! We all do love parties but not clean ups lol. Well you shared very useful information here. Thank you

  • Courtney Buechle

    When I was younger, I had several birthdays at Chuck E Cheese and they were some of my most memorable. I love this idea! Now we just need one in our area haha

  • Woodeline

    I have never celebrated any party at Chuck E cheese but I have heard very good things about it.

  • Erica @ Erica Ever After

    I went to a 4 year old’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese last weekend. They loved it

  • Brittany

    Chuck E Cheese is so much fun! My daughter loves it. It’s so crazy to think that these places are still around from when we were kids! I’ve had plenty of birthdays there and now my daughter can too! Thanks for sharing

  • Marysa

    I always liked having parties outside of our home. I don’t want kids tearing up my house and leaving a mess, and to be honest, parents and relatives tend to hang around after the party is over (when I really want to just take a nap).

  • Brittany Vantrease

    I’d love to be able to throw a party at Chuck-E-Cheese, but my son was traumatized at one that was thrown for my nephew, years ago. They were getting their picture taken with the mouse and his ears knocked my son over on accident. He was three, so hopefully he’ll get over it some day.

  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    These are great reasons to have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese or some other similar venue. I especially love the no cleanup perk! I may have to consider our next party to be somewhere kid friendly.

  • Tiffany Barry

    This is so cute! We’ve done parties at Chuck-e-cheese before and had a blast!

  • Becca Wilson

    We always love to take our kids here for a good time. I love that they can just roam around free and not have to worry about being over top of them all the time.

  • Bindu Thomas

    This really looks like a nice place to have a party. I would like to celebrate my son’s birthday there next.

  • Sri ramani

    Allowing our own cake is something very interesting .This place seems like a real fun place!

  • Suzanne

    OMG I used to love Chuck e cheese as a kid! Always a good birthday party there.

  • NAti

    This definitely makes the life a lot easier! I usually like to host bday parties at home for my kids, but there times it is simply impossible so these options come in handy!