“A Grand Adventure is about to Begin.”

It took forever to get here, but we still have several months to prepare 💕 First comes love. Then comes marriage. In November we will be pushing a little carriage. 🎉 That’s right … we’re going to be parents!!!

Time to give up my favorite junk foods, caffeine (oh boy!), as well as limit my canned meat (spam!) for the duration of nine months. I can’t imagine what else at this point as long as I can try my best to have a healthy pregnancy. After all, I am growing a beautiful and amazing little angel inside me.

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Quite a few who knows me and my hubby personally are well aware how long have we been hoping, waiting and praying for this moment. I still can’t believe we’re finally going to be parents. That soon someone will be calling us mom and dad.

The journey was long, but the wait was worth it. I don’t know how else to put my excitement into words. All I know for sure is that God has a bigger plan for us. Just like how my Mama would always put it … his answers were either Yes, No or Wait. That sometimes, he just knows when is the right time for everything. From 2010 … here we are now finally. So many years of wondering. I cried and bawled my eyes in the shower and asked why. Asked what to do. Questioned at one point if I am such a bad person. Eventually finding my faith again and restoring a part of my broken heart.

first response pregnancy testPIN IT!

first response pregnancy testPIN IT!

From those challenges I have allowed myself to be sad, to feel the pain, to grieve. Most of all to remind myself I have permission to do so. They say time heals all wounds. They were right. Except it took quite some time to accept things. Often I say I am okay, but deep inside I felt sad and incomplete. It’s a situation that I don’t feel comfortable talking about in the past. So I kept it all to myself.

Now that we’re finally one step closer to growing our family, hubby and I faced with another challenge. Do we tell everyone? If yes, when? It is as exciting as it is daunting. Ever heard of the 12-week rule? Doctors often advise pregnant women to announce their pregnancy after the first trimester (12 weeks). The reason behind this is because a woman’s pregnancy is at the most delicate stage during the early weeks leading up to the 3rd month. The only problem here is what happens if the woman faced an unfortunate situation. God forbid it happens. Then there’s no one else to help you get through the grieving process. All because you limited yourself from letting anyone know what is going on.

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pregnancy announcementPIN IT!

So I have decided against the conventional 12-week rule. I told my husband that yes, anything could happen at this point. So why not let ourselves be human and allow ourselves to be happy and celebrate the good news with everyone. Once again, we are allowed to do so. We have every right to celebrate. That’s what we did after getting the results of my blood test today. Hubby and I enjoyed a delicious lunch and then shortly shared the news afterward. At this point, I am just praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy. If you can, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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  • robin masshole mommy

    Oh congratulations! This is such an exciting time! Enjoy every second of being pregnant – I loved it.

  • Karen

    WhooOooOo! Congrats on this so super exciting baby news! I am thrilled to hear your exciting upcoming life changes!

  • Janel

    First off congratulations this is such exciting news for you too. I can relate to having to wait so long my kids are eight years apart and I have never been blessed with a third so I guess that is gods plan for my family .

  • Tereza

    Oh my god congratulations!!! That’s such fantastic news! And I love how you’ve captured the precious moment with your husband too:) xx

  • shannon

    Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck as you start your journey!

  • Ana

    Keeping you in my thoughts a massive congratulations. It may have been a long wait but your miracle child is on its way! Xxx

  • Journa Ramirez

    Wow! That is so exciting! Congratulations! I too am expecting our 3rd child… our first boy! 🙂

  • katriza

    Aww this is so sweet! Congrats! It’s going to be a grand adventure for sure! <3

  • Theresa

    Congrats, that is such exciting news! What a big endeavor for you. Best of luck!

  • Jessi

    Congratulations!! I told everyone pretty early as well when i was pregnant with my 2nd.

  • Krystel | Disney on a Budget

    Congratulations! So happy that things worked out for you guys. This is truly an adventure for your family, enjoy!

  • Anna nuttall

    Aww congrats. i’m so happy for you both. xx

  • Chel

    Congratulations! I, too, ditched the 12-week rule for the exact same reasons as you. There is so much shame around miscarriage, but it’s 2017, so we need to change that. Sending prayers and blessings your way!

  • Nikki

    Congrats!! This is so exciting for you both and super cool that you shared this tidbit on the blog! This will be such a wonderful journey for you!! <3

  • Belle

    Oh my! That’s amazing! Congratulations! What a very exciting news! I’m sure you both are very ecstatic about this.


  • Charlotte

    Congratulations!! It’s definitely a journey and I am so happy for you, we are about halfway through and we thought the same thing about the 12 week rule! These things can happen but if they do we can deal with it with love and support rather than having to hide it! I will keep you in my thoughts!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    Congrats!!!! This is such an exciting time in both of your lives! I wish you happiness and health!!!

  • Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com

    Wonderful News! I remember the excitement of that…my kids are 7 & 11 now, but it seems like yesterday!! So exciting!! 🙂

  • Chelle Dizon

    Congratulations beshy Angela and Derek! I know how happy and excited you are right now on this new milestone. This little angel are so blessed to have both of you as his/her parents.

  • Jalisa Harris

    Congrats. What a great time in your life. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    Congratulations to you! What a very exciting time in your life! Here is wishing you a wonderful pregnancy experience!

  • Heather

    Congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you; definitely enjoy every minute. Your sweet little baby will be here in no time.

  • The Spirited Sloth

    Wow, congratulations! This is really wonderful to read and I’m so glad your guys’ dream is coming true! I’m sure it’ll be hard to give up your favorite junk food and caffiene, but totally worth it!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations! It is going to be a grea t adventure! Possibly the best adventure of your entire life.

  • Dawn McAlexander

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am sure this is an exciting time for you and your husband. You are going to have a great time with your pregnancy, I am sure of it.

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations to you both. Such exciting news. Your past trials will make you savor each moment even more.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg congrats girl!!!! I know how long y’all have been waiting for this moment. So happy for you!

  • Brittany

    I agree! Anything can happen but this is huge news and should celebrate with the people you love! Congratsb

  • Taislany Gomes

    Congrats babe! I’m sure it will be a fabulous journey.

    Happy Thursday! Kisses, TAISLANY

  • Jessica | Salt & Life Blog

    You’ve been so patient!!! Good for you, and congratulations! Waiting on God’s perfect timing is so hard sometimes! Always worth it, but so hard in the moment. I’ve loved hearing your story, and am so thankful that you shared it! And the news! We shared at 4 days. Not even kidding! I say go for it. It allows family and friends to share in your journey.

  • Karina Pacheco

    Beautiful! Congratulations on your new adventure. You are both seriously in for the ride of your life. Wishing you many blessings!

  • Vaishnavi

    Wow, congratulations to both of you! What a lovely time ahead!! Enjoy your moments together as you welcome your little bundle of joy – the cutest little angel!