Press Release: Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique Launch

This Press Release for Rouge Bunny Rouge is out of date and was originally published on my previous blog last October 2012.

Just in case you’re wondering why, I have recently transferred my post from my old host [blogger] to this one [wordpress]. I have only published my archives as far 2013 on this blog which is why I had to pull in some adjustment on the publishing date.

Rouge Bunny Rouge officially rolled out the red carpet last October [2012] for their online boutique which they refer to as an enchanted garden. Upon visiting their website I immediately noticed how elegant their web design is. Nothing too fancy, in fact it is leaning towards minimalism. The primary colors used is black and white, while on the background there’s a fancy flower sketch that accentuates the body of the site. The rest of the color comes from the products and the minimal design centers the focus on the featured product.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique LaunchPIN IT!
Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique LaunchPIN IT!

Rouge Bunny Rouge

offers a high-end skin care / makeup line that caters to all skin care types. The packaging deserves an equal praise as they have matched their classy and elegant website look to their products. Each product contains a Rouge Bunny Rouge logo and some even includes a beautiful floral sketch on the body.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique LaunchPIN IT!

International shoppers can enjoy a VAT free purchase and all their products are ready to ship worldwide. To be eligible of free shipping a minimum order of €50.00 is required.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique LaunchPIN IT!

Please do stay tune for my reviews and feature of Rouge Bunny Rouge products. If you have questions and suggestions feel free to contact me and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

FTC: Post contains a link to product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission. I am not in any way compensated to write and publish this review.


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