The Pros and Cons of Sending Your Toddler to Preschool

Choosing to send your toddler to preschool can be one of the most difficult decisions to make as a parent. You’ve spent the last few years with your little one, enjoying special moments together and watching them grow. While those memories will forever be with you, it’s still difficult to let go. If you’re debating whether or not preschool is the right option for your toddler, you’ll enjoy reading this list of pros and cons I’ve created.

The Pros and Cons of Sending Your Toddler to Preschool

Encourages a Love of Learning
Sure you’ve probably been reading and doing other tasks at home to help your toddler learn new things, but there’s a whole new world of education in preschool. Sending your toddler to preschool will help encourage a love of learning as they start to enjoy learning with friends at preschool.

Not So Flexible Schedule
One of the cons of sending your toddler to preschool is that most are only a few hours a day about three times a week. This type of schedule can be difficult for working parents who need to work a solid eight hours day or aren’t able to get to preschool in the middle of the day for pick up.

Prepares for Formal School
While preschool is mostly fun for your toddler, it does help them develop the necessary skills for formal school. Regardless of what type of school you plan to send your child to during Kindergarten and forward, preschool can help them grasp the concept of school routine and expectations.

Preschool can be Expensive
Depending on which preschool you opt to send your toddler to, it can be pretty expensive. Preschool isn’t free, for most families, which means the cost could be a big hit to your household budget. For lower-income families, sending your toddler to preschool may not be an option due to a lack of money.

Gives New Experiences
Sending your toddler to preschool will provide them with new experiences. From learning how to interact with peers to learning how to respect the rules of the classroom, preschool can give your toddler new experiences that aren’t necessarily provided at home.

Bring Home Sickies
Lastly, one of the biggest cons of sending your toddler to preschool is that they can get sick and bring home those sickies. Being around new people and other toddlers can open your child up to get sick easier. This can be a hard problem for families with a pregnant parent or immune system problems.

I hope that this list of pros and cons of sending your toddler to preschool will help you determine what’s best for your little one. Remember it’s not easy to let go but part of parenthood is encouraging your children to spread their wings and fly.


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  • Kelly martin

    The scheduling can be a bit difficult but I think there is so much to be gained from sending kids to preschool. Even if it’s just a couple days a week.

  • Sarah Emery

    There’s a lot to consider when formulating a decision to put children in preschool, and this great list is well thought of, out the pros and cons to consider.

  • Despite Pain

    This is a great list which could help people decide what’s best in their situation. It’s true about bringing home sickies. But I guess their immune systems need to learn how to cope with them.

  • Amy Blair

    I am so glad I have the privilege of staying at home with my toddler while she is still so young.

  • Alexandra

    One of the biggest pro’s that I think you left out was that it gives Mama a break! Especially when you have three kids 4 and under! Lol

  • Sonia Seivwright

    my daughter started dPre=School at the age of 2. I felt it help with her development instead of staying at home with me all the time.

  • Smita

    Interesting topic – agree that it’s important for toddlers to socialise and get new experiences. The choice of the right pre-school is a decision that I’ve seen my friends spend ages over, clearly one of the more important decisions with regard to your kid.

  • Kayleigh

    Oh the expense one has been a huge CON for us… but we stick with it as I feel it’s worth the cost. And also when you compare to other activities you can sign your child up for at that age, preschool is more cost effective and probably more well-rounded of a program too (plus it gives you a bit of a break if you’re a stay at home mom like me!)

  • Lyosha

    very thought through post! I don’t have kids yet but I am sure it is imporatnt step. I vote for pre-school I think social skills are very important for any adult, the sooner you build it the better