Signature Look Using Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit

Grooming – one of the things a military man must keep up with at all times. Which is why my hubby is always on point whenever he asks for his cut (which I do for him) or when he takes care of his shave. Often time he wears a clean shave. When he don’t, he makes sure his stubble is nicely groomed. All with the help of The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit.

Keeping a perfect looking shave or stubble is not an easy feat. Proper care and maintenance must be done regularly to keep it nice and neat. While there are lots of available gadgets and tools in the market, not all of them can deliver. According to hubby, he wishes he had the Beard Boss Perfecter even back then while being stationed in Kuwait. His exact words were the Beard Boss Perfecter promise nothing but the best-looking shave or stubble any man can imagine.

Beard Boss Stubble and Detail KitPIN IT!

When it comes to beard and stubble grooming, hubby swears by Remington’s The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit. It’s a very handy and portable tool that can be used to easily trim a growing beard, even at the busiest time of the day. It has a Precision Metal Comb that can be adjusted according to the desired, exact length for that perfect looking beard. It also has a Foil Shaver that can be used to clean up the neck, jaw line and facial hair – something that other beard trimming kit doesn’t have.

Remington Beard BossPIN IT!

Remington Beard BossPIN IT!

Remington Beard BossPIN IT!

This beard grooming tool features a Premium T-Blade that provides ultra close trimming and pinpoint precision and control for that crisp, stubble and perfect edges. And for men with a thick beard (ala NBA superstar James Harden), its Turbo Mode feature is perfect and right for you. Turbo Mode gives that extra fast trimming for thick beards without ruining its style and look.

Beard Boss is available at your local Walmart store and If you wanted more information about this amazing beard trimming and grooming tool, check out this web page.

Remington’s Beard Boss is powered by a lithium battery that can last up to 5 hours of cordless runtime. You can use it for months of trimming in between charges thus making it a perfect travel companion for bearded men. It’s also 100 percent waterproof and very easy to clean too. You can use wet or dry as it has a non-slip grip making it a more convenient and practical beard trimming tool.

There’s no question that this grooming gadget is a total must have for men. Whether you are trying to grow a beard or not, the Remington’s Beard Boss is a tool that you should have right now.

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Remington Beard BossPIN IT!

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