Ryan Darius Salon – No More Bed Head!

Yes, everyone knows I mess with my hair quite often. I’m quite fond of trying out a lot of things to make my hair grow faster and maybe even thicker. Often times, I only manage to maintain my hair to the point that the damage doesn’t really worsen. Thick and grow faster? A big failure on my end. So when I got invited to visit Ryan Darius Salon I knew for a fact that I’ll be giving them a hard time!~

My girl friend Faith and I arrived in West 12th street a few minutes before noon … despite the hot weather there are quite a few people walking around the area. I must admit the venue is quite a “HOT” spot! No-pun intended. I really love the location and area. As soon as I entered the salon it felt like a rabbit hole just opened up towards wonderland. Surely it will be an awesome journey for me. If it will be a wonderful journey for them as well, I have no idea. All I’m sure of is that I’ve got quite a case of bed head going on. Sadly we didn’t get to meet Ryan as we missed him by a day. I was supposed to come in a day earlier but since I am already booked for an all day event I had to re-schedule. Apparently the day I chose was also the day that Ryan is not in the salon. *sad face*

Angela Ricardo Bethea

PIN IT! A selfie shot prior to getting my “Do-Over”.


Off the pins go. The whole “messy-bun” look just got undone and came out the real condition of how disastrous my hair really looked …

I’m a “bottle blonde” I love changing up my hair to reflect my bubbly personality. My recent hair exploration resulted in a mixed of uneven color all over my locks and some weird cut sticking out around my cheeks. My hair was a wreck!

my-so-called "Mug-Shot" photo to document my before and after look.

PIN IT! my-so-called “Mug-Shot” photo to document my before and after look.


The journey started with a chit chat with Tony over a sparkling water. Fancy! After letting him know what “condition” my hair is in and how damaged it is for my continuous bleaching and dyeing … he suggested to bring my hair into one rich color … following the color around my tips that is starting to fade. Then we got down to business … and while he is taking care of my locks, I got busy asking him for a few tips to maintain my thin and damaged hair. Below is a shot of Tony & Yours Truly.

Tony of Ryan Darius SalonPIN IT!

While waiting for the dye to set I’ve decided to take a few shots inside the salon … I just can’t help it! The whole setting is very posh … stylishly luxurious. The decor have an “antique” like feel especially the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage / trunk acting as a coffee table in the waiting area. The mirrors as well as the ceiling gives a Victorian setting kind of vibe. I totally love the Salon’s overall look and aura.

The salon itself is very private and only offers a few seats. Most of their guest books their appointments ahead of time instead of just walking in. Even if they have other guest, the whole ambiance of the salon is very relaxing. No loud music, not a lot of people crowding the place. Totally a hot-spot that I would recommend to all family, friends and as well as readers.

Inside Ryan Darius Salon

After a few snaps in-store it was time for me to get my hair washed. Charles took care of me and used all Oribe products that I madly in love with! The shampoo and conditioner smelled so good and clean … I learned that Ryan Darius only uses Oribe products in store and have products that are specifically designed for color treated hair like mine.

Final step, I am off to get a hair cut and styling with LP … whom had made me feel so comfortable to chit chat with him. We started with hair care tips and ended up talking about tattoos and magical beings. Seriously, LP is like the Hair Fairy!~

LP of Ryan Darius SalonPIN IT!

LP of Ryan Darius SalonPIN IT!

Before I even know it, my hair transformed drastically. It seemed like my hair looks so much fuller and healthier. Seriously felt like I went from a Horse to a Unicorn!

In Front of the Ryan Darius Salon

Tony of Ryan Darius SalonPIN IT!

Tony of Ryan Darius SalonPIN IT!

Angela RicardoPIN IT!

Angela RicardoPIN IT!

Fashion Blogger ShoesPIN IT!

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dottedborderPIN IT!

Tips I learned to care for Thin and Damaged Hair

  • Wash my hair regularly to prevent oily scalp that will weigh my hair down.
  • Shampoo my hair roots regularly while avoiding most of the tips.
  • Avoid conditioning my scalp as it will flatten my hair even more.
  • Condition the tips of my hair to maintain the softness and manageability.
  • Do not flat iron hair straight from the roots to guarantee a better volume.
  • hen using a flat iron, only run the iron quickly to tame stubborn hair.
  • Do not use any types of oil on hair to add shine (e.g.; Moroccan Oil, etc.).
  • Thank you so much to Ryan Darius Salon for making this possible and for all the tips and hair care advise that I have learned. I will definitely implement all into my hair care to achieve a healthier and fuller looking hair.


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