Create Memories with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ that Makes Everyday Moments EPIC

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As you all know by now, our family has grown. Which is why it is more important than ever to be organized and stay on top of everything. Think along the lines of daily chores, grocery runs, pediatrician visits, keeping tabs on immunizations, and making sure not to miss out any of our little one’s milestones! After all, he’d only be this little for a short while. But as a busy new mom, it can get quite challenging to capture Josiah’s memories.

Now that he is almost 5 months old, I need to be speedy when it comes to snapping all the cute things that he does so I would not miss out on anything. Trust me, one minute he is camera ready, the next he isn’t. My mommy friends are already warning me that I need to take advantage of this stage. As he gets heavier and bigger, not only will he not be able to sit or stay still, I won’t have the luxury to carry heavy camera equipment that I usually use. Plus the fact that whenever I leave hubby in charge to take pictures, he easily gets “pictured out.” his term for saying I’ve taken enough pictures and I’m done. Here’s the thing though, you can take 10, 15, or even more and often times you only end up with 1 or 2 good shots. The rest either comes out blurry or out of focus.

What’s left for this mama to do? Fortunately for me, Samsung has just released their new phone-the Samsung Galaxy S9+! Which I think is the perfect solution for everything that our family needs. So as soon as it became available, hubby and I went to our local Target which is in Burlington NJ to purchase the phone. Since I already have an existing wireless carrier (doesn’t matter what network), the transaction was speedy and in no time, my new phone is up and running!

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

Samsung Galaxy S9+qSamsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

This phone packs all the amazing features of a professional camera in one handy device! Everything that I love about my DSLR camera can be found on this phone. No need to switch out lenses or lug around heavy equipment. Everything on this phone is a MAJOR enhancement for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 users.

The feature that I love most with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera is the optical image stabilization (OIS). The pictures come out crystal clear despite our little one not wanting to sit still! Also the PRO mode where I can literally adjust all of the settings to my liking and The ISO, focus, brightness, and my favorite of all –the background blur! It’s not called PRO for nothing.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ OISPIN IT!

Samsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

Actual Photo From The Samsung Galaxy S9+


Samsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

Oh and let me add that it has a mechanical dual aperture to help take high-quality photos in different kinds of light-even during low light so I can capture Josiah’s sweet sleeping poses without turning on the light! I am also in awe of its super slow-mo feature because it captures everything literally down to the smallest details!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ OISPIN IT!

When it comes to creating fun memories, the action doesn’t stop with Super Slow-mo! Josiah and I enjoy using and playing with the AR (Augmented Reality) Emoji. This latest feature allows users to create an animated version of their faces. You wouldn’t believe how entertained Josiah is, seeing a digital version of my face on the screen! Big PLUS that I can also send emoji reactions to my family friends through text messaging, facebook post, and messenger! My best friend and I would exchange AR Emoji expressions as a way to “express” our feelings or reaction.

AR Emoji

Samsung Galaxy S9+ AR EmojiPIN IT!

But more importantly than the camera features, this phone is a must-have for me because it is designed to help keep up with busy moms like me to multi-task and manage hectic schedules. It allows me to keep track of LIFE! No more second guessing when is our little one’s doctor’s appointment, do we have any playdates coming up? How about deadlines for work? Now I no longer have to cram!

Samsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

Samsung Galaxy S9+PIN IT!

Overall, I can honestly say that I love the Samsung Galaxy S9+! If you’re looking for ways to keep up with a busy lifestyle, I highly recommend this phone. Want more details? I recommend checking out the Target Samsung Page. Let me know your thoughts!


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