How To Save Time While Cooking Meals

Saving time while cooking meals is definitely an idea that crossed most families in these modern times of stress and complicated lifestyles. One great example is having to juggle a business, day to day chores, as well as activities, and even keeping up with your spouse and or kids. For us, our military lifestyle sure made us prone to a lot of time inconsistency. Week by week my husband’s availability tends to change. Because of this, I had to learn to cope and figure out how to multi-task and micromanage everything in between.

Here’s the thing, failure to determine how to save time when cooking meals is likely to lead to increased consumption of junk food and other types of food (such as instant meals, etc.), which are less than healthy in their composition. So I had to find ways to cope and micromanage everything in between. This is crucial to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for our growing family.

How to save time when cooking meals is all about utilizing the time one takes to cook meals to the best effect. This means that periods of “idle time” where one is perhaps waiting for water to boil, an oven to preheat, or even a particular ingredient to cook, must be filled with useful and resourceful action/activity.

This specific action could relate to preparing other ingredients that are required for the meal, or they could relate to a non-cooking related activity altogether, such as cleaning up after kids or pets, putting the laundry in the washing machine, folding away newly washed clothing, or even tidying up the living room. Simply put, juggling all tasks AT ONCE.

How to save time when cooking meals is also about ensuring that one cooks meals most efficiently. It’s a great idea to consider whether separate ingredients really do need to be prepared at different times or whether they can be cooked together. This may involve changing how one cooks specific components. For example, an oven is typically used in multiple occasions and with all sorts of meals, side dishes, and so on. On that note, however, a microwave can also do the same, it can be used very successfully for an even quicker way of cooking most food ingredients. Simply put, taking the time to learn to use this method is definitely a good idea.

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Here’s the deal-breaker, we now have innovative products and gadgets that offer more than what the traditional version does. Just like the Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave –which comes in super handy for all sorts of tasks. It is essential to take note that this not only has the features of a microwave. It is also capable of air frying and works like a convection oven too. The Combi by far has 80% quieter soft close door –so you can finally forget all the door slamming!

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The actual meals that one cooks obviously have a significant impact on how to save time when preparing meals. It is entirely possible to make balanced, nutritious meals in a short period of time, and this is again a factor with which the Internet or even cookbooks (that had been gathering dust on a shelf) can be of great assistance.

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Breville Combi WavePIN IT!

Overall, the best way to save time while cooking meals is to continually be on the lookout for ways to do so efficiently. Whenever one finds oneself idle, or a particular task is taking longer to accomplish than it appears it should, simply employing a little lateral thinking as to how the task could be accomplished in a more time efficient fashion can often reap great dividends and provide very real, useful guidance in how to save time while cooking meals.

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  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Oh yes! You have mentioned a very important subject.
    It so much applies to all the serving troops all over the world that don’t have families of their own. Without proper meal-planning, they are left to consume lots of junk which turns out to be crap for their bodies.

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