Serving Alongside Our Service Members

Oh my … it’s already November! Who else is excited? I know a lot of people are just not feeling the Holiday spirit these days, but in our household, I started celebrating even the smallest little things (with or without an occasion). This whole year has been tough for everyone.
So I figured, instead of focusing on all the difficulties and challenges, we should look at this in a whole new perspective. After all, that’s the best we can do. It’s either that, or the negativity, and I refuse to raise the kids with that perspective.

Some people I know have started preparing for the Fall season awhile back. A few even started getting ready for their Halloween very early on. Then … there’s us! We started getting excited about this month ages ago because we see November as a BIG month altogether. Sure, after Halloween there are Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving, but it is also Veterans and Military Families Appreciation month!!!

Here’s a fun fact, my husband is a third-generation military (three-generation line of military service). He has served in the Air Force for 20 years. This is something I want to highlight for our kids so they are well aware of the tremendous sacrifices that military families make. Who knows, one of our little ones might want to serve someday too!

I have been with my husband for 10 years. That’s half of the time that he has been serving. So, when I say it isn’t easy to be married to the military, I mean it with all my heart and soul. There’s no such thing as a day off or a rest day. You can’t just opt out for deployments. I could go on and on. This post means more to me than anyone can imagine … because I truly love and enjoy bringing awareness to anything that relates to serving, and our military members (as well as their families).

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “Military Spouses Serve Too!” … Some people agree, some have other opinions regarding this. Personally, as a military spouse myself I truly believe that we also serve in an unrecognized, supportive capacity. While we are not officially out there, we also hold things down at home ourselves.

One of the things that I appreciate the most is having BRANDS that support our service men and women year-round, but also acknowledge their families, and or spouses. Think along the lines of offering a military discount! It’s important now, more than ever, as many of our troops alongside with their loved ones, are being called to support the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what makes me love and appreciate a company like T-Mobile more because it supports veterans, active-duty military and their families, especially throughout this difficult year. They really do that, and more!

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Here’s what you need to know, T-Mobile offers our active duty military, veterans and their families hiring commitments, the best discounts, health support through partnerships with the VA telehealth app, as well as community events. They serve alongside our military and continue to support those who serve. To top it all off, T-Mobile is dedicating this month to Veterans in Focus (Veteran & Allies Network chosen theme) to ensure our service members know they are seen, they are heard and that they are appreciated at T-Mobile. T-Mobile is on a mission to hire 10,000 military vets and their spouses by 2023 and has been named one of the top 2021 Military Friendly Employers (14th time, non-consecutive) and 2021 Military Spouse Friendly Employers (2nd time). They’ve also partnered with organizations like Warriors4 Wireless to help with their hiring commitments as you can see in this video.

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Many people are feeling a financial burden right now, and any savings makes a huge difference. Our military members and their families especially deserve to know that T-Mobile still offers the best discount in wireless through the Magenta Military Plan. With all that being said, I hope you can celebrate this month with us! You can make a difference. How? By getting this information out there. A simple share of this post or one of my social updates relating to this update would be enough.

Until my next update! xx


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  • Claudia

    A huge thank you to both you and your husband for the sacrifices you’ve made for our country! Another big thank you to T-Mobile for supporting our troops as well.

  • Ben

    Now that my son has joined the army, I have an even greater respect for our servicemen and women. I’m glad that T-Mobile has that respect, as well.

  • Bill

    I love that T-Mobile offers this deal to our servicemen and women. They sacrifice so much, they deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded as much as possible.

  • Kileen

    I love to hear that T-mobile is helping out service members. It is so important to support out troops!

  • Mosaic Art

    Of course spouses of the service members serve as well and sacrifice as much. Thank you so much for your service.

  • Heather

    I love hearing about companies like Verizon that give back. Especially for such an important cause!

  • Kathy

    I love to hear that T-Mobile is helpful like this. I use T-mobile myself. I’m glad to be a part of a company that can do discounts and such like this. It’s so wonderful.

  • Monica Simpson

    It’s so great to see a huge company like this support our Veterans!

  • Ann

    It must be so hard to be married to the military!
    I truly dont know if I could do it… creds to you!

  • Lisa Joy Thompson

    I’m so thankful for your husband’s service! And it’s awesome that T-Mobile does so many things to support military families!

  • angelina

    The financial burden is so tough for so many. I hope things improve soon. Thanks for sharing

  • Krysten Quiles

    This sounds like a really great idea, especially during these hard times.

  • yudith napitupulu

    This is really great that the super technology “T-Mobile’ supports veterans, active-duty military and their family. This is looks excellent mobile to bring when working in field because has Warriors4 Wireless with great connection.

  • Gervin Khan

    Great info and I am glad that T-mobile is doing their best to have the military family stay connected most especially during their deployment.

  • Gervin Khan

    This are nice! I enjoyed reading this and I totally agreed from what you all said,

  • Maartje van Sandwijk

    I didn’t even think about it being harder for soldiers and their families to contact each other! Good to hear that T-mobile has them covered!

  • Emily Fata

    I’m so grateful for those who are risking, have risked, and have given their lives up for the safety and freedom of the people of Canada.

  • Kita Bryant

    They deserve so much love. They are risking everything for us.

  • Ryan Escat

    I will definitely share this good news. Thanks for spreading it to! Though too shall pass. God bless us all.

  • Vera Ida

    Really great that T-Mobile is dedicating to support military. This is looks great offer for people who want saving money for great product

  • Kuntala Bhattacharya

    I liked your post especially coz my dad was in the military and one of my cousin brothers too no. Its good T Mobile is doing a great job and the fact that you are promoting it is good.

  • Valerie Claresta

    I was checking on google because your post. This is really good product and good offer. Full speeds available up to data allotment, then data unavailable for balance of service period unless you purchase data pass. can access 5G.? Wow

  • Matt Taylor

    That is awesome what T-mobile is doing for service people and their families. I am sure it helps a lot of people out.

  • Janeane M Davis

    Military families sacrifice a great deal for the benefit of the rest of us. When a spouse or parent serves in the military, the entire family serves. That should be recognized.

  • Janessa Pablo

    We celebrate every possible thing here at home too. All the small wins deserve a treat 🙂

  • Heidi

    What a great deal for those that are serving. thanks for sharing!

  • Angelica Sereda

    Love this! I agree; we have to celebrate even the smallest wins.

  • Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I have always admired partners of military personnel. I could never do it coz I would worry so much day in and day out.

  • Mae

    That’s awesome what T-mobile is offering military families! I adore the strength of military spouses, I know it’s not easy, but you hold your head high, and you stand firm for your family. I salute to you! xx

  • Erin

    Love this. Will share. Having some savings helps people so much.

  • Elizabeth O

    Military families hold a special place in my heart. They offer the ultimate duty for their country and their families are fully invested. I agree with your insights.

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Alright, Angela. I will be sharing this post on my Twitter. Thank you for the love.