Sonos One Speaker and Sonos Beam Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant – The Perfect Upgrade Your Home Deserves

Ahh, how time flies! I can’t believe our son Josiah King is now 9 months old! It’s been quite a roller coaster here in our home, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Honestly though, I am truly grateful for all the innovative technology our generation has to offer. I have no idea how our lives will be like without the help of our gadgets and devices.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow my updates on social media, you’d know I’m a big fan of technology. I utilize the help of smart devices to make our lives, as well as daily routines much easier and manageable. In fact, about a year ago (shortly before giving birth) I have shared my review of the Sonos One speaker. Instantly I fell in love with the Sonos One smart speaker. Automating routines was such a breeze. I have my own personal assistant… and all I have to do is ask!

Sonos One

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Don’t get me started with the ease of control just by using my voice. I can literally go on and on! My personal favorite is asking for my favorite shows to be streamed. As for our son, we utilize the Alexa feature too! Believe it or not, Josiah King gets the most out of Alexa in our household. We ask Alexa to play his favorite song “Baby Shark” throughout the day. We also ask for “animal sounds” to match his picture book. It is absolutely perfect!!!

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Because the Sonos One Speaker is such a hit in our household, it is understandable that we check out the other Sonos products. Recently we discovered that the Sonos Beam is Amazon Alexa enabled too! You bet we had to upgrade our soundbar.

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One thing you might not know about me, I am a complete TV and Movie junkie. I literally stream shows continuously and can go through an entire season of a show in a matter of days. Given that, I have a big NEED for a soundbar that delivers.

Sonos Beam Soundbar

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Sonos Beam SoundbarPIN IT!

Sonos BeamPIN IT!

Now, if you’re like me, you would absolutely want to level up your watching experience. Upgrading your sound system or speakers would transform your home into a cinematic experience. I understand that there are hundreds of options available in the market and since I love Sonos products, I am sharing why we can’t get enough of the Sonos Beam.

Features that We LOVE

1. Bluetooth
Our older one is quite outdated … and mind you, it wasn’t easy to use. Every single time we have to turn on the TV, we have to reconnect it. Somehow the Bluetooth function doesn’t automatically pair. What a struggle! So I pretty much just gave up on it, and it literally became a huge paperweight sitting in our entertainment center.

This brings me to the point why it is one of the most important things to consider when buying a soundbar. With the use of Bluetooth, you can send music from all your devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers to your soundbar. Sonos Beam is equipped with Bluetooth so hubby and I can easily connect our phones and play our choice music on top of using it for our TV’s primary sound system.

2. Online access
Another great feature of a soundbar is online accessibility. There are soundbars that are limited to just playing music and sound (like our old one), which naturally will restrict its functionalities. Having online access like the Sonos Beam allows it to offer smart features.

3. Voice enabled
I can say that this is my favorite feature above all – a voice-enabled soundbar. Most of the time, I carry Josiah with me so multi-tasking is what I usually do. Good thing, Sonos Beam has an Alexa built-in. It lets me control it with my voice, and it is very convenient to stay on top of EVERYTHING without having to require an extra arm or hand. Oh and just so you know, Sonos is now working on their upcoming update that will unlock Google Assistant too! Thus giving more options to its users.

4. Control display
Having a control display in it is convenient especially when doing things in your soundbar. Front panel displays will help you control the soundbar easier. Sonos Beam has a visual display of buttons that allows you to control things manually.

5. Design of the Soundbar
Obviously, every soundbar is different in style, design, and size. Majority of the ones I have seen that are equipped with quite a few features are very bulky and heavy. What I like about Sonos Beam is that it slim and sleek, giving you a good looking set without compromising quality and features.

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When it comes to shelling out hard-earned bucks, I always make sure that I am getting what I paid for. So I am very cautious when it comes to picking the brand and model.

Personally, now that we have the Sonos Beam, I honestly swear by it! Not only is it slim and elegant looking, but it also fills your space with crystal clear and perfectly balanced sound wall-to-wall. Let’s not forget that its amplifier setup delivers rich, big sound anywhere and across your home.

With these Sonos Smart Speakers, you can guarantee superior experience for all your entertainment needs. Right now we’re using the Sonos One n our son’s nursery room while the Sonos Beam as a standalone speaker for our TV –and we absolutely can’t get enough! Once we’re able to, we will add two more Sonos One to our living room to create the perfect surround sound home entertainment set-up.

Give your home a much-needed upgrade and get the Sonos One Speaker and Sonos Beam Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant at or at a local store near you.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are as always, solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support

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