Must-Read Tips for a Successful Party with Special Guest App

Josiah’s first birthday is almost here, and I want it to be memorable and perfect if I could. As any mom (and dad), I can honestly feel the pressure. Am I doing it right? Is everything gonna be okay? Are my plans going to work?

I’ve handled events before, but this time is different. Josiah’s 1st birthday is once in a lifetime, and I don’t want any mishap to ruin the moment and memory.

For my fellow parents who are also planning or will soon be preparing for a party, I’ve decided to round up my ideas and essential tips to help plan and execute a successful party.

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Good food will always equal to a good mood, they say. So I thought that it would be best if I serve the best food as well as specialty dessert. I don’t want our visitors to feel like the party was crappy just because the food was bland or somehow unappetizing. Plus the fact that I need to make sure that there’s more than enough food for everyone.

Major Tip: To lessen the work, you can hire a catering service or chef.


Every party has a theme, although I am still torn which theme or design I will be choosing for his birthday. Some of the most common ideas for boys are superhero, airplane, animals, cartoon character, hot air balloon, safari, and royalty.


One of the hardest decision for me is to choose a memorable souvenir for the party. The giveaways will be a way to say thanks to the guest, so it is of utmost importance that it’s unique and if possible, serves a purpose.

In our case, I wanted his souvenir to be a one-of-a-kind item and if possible, useful too! I’ve been searching high and low and so far I have narrowed It down to face towels shaped like cupcakes as well as bears AND the classic option –mugs!

Major Tip: The secret is to look everywhere, like local craft stores such as Michaels, malls with stores like Hot Topic, internet (think Zazzle, Café Press, etc.), and ideas from friends and family.


Since our little will only turn 1 once, so I want us to look good. Not just me and hubby but most importantly, Josiah. Usually, the attire of the celebrant is based on the theme of the party. That’s the standard option when there’s a themed birthday celebration.

Major Tip: If the celebrant is a kid, make sure to have an extra outfit. They might spill their drink or food on their clothes, and I am sure you don’t want to see them in pictures wearing a soiled shirt or stained outfit and end up looking messy, if not dirty.


For me, I created two invitations – the printed one, and the online invitation card. This is to assure that everyone is receiving their invites no matter what. Technically, the printed cards will count as souvenirs too. The invitation will also leave an impression as to what the guest can expect in the party.

Major Tip: It is advisable to prepare online cards too. Makes it easier to forward invites to last-minute guest addition.


We all know a special day needs to be celebrated, and of course … documented. Yes, parents and relatives can take pictures but trust me when I say, it’s better to let a professional do the job. During the party, you’ll get extremely busy entertaining guests, preparing everything, you literally won’t have enough time to document every single minute. This is the main reason why I recommend to hire a professional videographer and photographer. With this, you can be confident that every precious moment is recorded.

Major Tip: To find the best photographer and videographer in town, you can download Special Guest App on iOS (as well as on Android) to book a talent.


Special Guest App is a marketplace for talents and artist all over the US. It is easy to use and is very reliable too. With Special Guest App, you will have access to thousands of talents offering their services. The app is super user-friendly, the interface is good for people who are not into technology that much. The talents are compiled depending on the service they offer, price, rank, reviews, and more.

Special Guest App has everything you need when it comes to finding the right talent. It has a wide variety of artists like a photographer, magician, host, videographer, dancer, gymnast, circus acts, singer, and many more. With the help of Special Guest App, you can hire everything that you need in just one click. The payments are secured too, so the worries on the payment option or method. There are reviews as well in-app to help find the best talent and service.

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Throwing a party can be stressful but planning ahead of time will save anyone a lot of time and effort. In my case, I prefer to get started quite early to make sure I have everything covered and have not forgotten anything. After that, I can simply relax, unwind, and enjoy the party or event.

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