Stay Comfy and Confident with U by Kotex Curves Liners + FREE GOODIES!

From the title itself, I’m guessing some of you already wondered if you should take a peek (or not) as to what this new post is all about. Be honest! A lot of us women are still uncomfortable talking about our so-called visitor despite living in a millennial generation. Seriously speaking, I do understand that there can only be so many opportunities to openly discuss, chit-chat and share about those days. So when I have stumbled across an amazing campaign by U by Kotex to stay comfortable and confident every single day of the month – I knew right away it will be the headline for my next update.

Like most women, I too have suffered from uncomfortable days … and even more, that icky feeling right before my visitor comes. When that time of the month comes, you can expect I am not feeling myself. I don’t feel like doing much or even performing my usual task … all because of that uncomfortable feeling! Ugh. Being comfortable means a lot as I don’t have to feel like I am being held back. I am able to stay focused and keep track of my goals. With U by Kotex Curves I no longer have to let liners stand in the way of that comfy underwear feeling!

U by Kotex Curves LinersPIN IT!

U by Kotex Curves LinersPIN IT!

I am so comfortable with my U by Kotex Curves to the point that I feel beautiful inside and out! Being beautiful is more than skin deep … it is also about how you feel from within. Everything comes into play, from being comfortable as well as feeling beautiful, I radiate confidence! Confident that I can take on just about anything, even the longest day you could possibly imagine.

U by Kotex Curves Liners ReviewPIN IT!

The Curves Liners comes in bright bold colors and artsy patterns. Easily fits in a pouch and even wallets. Fits undies and provides security. No twisting and flipping – it is fitted down there perfectly! No more worries when it comes to unexpected surprises and even those dreadful spotting. How awesome is that???

U by Kotex Curves Liners ReviewPIN IT!

To top it all, U by Kotex offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads and tampons aside from the liners. You can expect an outstanding protection that will surely keep you one step ahead. Make sure to get your FREE SAMPLES HERENo Purchase Necessary!!!


  • 2 U by Kotex Curves Liners
  • 2 U by Kotex Lightdays Liners

    For this campaign, U by Kotex® is offering an exciting opportunity for everyone of you to WIN the following!

  • Each month, one lucky winner will receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex products.
  • At the end of the contest, the most Creative Selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, and will be given an exclusive U by Kotex photo shoot to be their new social star PLUS $2,000 spending cash!
  • So don’t miss this opportunity!!! To join the contest, visit and upload your own #bringcomfyback selfie showcasing your best uncomfy face look! Check out mine below!!!

    #BringComfyBackPIN IT!

    #BringComfyBackPIN IT!

    Remember … U by Kotex is judging entries based on originality, style and the LOL factor! So make them faces and keep snapping away!!! Best of luck ladies. XO

    Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kotex. While I collaborated to write a post about feeling comfy in my undies again and inspiring me to try the U by Kotex panty liners, my perspective is my own honest and unbiased opinion. Collaborations do not, in any way, affect the outcome of my post.


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    • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

      I really tried to like the new look of Kotex, but it seems too teenagish for myself.

    • robin masshole mommy

      I have used Kotex for years. Great brand of pads! They always catch my leaks on my heaviest days.

    • Terri Steffes

      The contest sounds fun and creative. I love that companies like Kotex are reaching out and embracing the creative being called WOMAN.

    • Marcie

      The packaging looks so cute! I’m for anything cute for that time of the month!

    • Debra

      What a fun new look – these are a great product! This looks like a fun give away!

    • Karina

      I love the packaging. I hate that other feminine products packaging SCREAM what they are to anyone who catches a glimpse of them. If a young girl had to pull this out of her backpack to head to the ladies room real quick, boys definitely won’t know or even assume it’s a liner. I like that… gives us a little bit of privacy.

    • Mandy Carter

      Creative contest. I am not a fan of pads but love the packaging.

    • Jessi

      These were great when I was pregnant. I used them all the time because they were comfortable, and ya know when you are pregnant sometimes things leak.

    • Nadine Cathleen

      Cool, I love the makeover and effort to make this sort of product more appealing and fun. Definitely needs a bit more colour to spice it up haha

    • Reesa Lewandowski

      While the new look seems to really target a younger audience, I do like U by Kotex. What a fun contest to get people talking about periods!

    • Chelle Dizon

      Wow that contest is absolutely amazing! I will definitely check them out and join! I love using Kotex ever since highschool.

    • Krystle Cook

      Kotex is definitely my go to brand with things like this! I absolutely love what they have done with the packaging and everything in the recent years.

    • Katriza | Mommy Engineering

      I’ve tried this exact one and it works great! I love it, simple and the packaging is so cute!

    • Lyd

      I love this brand! I totally agree, they are so comfy, I barely notice them when I’m using them!

    • Kristin

      I’m traveling right now and I actually currently have those in my suitcase. Bwah! They’re just fab!

    • Kristin

      What a fun contest! I love Kotex I use them, super smart to reach out and try to take the stigma off of something every woman in America deals with. Embrace who you are and take this great way of dealing with it!

    • Tabitha Shakespeare

      I wish more people were honest and open about things that literally every woman has to deal with! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kerri

      This campaign has some awesome prizes. Would love to win an Urban Outfitters gift card. We have U by Kotex in my house at all time!

    • Leslie Hernandez

      I love the U by Kotex line their pads and curves liners are really comfortable and affordable too! Its the only brand I use 😉

      Leslie xoxo