12 days of Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas! If you are still hunting for the perfect stocking stuffer, look no further! I got you covered with my 12 days of gift ideas. I’ve rounded-up my favorite items that will fit everyone’s budget, needs and wants! Oh, and let’s not forget that these products and brands have all made it to my coveted and must-have list. That has got to count for something right? 😉 Cue music: ❝ on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … 🎶 ❞

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1. Sally Hansen Color Therapy » no base coat needed, just apply two coats of color and a top coat!
2. Makeup Forever Academy » gorgeous eye shadow palette
3. OPI » avoplex, nail strengthener and infinite shine system.
4. Dr. brandt Skincare » magnetight age-defier skin recharging magnet mask
5. Sonix » that’s bananas pouch
6. Ban.do » mobile charger
7. Urban Expressions » studded shoulder bag
8. Jergens » ultra healing extra dry skin moisturizer
9. Kipling USA » bryne shoulder bag
10. Quay Australia » sunglasses
11. Marc Fisher » factor2 two piece velvet sandal
12. StyleWatch » one year magazine subscription

With these goodies, you can be sure of giving the best stocking stuffer ever! These items aren’t just paperweight, they all serve an amazing purpose that fits into everyone’s lifestyle. While most of these products seem like it is just for the ladies, you couldn’t be more wrong. These suggestions fit the needs of men too!

As far as keeping well-groomed nails OPI and Sally Hansen got us all covered. Even the guys can use a good manicure and pedicure! Anti-aging and skincare also work both ways. Dr. Brandt to purify skin and Jergens to keep our skin moisturized. Mobile chargers, Sunglasses as well as bags and pouches are for all genders – just choose the color, design, and style that fits your recipient’s preference.

I still can’t believe how much of a hit this post was on my Facebook page! All I could think of is how much all of you love the stocking stuffer idea. I’ll make sure to feature more roundups in 2017. It will be a collection of fashion, beauty, tech as well as home-décor related products. Items that will help make lifestyle so much easier … and stylish too!

Until next post! Let me know what you all think. xx


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  • Rochelle Dizon

    Wow beshy … you look very blooming! Thanks for the gift ideas

  • Terri @shabbychicboho

    Amazing gift guide! I totally agree that these items can be gifted for men too. PS: I love the sparkly heels on the Marc Fisher sandals!!!

  • Zoan

    I love how simple and straight forward your stocking stuffer ideas. I am going to keep this page on a bookmark to get my last minute shopping in.

  • Anna Belle

    I need the makeup palette from Makeup Forever and also those nail polishes from Sally and OPI!

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I’m so into styling and fashionable items so I love, love, LOVE the heels and the sunnies! I am going to show this post to my other half for a “suggestion” 😉

  • Lisa

    I am a big Kipling fan! I love your holiday gift guide. More please. 😀

  • LisaSadie Lankford

    I need all of these 12 items in my life. You definitely made a great suggestion. I can’t get enough of everything!!!

  • Feng Manlapaz

    Cute accessories and stuff! Same here, I also think men can use a good mani and pedi. So whenever I purchase nail treatments and stuff, I tell my hubs I am buying it FOR US! hehe.

  • Lindy Hamilton

    I’ve been shopping at Bando much more often lately. I like the service and quality of products I get there.

  • Jeff Rottman

    Came across your post after searching for gift ideas. I really like that you pointed out that these items are suited for us guys too. I approve of the mobile charger and pouches because I use those and have a great need for the products. Although of course I will need a different color than the ones you have shared here. Overall, very helpful post. Thanks!

  • Alexandra Elisabet

    Ooooo nothing better than stepping outside in style!!!! I will have to get those bags and heels!!!

  • kaila cascio

    This is great! I love the banana pouch and magazine subscription. I love to read and check out the latest.

  • Shaun McGahey

    I have never heard of this type/version of Jergens and I use nothing else but Jergens to moisturize my skin. I suppose I have been too loyal that I have never checked for new variations. Now that I have spotted this. I surely will!

  • Jessica J

    I am in loveeee with everything! Girl your room look so fabulous!!! You made everything look so lovely and presentable. Each product is carefully featured. Thank you for this amazing stocking stuffer feature. I have great use for all these items … for my family, loved ones, and for me too!