How To Have Stronger Nails

Manicured nails always look polish and elegant. However, we should not just focus on the appearance of our nails, we must think about its strength too. Even though nail polish can really make our nails look beautiful, they can make the nails brittle and more prone to breaking. If you wish to maintain strong and beautiful nails, or if you’re currently wondering how to have stronger nails, there are some steps that you should undertake.

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Prevent Brittle Nails / Chipping

» Calcium up!
Calcium helps make the bones stronger. This goes the same with nails too. If you wish to have stronger nails, it is a must that you include calcium-rich foods in your diet. One good source of calcium is yogurt.
» Avoid acrylic nails.
Most women get impatient about growing their nails so they go for the easy and faster way– acrylic nails. Sadly, having this glued to your nails will only weaken it. So be patient and just wait for the nails to grow out.
» Moisturize!
The healthier your skin is, the more likely you will have a stronger nail. If you wish to have healthy and strong nail, it is best that you moisturize. Apply lotion on hand and drink lots of water.

Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is one habit that we should seriously get rid of. Aside from the fact that it makes us look like a child, it also has significant effects on our nails.

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» Always bring a nail file with you. If you feel like biting your nails, file them instead.
» Apply some nail polish. In this way, you will taste the nail polish and will prevent you from biting your nails.

Grow Nails Faster

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» Take supplements.
When your body gets the right amount of nutrients that it needs, the nails will be able to grow in a much faster way.
» Massage nails beds. This should be done once a day. Allot about 10 seconds for each nail. The best thing about this tip is that it won’t take long plus this can be done anywhere.

Shape your Nails Right

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» Maintain square shaped nails. When you have square nails, it would have a lesser tendency to chip. Plus, it will make the nails look longer.
» Make use of a multi functional nail file. These days, there are nail files which can be used to buff, shape and shine. Opt for these ones. You can easily buy them from a beauty supply store.
» Trim the nails. It must be able to see a little bit of nail when you turn the nails in front of you.

Apply the above simple tips to your nail care routine and stronger nails will be yours!


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