Travel Essentials and Personal Care featuring Summer’s Eve

The holiday season is here, and for sure, your calendars are filled with gatherings, dates and of course, holiday trips! The holidays are the perfect time to go out and have fun because everyone is in a festive spirit and love just fills the air. It also calls for a family gathering, reunion, and the likes.

But of course, we cannot deny the fact that the holiday chaos can be a bit stressful too. That’s why I always make sure that I have my travel essentials in my bag. What are these essentials, you may ask? I’ve decided to round-up my year-round go-to items to help those of you who plan to travel or happened upon unexpected road trips.

» Makeup Of course, I would need to retouch my makeup every now and then so I would still look fresh no matter how tired I already am. But I only bring the basics essentials such as a hairbrush, eyebrow pomade, blush, matte lipstick and lip balm.

» Extra Footwear I love wearing heels, but despite the fact that I have been wearing heels for years, my feet still hurt and get tired after a long day of walking. That’s why I usually bring flats so I can give my feet its much-needed break.

» Wipes Now that I am a mom on the go who is pretty busy keeping up with mommy and wifey duties, I need products that can help me stay clean and fresh (even during the holiday jam!) in the most convenient way possible.

Summer's Eve Feminine CarePIN IT!

That’s why I always have Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloth – soft pack (great for traveling or even to keep at home!) or the individual packets (for quick, on the go cleansing) wherever I go. What I love about these products is that they cleanse and refreshes my lady parts in the gentlest way possible. They also come in different scents that I absolutely adore! I believe that no women should ever leave their homes without it!

Summer's Eve Feminine CarePIN IT!

Top 3 reason why I LOVE & TRUST Summer’s Eve® for my Feminine Care:
  • Wipes away odor-causing bacteria
  • Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free
  • Gentle formula that won’t irritate sensitive skin

*** available in the following scents: Coconut Water, Mandarin Blossom and Cucumber Lily

» Clothes When I have no time to go back to the hotel or our house, I bring extra clothes with me so I would still look my best when I attend celebrations and gatherings even if I was out shopping or touring all day!

I love to travel and learn about the different culture as well as try different cuisines. There is just something about exploring that I can’t get enough of. Although as of late I don’t travel like I used to, I am content with just being with my family and making sure my little one will get enough sleep (I know you moms can relate!) and proper care.

On that note, however, may you all enjoy your holiday travels and I hope that this simple post of mine can help you find out what are the things that you will need to bring that can help you survive the holiday fiasco! Feel free to bookmark this post for future escapades throughout the rest of the year. For now, have fun on your travels and Happy Holidays!

This post is sponsored by on behalf Simply Summer’s Eve®. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are as always, solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support

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  • Hannah Denton

    I always carry extra footwear too! Make up essentials are key but I agree, just the essential items for travelling! It’s such a pain through security otherwise!

  • Joan Cajic

    Thank you for sharing this and do enjoy your holiday too.

  • Nausheen

    Amazing & useful information….thanks for sharing !!

  • Jagriti ROY

    Such a helpful post for all of us.. I never gave it a much thinking that taking an extra pair of footwares can proved to be handy while travelling.. thank you for sharing these tips..

  • corinne & kirsty

    Reading this post makes me realize how badly prepared I am every time in need to go on a trip unexpected or not. These wipes look perfect!

  • Lynne Harper

    Its great to find a cleansing cloth that’s great. A perfect addition to your holiday wash bag and of course your bathroom all year round x

  • Aashima

    Those are some great tips. I’ll give the wipes a try for sure.

  • Kelly

    I like to bring Summer’s Eve wipes with me when I travel! They’re so useful and can be hidden in my purse which is great!

  • hannah wood

    Makeup and wipes are a must have to say too and I cant get around places without my toothbrush and hair-straighteners . Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free is very good this is what I look for due to having sensitive skin.

  • Alaina Monster

    I love Summers Eve products! I didn’t know they also made a wipe. I’ll have to check those out next time I’m in store.

  • Ithfifi

    You always take such beautiful photos! Your bag is similar to mine. I am only essentials in the bag when it comes to make up. Also the wipes are always a nice idea – I am the same, always have hand wipes on me!

  • Katrina Jean Carter

    Girl you are always on point with these beauty tips. I’ll def check out Summer’s Eve!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    I had no idea that Summers Eve made individual packets of cleansing cloths. When traveling it’s always great to keep a little stash of personal items that can make you feel fresh and clean when arriving at your destination after a long trip.

  • Patricia-Ann Que

    having an extra foot wear is a must especially when travelling and i havent tried that wipe but i can easily see the convenience!

  • Josselyn Radillo

    I always carry extra footwear too some tennis or flats! I love that this brand is alcohol-free and Hypoallergenic since my skin is really sensitive

  • Ellie Plummer

    This is soooo helpful. I always end up forgetting something so this is really useful.

  • Sarah Bailey

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of Summers Eve before but it is definitely something I will have to check out a having a well-designed item for feminine care is a must.

  • Fely

    I absolutely love that they come individually packaged! Love all your suggestions.

  • Amber Myers

    These are some great things to bring while traveling! I will have to try out these cleansing cloths.

  • Karla

    We only live a few minutes from grandparents and I still keep extra clothes in the car when we go. Great suggestions.

  • Nicole Flint

    I’m always making sure I have extra footwear! My feet cannot be in heels for a very long time! Also, I like to keep a small makeup bag in my purse for touch ups!

  • Claudia Krusch

    These Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths will be perfect to keep in your purse. I will have to add them to my shopping list.

  • Jennifer L

    Love all the essentials! I haven’t heard of summers Eve but I love how many scents they come in. Gonna check them out so thanks for the recommendation!

  • Yonca

    Great list! I love traveling and always keep wipes that small enough to fit in a pocket and gentle formula during travel.

  • Shraddha Tripathi

    I think it will work for everyone out there. I only carry the essential in case of make-up. Nice article.

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    Love your travel essentials in your bag, i will book mark it for our Summer comes x

  • Kara

    Love the sound of summers eve, I love anything with a citrus scent (and cucumber)

  • emmanuel damian

    The Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloth looks handy for traveling. I’ll put it in my list!

  • Rhian Westbury

    If you’re wearing heels then flat shoes are an absolute must x

  • Evelina

    I couldn’t agree more about extra foot-wear. I always carry an extra pair, changing shoes saved so many of my trips.

  • Ruth I.

    We always carry wipes when traveling. We have a kid and it really is important to have it always.

  • SoonJoo

    I do use wipes a lot when I’m travel it’s easy to clean and correct makeup. I also do think pair of extra shoes is always great idea!

  • Tanya Brannan

    I haven’t heard of this brand before but always take wet wipes away with me. I love the idea that these are especially for the feminine areas.

  • Laura H

    Gah I need these wipes in my life. So convenient with these little packs and can have them in case of an emergency or something.

  • Fabiola Zefi

    I love your essentials. And an spf moisturizer is also something I always keep handy. I don’t like dry skin after flying.

  • Savannah Pham

    Every time I travel, I bring EVERYTHING with me even if I don’t need it haha. This made me think I needed to be a minimalist. I never really thought of brining extra footwear with me – do you know wear I can get folded flats?

  • Anonymous

    I always take bagss away with me. I never do travel light

  • Erin Sluka

    My son is 9 and I still keep wipes in my car and in my purse. They always come in handy. I love the size of these-perfect to keep in purse discretly

  • Amber S.

    I love these wipes! I always keep some in the glove compartment and I typically use them after the gym-they work on underarms too!

  • Bread

    Are they PH Neutral products? I get that they’re gentle but they should be ph neutral too!

  • Jemma @ CELERY and Cupcakes

    Travelling over the holidays can be quite stressful but making sure you have the perfect essentials is…essential! Love the sound of the cleansing cloths, perfect for travelling!

  • Ariel

    I love summers eve products! I am always careful as to what I use, but this product never seems to fail me and I love that about it. Thank you for sharing about this great product!

  • Linda

    These look so handy to just chuck in your hand luggage or handbag and go. I can’t bear to be less than fresh when I’m travelling.

  • HannAh

    Those wipes sound perfect for travelling and festivals etc.

  • Brandi crawford

    This is such a helpful post! Personal care is so important. We need to discuss it more.

  • Ali - We Made This Life

    Those cleansing cloths and wipes look fabulous – I never travel anywhere without wipes, they are so useful when you are a mum!

  • Nina

    I always think I won’t need them but wipes always come in handy at some point! I also agree with the extra footwear too!

  • nayna KANABAR

    These wipes sound great to refresh one self and would be great to carry in your handbag.I like the fact that they are Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. I will check these out they sound great.

  • Annie B

    Some superb tips here. I travel a lot and often forget to do some of these. I like to carry wipes and handwash in my travel bag – love the idea of these

  • pushpendra singh

    Great…!! nice artical very usefull your post Thank you so much for sharing this and the information provide.

  • Tanvi Rastogi

    Great flatlay lady! Love the aesthetics. I will check this product out.

    ❥ tanvii

  • Ingrid Rizzolo

    As you so practically noted when moving around in this Christmas season we really need to be prepared retouch our makeup every now and then so that well look fresh
    Also after wearing heels all day many of us experience tired feet and so having extra footwear would be a definite plus. Most times I walk with a pair of flat shoes in my bag in case my feet begin to hurt. You have offered some very practical tips.

  • Louise

    These all look like amazing travel essentials! I’ll have to remember them for when I FINALLY get to travel around 🙂

    Louise x

  • Jake Ferrer

    Oh this is amazing post! I always make sure to bring extra foot when i wear a high heels.

  • Kitty

    I always tend to forget something or the other things… these are some lovely travel essentials in your bag … I would definitely love to try summers eve… ☺️

  • Rachael Burow

    I need to try some summers eve…Love all the photos and this post. Simple and clean!

  • Super Busy Mum

    A great selection of bits and pieces to take – have an amazing holiday!

  • Amy Deverson

    Wipes are such a useful item to take travelling – I always have a pack on me when I’m on the go!