Make Your Pregnancy Even More Special with The Stork Bag

Pregnancy is absolutely one of the most magical and momentous events in a woman’s life. It’s also one of the most delicate experience, especially if it’s your first time. As someone who is expecting, I can totally pitch in that it is quite challenging.

For those of you who had been following my pregnancy updates would know I have been fighting my way through morning sickness. Most of my episodes last throughout the day. I often tell my husband that if it isn’t one thing, it’s always another. It’s not fun to deal with nausea, gagging, headaches, acid reflux, and fibroids. While some started dwindling down, I realized the battle is only halfway done when I started experiencing growing pains, backache, as well as Braxton Hicks to deal with.

There are lots of struggles, emotionally and even physically. Especially for those who had to go through infertility* treatments. Not to mention the fear of giving birth once the delivery date arrives. This is why the support of friends and family is crucial for a pregnant woman.

*** check out my post ❝ Broken Silence: Thoughts on Infertility

I am so thankful that I am getting all kinds of support that I need to get through my pregnancy period. My husband is always by my side, my friends and relatives and of course the trusted names and brands that are known to take care of a pregnant woman.

At this stage of my pregnancy, I am now in the last stretch of my second trimester. Making this the perfect time to share my review and perspective of The Stork Bag’s 3rd Trimester Stork Bag. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, The Stork Bag is the first ever reusable subscription bag created for pregnant women. Each Stork Bag is curated to match each trimester of pregnancy and includes many products created by moms for pregnant mommas. Each and every The Stork Bag contains 8-12 handpicked products that can surely enhance one’s pregnancy experience thus making the whole 9 months more bearable and exciting than ever.

The 3rd Trimester Stork Bag can contain items like stretch mark cream/oil, samples of healthy pregnancy food, DIY keepsake items, health and beauty items, pregnancy books, journals, body essentials, lip balm, nail polish, etc. Check out the items that came with my bag!

Bellie Casting KitPIN IT!

Earth Therapeutics Blue Aloe SocksPIN IT!

Earth Therapeutics Blue Aloe SocksPIN IT!

Crystal Collagen Gold Eye MaskPIN IT!

Organic Third Trimester TeaPIN IT!

Milky Nibbles CookiePIN IT!

Bump BowsPIN IT!

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Sensitive WipesPIN IT!

Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy Hair & Body WashPIN IT!

The Honest Company Honest Organic Lip BalmPIN IT!

I really love each and every thing they’ve sent my way. Totally a steal for the price tag of $45. Yes, you can get the bag of goodies for just that amount. Fantastic right?

For more of The Stork Bag and their amazing service and products, visit


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