Pampering at Home with VOESH

During the time that I was pregnant with Josiah, the majority of my friends have informed me that I should be prepared to bid my so-called “me time” goodbye. That the regular mani-pedi sessions that I truly enjoy are just not possible anymore. At that time, I thought that it was absurd. I honestly believed that I would still have time to visit the nail salon whenever I need to. That this mama can get her well-deserved pampering at will. The joke’s on me.

Well, that’s just the cold hard truth. While I try to manage and multitask everything … I quickly realized that motherhood can take up most of my time. While I enjoy spending time with our son, without a doubt, I still find myself imagining how good it would feel to enjoy a pedicure in the salon. How so? Because when I do have spare time, I would rather sleep or rest instead of going out. Plus the fact that I have 1001 pending to-do list to get to. Ever since our son’s arrival, it seems like my list is just ever growing. Ha!

Obviously, this mama needs to get creative. Not unless I want to find myself looking like an old hag. Fortunately, I have discovered a product that allows me to indulge my guilty pleasures from time to time without having to take a trip to the salon or shoulder an extra expense out of the budget. The products that came to my rescue are from Voesh –the Pedi in a Box, Collagen Gloves and Collagen Socks.

The Collagen Gloves and Socks prepares the hands and feet for manicure and pedicure. With the use of the collagen gloves, my hands and nails get softer in a breeze. It cuts down on the process, and there’s no need for water soaking, cuticle softener, oil, paraffin wax, and other unnecessary step. When it comes to the Collagen Socks, it does pretty much the same but it also softens the feet’s cuticle and callouses, and makes a great alternative to paraffin wax and massage lotion.


The last product– Pedi in a Box contains everything that you need for the most luxurious pedicure ever. The box that I got includes four steps— sugar scrub, sea salt soak, massage cream and mud masque. The best thing about this product is that it comes in different scents. The ones that I’ve got are mango, lavender, and jasmine and may I just say that they smell heavenly!


Voesh Pedi in a Box Deluxe 4 Step Service in Mango Delight


VOESH New York – Lavender Relieve 4-in-1 DIY Spa Pedicure Set


Voesh Pedi in a Box Deluxe 4 Step Service in Jasmine Soothe

Thanks to these Voesh products, I was able to enjoy my much-needed me time at the convenience of our own home.

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