WavHello SoundBub – Sanity Saving Device Every Parent Needs to Have

Since my pregnancy, family, and friends have been giving us a couple of tips as well as advice. One of the most popular ones is to stock up on sleep (and I have been one obedient momma!). To be honest, however, even if I try to stay up (to work or do errands) it seems like I just can’t find any energy to do so. From what I gathered though, I would rarely get a shut-eye once our baby boy finally arrives.

According to the stories that had been shared, the majority of their kids keep them up all night all because of their nonstop crying. While I am perfectly ready to stay up all night taking care of my little one, the idea of him not having a peaceful and restful sleep at night worries me—a lot. And I have made it my mission to look for ways on how I can give him the comfortable sleep that he deserves.

That’s why I am very thankful to have come across the WavHello SoundBub, a portable Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine rolled into one. I have read that playing white noise is the best and most efficient way to put your baby to sleep because it resembles the sounds that they hear while they are still inside the womb. Since our wombs are our little ones’ comfort zones, the white noise can also help pacify them whenever their sleep gets disrupted or are simply feeling anxious.

WavHello SoundBub

WavHello SoundBubPIN IT!

WavHello SoundBubPIN IT!

WavHello SoundBubPIN IT!

On top of it all, my hubby and I can also use the SoundBub to play music to entertain our baby boy while he is in his crib, stroller or on his car seat whenever we are on-the-go. Indeed, this little device will make our lives so much easier!

Also, the WavHello SoundBub comes in three different characters. The design we have is Benji, the Bear which I am sure my baby boy will love! I am excited to use this speaker for our baby real soon! Believe it or not, I have used this device quite a few times already during my nap time to put it to the test. Trust me, it totally works—it’s relaxing, and I sleep like a baby!

WavHelloPIN IT!

If you are worried that the speaker is not baby-friendly, you will be happy to know that the speaker is designed with the safety and health of babies in mind. It is made with chew-safe materials and has a soft fabric cover that won’t hurt our little ones! So if you’re a new parent, know anyone who can use this to soothe their growing baby, or needs a baby shower gift — this device is definitely worth checking out.

Do you wish to know more what the WavHello SoundBub can do for you and your little one? Check out their site wavhello.com

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