Wing Tips to Take Your Look to the Next Level

Hello there sunshine! Finally, the weather is officially starting to look nice here. Who doesn’t want beautiful sun-kissed hair and glowing skin? Except it doesn’t come without a price. With warm weather comes with frizzy hair, parched skin, an oily t-zone and sun damage.

Since I have been receiving messages from friends wondering if I have any beauty tips to take their look to the next level (not just for summer), I’ve decided to round up my favorite beauty staples and share it as a blog post. Who’s your wing woman now?


Sunscreen – Sun damage can cause skin discoloration, dryness, wrinkles and the most serious threat of all, skin cancer. Thus, wearing sunscreen with *SPF 30 (or higher) is highly recommended to protect and reduce damage from constant sun exposure. Our skin takes time to regenerate, why risk the damage when you can prevent it in the first place? I truly believe that prevention is key which is why I highly recommend sunscreen for daily use and not just during the summer season.

    *SPF = sun protection factor

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Tinted Moisturizer – For lightweight coverage during hot days, I often switch out my foundation for tinted moisturizers. It keeps my skin soft, moisturized and adds a hint of color to even out my complexion. For those who need a boost, I recommend replacing your face cream at night and applying a night cream which has a heavier and thicker consistency compared to regular moisturizers. This will help your skin look healthy, hydrated, supple and smooth.

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Setting Powder – if you love applying makeup like foundation, bb cream, blush-on, etc. setting powder is an extra step that must be added to your routine. Most setting powders are translucent and will help keep the shine away, blur out the appearance of pores and reinforce makeup wearability.

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Eyebrow Pomade – Before pomade took the beauty industry by storm, I was already trying to fill my brows in with pencils. It wasn’t perfect, but it helped frame my face and accentuate my facial features. Through the years I have improved my technique and upgraded to pomade which is now my holy grail to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

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Soft Matte Lipstick – For full, kissable lips I have ditched my usual choice of lipstick that often smudges and switched to soft matte lipstick. Ever since then I have never seen my teeth with any lipstick stain or smear. In fact, I’ve never been ready for a stolen picture or a quick selfie, until I discovered this product!

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Hydrating Mist – Don’t let the weather dry up your skin like a prune, mist your skin with hydrating fluid that will help keep your skin feeling fresh and on point. I always make sure that I choose a mist that is infused with repairing ingredients such as aloe vera, cactus, honey and even snail slime.

Argan Oil – The perfect product to moisturize as well as hydrate hair and body. I don’t mind lotion as a way to moisturize my skin but this all-in-one, multipurpose beauty oil is infused with concentrated vitamins as well antioxidants and essential fatty acids for lustrous hair and supple skin.

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Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – For a weightless texturized hair without having to spend a day in the beach adding a spritz of sea salt spray is the answer. It delivers a beautiful body and effortless tousled beachy waves with amazing volume. My top picks are products infused with moisturizing benefits.

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Body Mist – Oftentimes I swear by my favorite perfumes, but body mist will always have a place in my routine. The light weight mist and refreshing scent is undeniably the best choice especially in humid weather. For all other seasons, it’s a nice option for those looking for a little touch of fragrance that doesn’t overpower and gradually fades away.

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Press-on Manicure – The best way to finish a look is having your nails perfectly manicured. Not everyone has spare time to do their nails or visit a salon, which is why I always keep a stash of my favorite press-on nails that come in different lengths, shapes, colors and designs. I highly swear by this product and had my devastating, unsightly nails rescued during emergency events and situations. Instant smudge-free and polish perfect nails that last all week take less than 10-minutes to achieve!

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These essentials will have you looking your best all season-long. If you’re looking for more inspirational post and helpful reads, make sure to check out my other beauty post! Don’t just think about it, take action and inspire someone today. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share.


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