When There’s No Way Out, They Go In – The Brave #WeAreTheBrave

As most of you know by now, I don’t just blog for my sole entertainment. I do this for a living, so I take pride and joy in being able to help out to make lifestyle and living easier to deal with. The same concept applies when I discover or find something that I truly believe would be of interest or relatable. So when I started sharing my thoughts and experience as a military wife, it was actually refreshing to know that I have readers or audience that are also going through the same things as I am, or had been there at one point. I mean … let’s be honest — roster calls, moving, deployment, etc. is not as easy to deal with as it may seem. But hey, we make do with what we can right?

For quite some time now, I have been sharing about lifestyle and trends, but have only shared about my favorite shows and movies across my social pages and not as much on this blog. That’s about to change from here on out. After all, I do watch TV shows non-stop. Literally day-in and day-out, it’s a part of my routine. So I suppose creating a section for my favorite shows is bound to happen … and what better way to get started other than share about an upcoming show that truly had my hubby and I excited! Being a military family, we love watching anything that relates to our heroes, crime-fighting, law, justice, and the likes. So if you’re like us who loves a good thriller, packed with lots of action and a hint of drama, we highly recommend NBC’s new show ❝ The Brave ❞ which is premiering this Monday, September 25, 2017!

The Brave – First Look (Sneak Peek)

NBC The BravePIN IT!

The show shines a light on the complex world of America’s elite undercover military heroes in a heart-pounding journey that will surely keep everyone at the edge of their seats! With all that being said, what does being brave really mean? Personally, no cliché reason like “my husband is in the military so … ” – the way I see it, bravery means knowing when to speak up, take a stand and make a difference. Even when you’re unsure of the outcome, or when you’re put in a tough position to take charge, despite the hesitation or uncertainty you push through and overcome it all.

That’s what my husband taught me and made me realize. His 20 years in the service sure have contributed to the man that he is, but at the same time, it is also his character. After all, he’s been there for me through it all, through all the ups and down — which is beyond anything that I could ever expect from anyone. I don’t even have to wonder what bravery means, I just have to look on my right every waking day to see the man who is the exact definition of what brave means to me.

On that note, TV shows like this give me an insight from other people’s perspective. I also love that there’s always a good comeback for the main character after tackling a heart-wrenching obstacle. The title alone is catchy, then followed by an even more powerful slogan “When There’s No Way Out, They Go In.”. Right then and there, I knew this is a series I’m definitely going to follow closely. Gotta love a good plot and twist!

One more fun fact about hubby and I, we love connecting the actors to what show we have seen them last … and one of the stars of this show is Mike Vogel who plays the role of Adam Michael Dalton. Immediately I recognized him as Barbie – a character from the TV show Under the Dome. If you’ve seen the show, you’d know he’s definitely ready for a good action scene. You can guess by now that hubby, and I really get into our shows deeply. Best believe we even have go-to series that we repeat every once in a while and just binge watch until we finish the whole season all over again. Will you be watching?

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