Create an Outdoor Home Theater with SunbriteTV

Most of us start our day with a delicious cup of joe. Some enjoy theirs by reading the latest news in the newspaper. A few listens to their choice of music. Some like to enjoy the view on their veranda. As for me, I’m one to embrace the latest in technology. Inspired by the outdoor living trends, and lots of HGTV shows, I am excited to incorporate SunBriteTV Veranda series Into our home. Of course, I have to do my own research first.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie in your garden while lying under the stars? It honestly sounds romantic! If this is your thing too, then let me share what I have discovered and what is next to level up our watching experience.
When it comes to buying an outdoor TV, durability is the first thing one should consider. If you are in the market to purchase one, I highly recommend SunBriteTV. It is a company who specializes in creating weatherproof TVs. SunBriteTV has three classifications for outdoor television – Veranda Series, Signature Series, and Pro Series. Each has different use and type, depending on where you are going to put the television.

Veranda Series
Veranda Series is a 4K Ultra High Definition LED outdoor TV that is built for full-shade outdoor spaces. It is 30% brighter than indoor TVs to improve your outdoor viewing experience. Veranda Series is perfect for covered balcony or terrace.

Signature Series
Signature Series is a 4K Ultra High Definition LED outdoor TV that has an anti-glare screen. It also boasts its OptiView™ Technology that is excellent for brighter days and darker nights viewing. It is used for partial-sun outdoor areas like porch or patio.

Pro Series
Pro Series is a High Definition outdoor TV that can endure direct sunlight and raindrops. It is best for commercial outdoor venues. You can also put it beside the swimming pool or in your garden to step up your viewing experience.

SunbriteTVPIN IT!

Reasons why you should consider SunBrite TV

Brightness » Watching outside can be difficult, but with SunBrite TV, it is possible. All SunBrite TVs has 3 times higher brightness for the excellent viewing experience. It also has a sharper picture than ordinary indoor TVs which make it stand out even in direct sunlight. Its screen has reduced glare to avoid having a dazzled screen when touched by the ray of light.

Weatherproof » SunBrite TVs are built to endure extreme temperatures outside including rain, snow, sun, and humidity. It can also protect your TV from dust and insects. SunBrite TV can handle quick changes in temperature, so rest assured your TV is safe from any weather.

Safety » SunBrite care for your safety, in fact, all TVs are carefully engineered one by one, for safe and permanent outdoor installation. It is complete with warnings and manuals to guide the user what are the things you should avoid.

Performance » It has an excellent screen, vibrant colors, sharp pictures, and undeniably good speakers. For an outdoor TV, who would have thought you can also enjoy watching in Ultra High Definition TV? Not only you are paying for the durability, but also for its exceptional quality.

Design » Since SunBrite TV is specially designed for outdoor. It has thicker cables, fully covered back and front, and has no signs of any passage where dust, insect or water can pass thru. It is also a step above the standard TV you can find in every household.

I am personally debating between the Veranda and Pro series. Since we’re planning for our dream home, I have been the appointed family decorator. Trust me when I say it is challenging whether I should elevate a terrace or transform a poolside area. As for now, hubby prefers to add a TV to a patio.

For those of you who are also considering a SunBriteTV Veranda Series (55″ Class LED Outdoor – Full Shade 2160p 4K Ultra HD TV), you can get a FREE Outdoor Weatherproof Tilt Mount for 37″ – 80″ TV Screens & Displays through Best Buy. Get yours here

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  • Victor Step

    Having a waterproof TV is such a cool solution for people that spend a lot of time not heir terraces. Thanks for sharing SunBriteTV with us. 🙂

  • Erika Ramona

    Netflix and chill in the garden under the stars, lol! I’d choose the Veranda Series. 😉

  • wendy

    I would love to have an outdoor living space like these with a great TV screen too. Especially on the water.

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    This would be wonderful to have if we lived in town with a fenced back yard. We live where the wind and dirt sand blow. Nice to have and enjoy

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    These are some great ideas! I love the seating arrangements. Although, I have never thought about having an outdoor TV area!

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    I would love to have one installed. It looks awesome. oh well, unless I have a bigger courtyard, then I can buy one. If not, my neighbour will fire me!

  • kim

    While these tvs look great, I am little sad the they have been added to the outside environment. We are all so plugged in all the time that it would be nice to enjoy the beauty of nature when outside. Perhaps a neighborhood movie night once a week would be fun.

  • Donna Ward

    What an interesting idea. I’ve never heard of this. The living room in the photo looks inviting.

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  • Roch

    I didn’t know that there’s a TV that’s weatherproof. This is an awesome innovation. How about if there’s a big storm?

  • Roch

    I didn’t know that there’s a TV that’s weatherproof. This is an awesome innovation. How about if there’s a big storm? Will it be able to withstand typhoons?

  • April

    I never knew there was a TV especially made for an outdoor home theater. Amazing that it can stand up to any kind of weather too! I will definitely look in to getting one!

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    Wow, creating an outdoor home theater sounds like a great idea! SunBrite definitely has a great list of features. Thank you for sharing this!

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    Looks amazing. All of it. Right now our backyard is more geared towards kiddos, but once they are all older I plan to do something like this!

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    Give me any of the series, but I think veranda would be my favorite. Waterproof televisions are something I have not heard of yet, but if hubby gets hold of it we may be getting one. SunBrite is going to be one we will be reviewing soon.

  • Sarah Gray

    I love that first setting – if I had a patio like that I’m not sure I’d ever be able to leave to get anything done. I didn’t really know that there were such durable TVs made for outdoor settings like that so thanks for sharing!

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