10 Manners You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

Being a parent is hard enough without having to figure out all of the extra things you should be teaching them. The thing about parenting is that we truly all are just doing the best we possibly can. If you’re wondering about some manners that your kids really should know, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to dive into manners and showcase the top 10 manners kids should know before they reach adulthood.

10 Manners You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

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Personal Space
Everyone has a personal space boundary, this means there’s a respectable amount of space that should always be between you and another person when out in public. This personal space is different for everyone, but the rule of thumb is to stay at least an arms length away from people in a public space.

Respect for Elders
When you’re at a family gathering, have your kids learn to wait to eat until their grandparents or parents have made their plates. Waiting to eat until the elders at the table have been served and are ready to eat is a simple way to teach your kids to show respect towards their elders.

Acknowledge Guests
Teach your kids to say hello and goodbye or a similar greeting and exit sentence whenever a guest arrives and leaves your home. This is not only good manners, it teaches your kids to pause and acknowledge that someone else has entered or left the home.

Learn Names
As we get older we tend to forget people’s names, but kids have an amazing memory. Work with your kids to teach them to use their friends and other people’s names when speaking about them or talking to them. Using someone’s actual name when talking to them is a manner many overlook in life.

Give Others the Spotlight
Back in the older days kids were to be seen but not heard. It seems society has done a complete flop where kids tend to be the center of attention. Be sure your kids understand that they need to share the spotlight with others when they’re speaking or showing someone something.

Say Excuse Me
Whenever someone is talking about something to another person or even talking to your kids, they need to learn to say excuse me before interrupting someone who’s in the middle of a discussion. Learning to wait until someone is done speaking will help your kids go a long way in life.

Don’t Stare or Point
Many strangers get upset when a child is staring at them or pointing at them. This is considered rude and your kids need to learn that it’s impolite to stare or point at someone else, even if that person is doing something that is getting your kids attention.

Be Considerate
To go along with the manner of not pointing or staring, teach your kids to be considerate of others who may have a visible disability. Everyone is different in this world, but some look different than us and that’s okay. Teaching kids to be considerate of our differences will help give them a positive outlook.

Put Guest First
Another manner you should be teaching your kids is to put guests first. Whenever your kids have a friend over, teach them to offer the guest a snack or food first and to ask what their guest wants to do for fun that day.

Basic Manners
Last, but certainly not least, all kids need to learn when it’s appropriate to use the words please, thank you and excuse me. These three words are the most popular manners that your kids will use on a regular basis and they need to understand when is an appropriate time to use them.

Learning these 10 manners will help ensure your kids understand respect and compassion towards other people in their life. Whether they’re out at the grocery store or at home with guests, the manners I featured today will help your kids go further in life as well-rounded, polite human beings.


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  • Stacie

    I love all of these so much. Manners seem to have fallen by the wayside over the years. I think it’s time we get back to them.

  • Jenn

    Yes! I love this post on every level. I’ve tried to instill good manners in my kids from the moment they were born. Manners absolutely matter.

  • GiGi Eats

    We will CERTAINLY teach our son these things when the time comes!! But for now I can’t even teach him to not put my show in his mouth LOL!

  • Kelly martin

    It’s so important to teach children good manners. So many people these days don’t even say please or thank you!

  • Jenni

    These are great tips and so important. It really irritates me when I see children not using basic manners

  • Emman Damian

    Manners are really essential. It’s something that parents should be teaching to their kids. This is a good article.

  • Rosey

    It seems like common sense that parents would teach and want to teach these things. Sadly, that is not always the case, and i see that daily.

  • Emily Fata

    Teaching manners to your little ones from a young age is so crucial! They essentially are learning to be kind and conscientious members of society from birth, and its our job as adults to gently guide them.

  • Nicholas Tuma

    Children are our future and teaching them from a young age is very important. Respect for elders is very important in my personal list and children should always maintain a high regard for them. When I was a childern I should have had better manners but I was always playing jokes and laughing. I guess there is a fine line. Thank you for this spectacular blog post.

  • Autumn

    All good things for adults and young children to follow. The world definitely needs more manners as they seem to be not as important anymore – sadly.

  • Jenny

    I think it’s really important to teach your children manners, I wish more people would do it!

  • Rebecca Smith

    Yes to all of these! I aim to instil good manners in my children and hope they use them whilst they are away from me too.

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    Kids really don’t have the same manners these days. I am always sure to make sure mine are polite!

  • jerry godinho

    In this age and world where the kids are just focused on me me me and their smart phone you write an amazing article. Very mature and timely and relatable thanks for doing this. Keep up the good workd

  • Lindsay Brown

    Manners in children are so important becasue if kids don’t have manners they will grow up to be adults who don’t have manners! I love all of your suggestions on manners to teach children, I think all of these point are very important! great post!

  • Rhian Westbury

    These are all so important to teach kids, the art of sharing and compassion are really important when they start at nursery or school x

  • Anna

    Great list! The education kids get from their parents is a basis for everything else they ever do in life! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rupy

    Kids nowadays are so mannerless do not why. These are some good manners that every parent inculcate in theis kids.

  • Kaz | Ickle Pickles Life and Travels

    Good manners cost nothing – as my parents always used to tell me! This post is a great reminder, thank you. Kaz

  • Sara green

    It’s so important as parents to teach our children manner. This is a really insightful guide. One of the biggest ones that I believe isn’t taught, is the personal space. It seems that a lot of children, struggle with the concept of boundaries and as parents, we should really emphasize how important it is to be respectful.

  • Ronnie

    It’s a great and thoughtful list! Parents are forgetting to teach basic manners to their kids and they can act very naughty. Thanks for helping us guide our kiddos.

  • Anosa

    I think it is important to teach them young about basic human manner and I think you’ve nailed it on the heard.

  • Live Learn Better

    great post. Teaching kids manners is not only for when they’re with guest, but that same attitude will always be in them while dealing with friends and their S.O’s in the future.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Alyssa @ click Happy mkn

    These are all great manners to teach your kids. I’ve already started and my son is only 2!

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams

    This is so great for parents to follow. Manners are very important and should be taught from a very young age. You can tell you was taught and who wasn’t just on how they act.

  • shannon gurnee

    It amazes me how many parents DON’T teach their kids manners. This is a great article.

  • Kara

    Teaching kids manners is so important. My kids are always complimented on their manners

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    Manners cost nothing but can be so valuable. Something that I am instilling into my own children

  • Playdays and Runways

    manners are so important. My son is very polite and his manners are excellent however he stills points and stares at people. It drive me crazy because I’ve taught him so many times that we shouldn’t do it. I’m hoping as he gets older he will remember not to do it

  • Elizabeth O

    Sadly, this is lacking in so many adults today, let alone kids. It makes for a complicated exchange when kids are increasingly rude because their parents are rude.