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The world we live in is very complex – men, women, hormones, puberty, circumcision and yes … period! Some people would flinch just hearing that last word, but here’s the thing – it’s everything but normal. Yet a lot of us, even women don’t feel comfortable talking about their period, their day, their flow, aunt flow or whatever “slang” is out there to refer to our monthly visitor. Our generation have come so far. There’s innovative tech and inventions left and right. There’s unimaginable things that have taken place since I have been born in 1986! But when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle, it sure feels like we’re still living somewhere around the 1990’s. Let’s stop this cycle and start glowing with our flow.

glow with your flow #UBKForMePIN IT!

Which is why on this post I’ve decided that I’ll share some tips how to prepare for an unexpected period and a few pointers to stay fresh and confident without having to slow down. If you’re ready then check out the easy to follow pointer below …

How to Glow with Your Flow

1. Grab a handy calendar, planner or use your phone – when your flow comes, mark the first day so you can keep tabs and be able to keep track for the upcoming ones. From there you can estimate that a few days before and after that marked day is when your next one will be.

2. Since there’s no exact date, always have your period essentials ready. My kit is stashed with U by Kotex® products. Having it ready means preparing one before that time of the month. That way, you can just grab and go.

3. You also need to prepare for the bloating, cravings and mood swing. So make sure to stock up on a few of your favorite snacks as well as a hot compress bag – promise, it will be handy!

4. The week before your expected visit, start drinking lots of fluid and lessen your intake of salty foods – your body will thank you for this.

5. When your flow comes, simply relax, unwind and watch a movie or two. Don’t forget the face mask, plush socks and popcorn!

Following these steps will surely get you started in the right direction. But what about packing for your period essential? It all depends on what your body and your flow needs. I’ll use my period essentials as example so you can grasp the idea.

My U by Kotex® Period Essentials

U by Kotex® #UBKForMePIN IT!

  • U by Kotex® Curves® Liners – for the days that I need to stay dry but don’t need a whole lot of coverage. The regular ones is more than enough to keep me feeling secure and have my undies feeling and looking fresh.
  • U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Pads – I prefer the feel of the ultra-thin ones as they’re very lightweight and don’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all. The regular ones is enough to cover my flow and the wings keeps everything in place plus an added protection to make sure I don’t stain anything unexpectedly.
  • U by Kotex® Click® Tampons – for the lighter days that I need some extra freedom moving about, running or even sprinting in between my busy lifestyle.
  • U by Kotex® Security® Overnight Maxi Pads – for the nights that I feel like I just need to stay extra fresh and absolutely protected. After all, my linen and bedding are all white.

If I am heading out for the weekend, an overnight or whatever the case may be, I always make sure to stash my bag with these goodies – a few pieces of each of my period essentials.

U by Kotex® PIN IT!

… and if you’re wondering where I shop for my favorite essentials, I grab all of my stash on my nearest CVS (under the feminine care section and on the tampons and maxi pad aisle). Not only do I get to take care of my needs, I get to earn ExtraBucks Rewards too!

U by Kotex® CVSPIN IT!

U by Kotex® CVSPIN IT!

All that’s left for me is to enjoy the rest of “my day” (with all the pun intended for this post) 😉 I can be outdoors and be up and about without having to slow down.

U by Kotex® PIN IT!

U by Kotex® PIN IT!

If you’re looking for more inspirational reads, make sure to pop over the Daily Break website as they always have editorials that are worth reading and sharing. Last but not the least, if you love watching stories you’d definitely want to peak over at U by Kotex® The Period Projects.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinion. I would love to know what you think about this post and most especially how you feel about your period, your needs and what helps you get through it all. Looking forward to reading it all!~


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