Lashes that Looks Naturally Fuller with KISS Blowout! Lashes – The Next Generation of Wispy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of KISS Lashes.

One trait all my friends have is full, thick eyelashes that I have always envied. That’s the thing, my genetic characteristics have blessed me with these thin eyelashes that tend to shed. I know right? They’re so thin already, why do they have to keep falling out too?! Which brings me to my problem, having a bold look in my eyes is an obvious challenge. Whenever I want to have a “fuller” look of my eyes, false eyelashes are my lifesaver. One of my go-to false eyelashes is the KISS Blowout! Lashes Collection – The Next Generation of Wispy.

KISS Blowout! Lashes

kiss eyelashesPIN IT!

kiss eyelashesPIN IT!

kiss eyelashesPIN IT!

What I love about Kiss Blowout Lash Collection is that it has natural looking eyelashes that will make your eyes literally stand out! If you haven’t noticed, I also have squinty eyes that tend to make my eyes look like either I’m winking, or they’re completely closed. With its advanced special drying technique, it gives the lash a hair-like effect quite similar to that of getting a back-tease at a salon. This helps me get a full, bouncy volume and curl that seems like almost I’m naturally born with it -effortlessly. Kiss products are known for its natural looking lashes, and it is because it imitates the shape of our lashes which helps it blend perfectly on our real eyelashes.


KISS Blowout! LashesPIN IT!


KISS Blowout! LashesPIN IT!

KISS Blowout! LashesPIN IT!

From their collection, I have the Bouffant and Pompadour Kiss Blowout Wispy Lashes which I personally love. I personally like Pompadour for a day to day look. If you are like me who has thin eyelashes and wanted to make it longer but more elegant, Pompadour is for you. On the other hand, Bouffant has bolder, loaded lashes so if you want a much fuller look of your eyes, Bouffant is the better choice. I wear this often for parties and events. Both are so comfortable to use that I almost forget I am wearing them! I like how it seamlessly transform my look how I wanted it to be. Beauty and comfort at its finest! Looking for a different style? Kiss got it covered! KISS Blowout!

KISS Blowout! Lash styles include:
• Pageboy
• Beehive
• Pixie
• Bouffant
• Pompadour

KISS Blowout! LashesPIN IT!

It is also affordable and easy to find, so it is readily available in local stores.

Overall, KISS Blowout! Lashes Collection has a wide selection of lashes that will allow you to find the perfect match and right style to fit your needs. Best believe, achieving the look that you want is a piece of cake. Need some style inspiration? Want to discover more Kiss products? Make sure to follow them as well on social Media @KissProducts

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