Balancing Motherhood And Career

The ever-revolving question of how to balance motherhood and career continues to perplex many women. If a solid solution was found to this question, a mother could relax and enjoy life a little more. The sad thing is this is not a simple yes or no answer, and it may not have a clear cut solution at all. The more realistic approach to this question would be to have a plan and try to stick to it leaving a little wiggle room for unexpected events.

The key to balance is flexibility. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to react to the events around you. You do not plan for your children to get sick, they just seem to wake up that way sometimes, so make sure you have some personal days stored up at work. This will keep you from losing any time on your paycheck when you have to stay home to make sure your little one gets better. It is also nice to expect the unexpected that way when the moments arise, your stress levels do not.

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Write out a plan for yourself. Make sure you take all preventative measures you can to ensure problems do not come up. Make sure your kids are completely well protected from germs and vaccinated. This will keep their odds of getting sick to a minimum. Make sure you take all measure to keep yourself healthy as well. This will ensure those sick days are safe and available when you really need them. By making a guideline of what to do during unexpected events it makes them a little less unforeseen and puts more control into your hands. If you know who would pick up the kids if you had to work late, then it takes hysteria out of trying to find someone at the last minute.

Of course, the best possible opportunity available to mothers is the ability to work from home. Many employers have this capability. This allows a mother to stay at home with her kids while working at the same time. Obviously not every woman will have this opportunity available to them, but some do, and they should utilize this fantastic tool to its full potential. It could alleviate a lot of stress for the career mother.

Balancing Motherhood And Career

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Whatever route you take, just make a goal to keep stress to a minimum. Pressure has a way of making an issue appear much larger than it really is. Stressing out about a situation isn’t going to help in solving it, so don’t waste your health on this practice. Take a breather and analyze the situation stress-free. It will make your experience that much more bearable.

If you’re a mom or a parent going through a tough moment, just know parenting is tough but it will all be worth it in the long run.

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  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    It’s so true that stressing never helps things and the more you can be prepared for things to go wrong, the better. Some great fundamental tips here to help overcome the challenges that modern moms face. Aside from planning it’s so important to invest time in looking after yourself so you can be strong enough to handle whatever comes your way.

  • Nicole Cline

    Balancing motherhood and career is tricky. I try to be organized and make a plan to ensure things run smoothly and I don’t get too stressed out. I have gotten better at not letting it stress me out too much when the plan doesn’t go according to plan.

  • Kelly

    That’s so true! All of us (moms) should relax and enjoy life more!

  • Kansas Bonanno

    Just about the entire time I’ve had children I’ve been a working momma. Just this past year I’ve been able to start staying at home with them. You leave your job to come home and start your “real” job.

  • Michael

    Always hard but with the help of your friends and family, we can all do it together. God bless.

  • Kenneth C.Agudo

    I love my mother and I can truly see how hard working she is when I was still studying in High School. She wakes up early, does things and all and I am proud of her. Your blog is very insightful.

  • Melissa

    I definitely find myself being more stressed lately. I need to find some more destressers.

  • Adriana

    I was struggling with this before but I totally agree it is a process and eventually, it will be worth it.

  • Britney

    Balancing working at home or outside the home and motherhood is so hard! There’s no one way or right way to do it. I love your post.

  • Sincerely Miss J

    Balancing motherhood and a career is a stressful task. Great write up. You def. need a good support system.

  • Alexandra Cook

    As a working mom, I admit that is really hard to balance everything especiallybif it’s between my kids and my work. Time management is the key for me and of course priorities.

  • Sarah Bailey

    I can imagine it can be hard to balance everything at once at times, I’m sure you want to just go off and play with your son rather doing work!

  • Shubh

    That’s a sweet post. Career oriented mothers are really strong to balance the kids and work life. Children falling sick can be really unexpected. The given tips do come handy to avoid any havoc.

  • Mickal

    I’m looking into starting a little family so these tips are perfect.

  • Laura G

    This is a great article. It can be so hard to balance our two careers – mommying and working!

  • andrea

    the struggle is real and never really slows down. I have two older teens and the mon thing kicks into high gear again around 10th grade

  • Amber Myers

    It can be a tricky balance, that’s for sure. I tend to focus more on my kids, and if they are happy, I can focus better on my work.

  • Patricia-Ann Que

    im not sure how mums do it! I do not have any kids but my life is already not too balanced! this is so impressive!

  • SincerelySmide

    I enjoyed this article and agree that preventative measures should be taken to minimize the amount of stress that mothers face in the circumstances that you discussed in the article.

    I am not a mother yet, but will be sure to share this article with my friends and family members who are.

  • Joan

    It always is worth it in the long run no matter how hard it can be and stressful at times.

  • Nicole

    Balancing motherhood and a career can definitely get very tricky and hard at times, especially when an emergency comes up or your child gets sick. I’m lucky I have a great support system that helps as much as they can when things like that come up. It’s always assuring to see that others struggle with the same things, thanks for sharing!

  • tara pittman

    Finding balance is always best for mom and child. That way you are not stressed over things.

  • Preet

    It is complicated sometimes to balance career and being a mum. What most important is our priorities and don’t let these two be a conflict.

  • Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    I gave up my career in the corporate world to become a full-time mom. No regrets there. 🙂

  • Besties Notepad

    Balancing motherhood and career is always a tricky one but I specially liked your say on flexibility…nice post!

  • Christa

    It can be so difficult to juggle so many demanding roles. Thank you for such great advice.

  • Jess

    I am so glad you decided to focus on not only work life balance but also self care and managing stress! i see many moms that give and give but do not know or forgot how to care for themselves

  • valerie

    I agree with this fully. You gotta make sure you have a pregame plan for those surprise sick days. Parenting is tough but if we take it one day at a time we’ll survive. Maybe. lol

  • Marysa

    This is really so hard, and it is so easy to feel guilty one way or another. I have a tough time finding balance even now that my kids are older. I feel like I am always working, but I want to give them more quality time, and then I want to be making more money so they have more opportunities. It is so complicated!

  • Heather Barber McMechan

    Finding the time to do both, and do it well, can be exhausting. I just roll with it these days.

  • Geraline Batarra

    Being a mom or of course even being a dad is really the toughest job ever. Balancing it and time management is really the key to not getting stressed out.

  • Priyanka

    Exhausting but fulfilling. Tough but filled with a feeling of happiness. Balancing is the main keu and in my opinion every mom has this superpower.

  • Aishwarya Shenolikar

    I completely agree with you. I think being flexible is very important initially and so is not taking any stress!

  • Shoma

    This is always a touch topic but I am a work at home mom, yes my blog is a job and so is motherhood! I work all day long and balance is key to keeping sane!

  • berlin | Momi berlin

    balancing motherhood and career is possible if we just do things that move us to love.

  • Alexandra Cook

    It can be a difficult task. This is why I waited to have children.

  • Claudia Krusch

    I struggled more when my son was younger, now he wants his space, so it’s easier for me to do my own things!

  • Hirra Pervaiz

    I’m not a mom yet but I know for moms the struggle is real and as your post suggested the goal should be to keep the stress to a minimum.

  • Lex

    Its never an easy task balancing both. It takes alot. Drains alot and consumes you in the long run if not fixed properly. But i have seen a few who succeed in it btw.

  • Bindu Thomas

    Great post and balancing motherhood and career is very important. Thanks for sharing this post.