Why Freshpet Is Best For Our Pet

We’re proud fur-parents in our household. We have two beautiful and amazing dogs. For those of you who had been following my blog post or social media updates, you’d know that we have a Shih-Tzu-Yorkie and a German shepherd. My husband and I love them like their our own kids. In fact, we even take sides who we think did what or so in our household. Which why we “only the best for them” which is Freshpet products.

Freshpet pet food PIN IT!

Freshpet pet food PIN IT!

When it comes to dog food, we see to it that what we give to our fur-babies is all natural and made with fresh ingredients. We don’t feed them with those pet foods that are high in artificial flavors and preservatives. We would rarely eat those type of food ourselves, so why give it to our pets?

If you’re also a dog owner and want your furry friend to stay happy, healthy and strong throughout the years, then you should always check the foods that they eat. It’s a must to carefully inspect the label of the dog food to make sure that it’s free from harmful preservatives and additives.

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to buy pet foods that are preservative-free. Yes, there are lots of brands marketed as all natural and organic, but if you inspect the label carefully, it tells another story. Good thing that there are dog food makers out there that actually cares about the wellness of our furry friend. One of those brands is Freshpet – makers of dog foods that are made with fresh and only natural ingredients. Freshpet refrigerated pet food doesn’t have a hint of artificial or chemical preservatives. It’s like a home cooked meal that is prepared specifically for your dog.

Freshpet pet food PIN IT!

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Our fur-babies tried three of their products recently and here’s my honest review of them …

Vital® Grain Free Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg Dog Food Recipe (Vital® Slice and Serve Rolls)

This dog food is made of fresh chicken, beef, and salmon. This grain-free recipe offers at least 80% animal protein thus giving your dog the nutrition it needs. This option is rich in vitamins and minerals that can surely help your fur baby stay healthy for years to come.

Vital® Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg With Cranberries & Spinach Dog Food Recipe (Vital® Complete Meals)

A great dog meal made of fresh chicken, beef, and salmon. The recipe has hints of cranberries and spinach that can give the dog the nutritional balance. What I like the most with this pet food is that it comes in a resealable bag that makes feeding easier.

Freshpet® Select Fresh From the Kitchen™ Home Cooked Chicken Recipe (Freshpet® Select Meals)

Main ingredients of this food are chicken, cranberries, carrots, pea protein and ground oats. It’s loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients that are great for dogs. A good dog food if you wanted your baby to grow healthy and vigorous.

Pebbles Enjoying Her FreshPet Meal

freshpetPIN IT!

FreshpetPIN IT!

Based on my observation, Freshpet products are excellent. In fact, I have seen a significant change in our dog’s overall behavior. Pebbles have never been this active in her entire life until now. She is even more playful and enjoys running around and playing with toys than usual. I’m also quite sure it will affect her health and wellness over the long term. As for Zeus, we tried taking a picture of him, but he just seemed super excited that we can’t get a good snap of him with his meal.

If you want to see amazing transformational stories as well as how pets have gone completely wild at mealtime with Freshpet’s products, visit » http://clvr.li/2iZa4II

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