A Guide to Wearing An Oversized Flannel

What other people may see as weird and different, I see as unique and stylish. 💕 I don’t mind standing out, because I’d rather not blend in. I don’t follow trends, I simply do me. In fact a clothing can be old, new or even borrowed. Nothing will stop me from flaunting my sparkle ✨ — ahem, style (can be both too!). On this post let me share my passion for fashion.

For example, this blue plaid shirt is actually my hubby’s while the velvet leggings is also borrowed (from my bestie Faith 🙌🏻 – happens when you sleepover and decided you’re going for a different styling direction). Check out how I styled these borrowed items …

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boyfriend shirtPIN IT!

#BloglovinHMAwards16PIN IT!

CAPELET COAT: Fount // PLAID SHIRT: H&M // VELVET LEGGINGS: Pink Republic // STUDDED BOOTS: Ami Clubwear // POUCH: Desigual // BELT: eBay

How to Wear Your Boyfriend’s / Husband’s Shirt

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I borrowed hubby’s button down’s and styled it with a skinny brown belt to make it appear more dressy as it accentuates my curves in a flattering way. The velvet leggings adds a beautiful texture and the studs from the faux leather boots adds diversity. All of which plays a factor in elevating any ensemble.

A Day in NYC is Always a Good Idea!

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Traveling by commute from NJ to NY takes me at least 4 hours one way – but it’s all worth it! Especially when you can create a picturesque ootd from borrowed items that looks absolutely spectacular.

Need more style inspiration? Check this Huffington Post out: How To Wear Flannel Without Looking Sloppy

Oh, and before I forget, this amazing visual artistry was captured by Faith Roxas of www.loveroxie.com

Let me know what you think! xx

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