Quick and Easy At-Home Brow Shaping with Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper

Before, I wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup. Now that I have baby Josiah, I find it too difficult to find the time and energy to put on any beauty products on my face. In fact, on days that actually calls for one I can only squeeze in applying lipstick and filling in my brows. Here’s the thing, I would never ever be caught off guard with my eyebrows not on fleek.

But as you all know, even these two beauty steps take too much time. To perfect my eyebrows, I have to follow multiple steps, use a handful of products, as well as tools, and despite that, I can’t seem to achieve the perfect shape. But lately, I have gotten the hang of doing my eyebrows because of one beauty item — Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper.

Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper

Nad's Eyebrow ShaperPIN IT!

This eyebrow shaping kit has everything anyone can possibly need to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. It can deliver the same professional results as that of eyebrow waxing services that salons offer. The thing that differentiates Nad’s from all the other eyebrow shapers in the market is that it is very user-friendly! As a result, women can use it whenever they need touch ups and maintain their “wow” brows.

The shaper features a SlimTip applicator that releases the right amount of natural, non-heat gel that can help remove stray hairs. The shape of the pen gives you complete control and can make shaping as easy as possible.

Nad’s SlimTip Applicator

Nad's Eyebrow ShaperPIN IT!

If you are worried about making mistakes, don’t! The gel is water soluble, so you can easily rinse it off once you have made a mistake in the application process.

I never thought that the day would come that I will say this—eyebrow shaping can be made simple (and less tedious!) … as long as you have the right tools. It is affordable, straightforward to use, and a great addition to every makeup kit. It immediately fitted right away with my needs and found a spot in my beauty arsenal.

Nad's Eyebrow ShaperPIN IT!

Nad's Eyebrow ShaperPIN IT!

Overall, Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper is one of the best options that we have on the market! Most especially for busy women, and moms who are trying to keep up with their hectic lifestyle. Ready to have that “wow-brow” factor? Make sure to check out this must-have product and I promise, you’ll love it just as much as I do!

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