Quick Getaway to Amsterdam Netherlands

That’s right; I just got back from Amsterdam, Netherlands (again). Some of you may be very familiar already of my frequent short getaway trips from my other blog. I honestly believe that having short escapade or getaway trips is essential to keep ourselves focused and avoid burn-outs. As a full time blogger it is very crucial that I take time to unwind and relax. Fortunately, living here in Italy there’s a lot of places to visit and travel to. I know I often visit and go back to Netherlands, but that is for a specific reason. I LOVE the SUSHI places they have there. I simply can’t resist a perfectly well made sushi.

We left Italy February 4th and just got back today. 3 days and two nights of stay in Netherlands may sound rather short, and it is! But, it is more than enough to refresh myself and see a clearer picture of what my goals and plans are. Plus, I often take out of town trips and if take longer than that I’d end up being flat broke. LOL.

travel to NetherlandsPIN IT!

Some of you would want to know more about my getaway’s and frequent trips, but I prefer to dish out more about it on my travel blog www.angelandthecity.com which is a blog dedicated to my travel’s, foodology, mouthgasm hypes, scrumptious photographs and even reviews and travel tips. It is fairly new as well [kind of] so bear with the bits of content that you will find there for the time being. When I said “kind of” that’s simply because I have had this domain name for quite a while now and did not start using it until early this year. No worries though, I am ready to start filling in the pages of my travel blog and share my beautiful road trips and adventures.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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During my quick stay in Netherlands with ze boyf we re-visited our favorite Sushi stores (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam) and ate to our heart’s [stomach] content. We religiously go back to places and food spots that we know are reliable and have grown to love. We have the same preference so I have no worries if he will bring us to the right restaurant or place. The photos below were taken at SOHO probably our 3rd best Sushi restaurant.

SOHO – Eindhoven, Netherlands

SOHO Restaurant NetherlandsPIN IT!SOHO Restaurant NetherlandsPIN IT!SOHO Restaurant NetherlandsPIN IT!SOHO Restaurant NetherlandsPIN IT!

Don’t the photographs look so darn delicious? You can bet I am drooling and mouth watering already just by looking at these photos. No way do any of these photos do any justice to how delicious they taste. I will never get tired of eating sushi and seafood. In fact, I can eat it every day. We did, and boyf was like saying “he is sushi’ed out” LOL. Not me. Don’t forget to check out my travel blog to read more about my trip to Netherlands, Germany, France, Georgia. etc. Until next time everyone. xo


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